Cherry is the first friend I've made since we moved to Hiddenville

— Phoebe about Cherry

Phoebe and Cherry is the friendship pairing between Phoebe Thunderman and Cherry on the Thundermans. They have gone through ALOT together and they always have each other's back.

Ship Names

Pherry = (Ph/oebe) and (Ch/erry) Choebe = (C/Cherry) and (P/hoebe)

Phoebe and Cherry Moments

Season 1

Adventures in Supersitting

  • Phoebe says Cherry is her best friend and the first friend she's made since moving to Hiddenville.
  • Phoebe invites Cherry to come over to the Thundermans house, breaking the no-supes rule.
  • Cherry figures out that Phoebe has a crush on Cole Campbell and helps Phoebe to call her.
  • Phoebe accidentally exposes the Thundermans superpower secret to Cherry by levitating Billy and Nora with Telekinesis.

Phoebe vs. Max

  • Phoebe and Cherry hang out together during the school picture day to get their photos taken.

Dinner Party

  • Phoebe and Cherry are staring at Cole.
  • Phoebe doesn't want Cherry to tell Max what they are doing.
  • Cherry helps Phoebe gain the courage to ask Cole out.
  • When Phoebe gets nervous, Cherry helps her calm down.

You Stole My Thunder, Man

  • Phoebe goes to Max's office and finds out Max has hired Cherry as his secretary.
  • Cherry campaigns for Phoebe first before becoming Max's secretary


  • Cherry leads the rest of the school to cheer for Phoebe.
  • Cherry gets hit by a frisbee and Phoebe says she's sorry.
  • When the rest of the school turns against Phoebe, Cherry whispers to Phoebe that she's still her bestie and asks Phoebe to call her later.
  • When Phoebe gives up and locks herself up in her room, Cherry video-chats with her

Phoebe's a Clone Now

  • Phoebe doesn't want Clone Phoebe going to Cherry's bake sale so that it doesn't get ruined.
  • Max distracts Cherry so Phoebe can get the Clone Phoebe.

Have an Ice Birthday

  • Max and Phoebe invite Cherry to their birthday
  • Cherry comes into Mrs. Wong kitchen and tells Max and Phoebe to keep the party under control.
  • Cherry texts Phoebe through out the party and wishes Phoebe was there with her.

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

  • Phoebe invites Cherry to her sleepover
  • Cherry is worried about ruining Phoebe's sleepover because of her sleepover curse
  • Phoebe and Cherry save Phoebe's Sleepover
  • Phoebe levitates Cherry for a long time when her powers start malfunctioning

Pretty Little Choirs

  • Cherry goes to the school choir audition to cheer up for Phoebe.
  • Cherry stands up with Phoebe against Veronica for throwing spitballs on Phoebe.

Breaking Dad

  • Phoebe and Cherry are making fun of their teacher.
  • Cherry confronts Mr. Begbeaudy for not giving Phoebe an A.
  • Phoebe advises Cherry to not listen to Max's evil plans to avoid going to jail.
  • Phoebe and Cherry do their chemistry presentation together.

Season 2

Four Supes and a Baby

  • Cherry catches Phoebe on the hallway at school drooling over a picture of a boy called Dylan
  • Cherry helps Phoebe overcome her fear and ask Dylan out.

Max's Minions

  • Phoebe wants to go to Club Ooh Ooh with Cherry and Kelsey.

Cheer and Present Danger

  • Phoebe and Cherry are preparing for a cheerleader tryout and ask to audition together.
  • Cherry gets in but Phoebe doesn't.
  • During lunch, Cherry still comes over to sit with Phoebe instead of sitting with the other cheerleaders.
  • Cherry gets mad at Phoebe for being jealous of her.
  • Phoebe and Cherry break up and delete each other's phone numbers.
  • Even though, Cherry and Phoebe aren't friends, Phoebe still tries to save her against the Madisons who wanted to humiliate Cherry in front of the entire school.
  • Cherry apologizes for not believing Phoebe; they make up and become best friends again.

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

  • Cherry comes over to Phoebe's house when Barb and Hank throw a party.
  • Cherry tells Phoebe her mom is dancing with Winnie Lee.

The Neverfriending Story

  • Cherry and Kelsey come over to the Thundermans house to watch a movie with Phoebe.
  • Phoebe doesn't want Cherry and her friends to hang out with Max's friend
  • Phoebe texts Cherry to ditch the boys but it gets autocorrected to "stitch em bosses," giving Cherry a catchphrase.
  • During the movie with Kelsey and the boys, Cherry wishes Phoebe was there with her.

The Amazing Rat Race

  • Cherry helps Phoebe sell tickets for school dance.
  • Cherry is willing to beat up people so that they can buy Phoebe's tickets but Phoebe calms her down saying violence is not the answer.

One Hit Thunder

  • Cherry comes over to comfort Phoebe after her break up with Link.
  • Cherry sits on Phoebe's bed.
  • Cherry thanks Max for having a heart and caring about his sister.

A Hero Is Born

  • Cherry comes in to the Thundermans' home and tells Phoebe that Joey asked her out.
  • Cherry asks Phoebe to help her with the double-date with Joey because she gets nervous around him; but if Phoebe is around she would be cool.
  • Phoebe finds Cherry waiting for her at Wong's for the date.
  • Phoebe calms Cherry down.
  • Phoebe feels bad about having to leave Cherry to take care of the issues at home.
  • Cherry is mad at Phoebe for leaving her.
  • Phoebe introduces Chloe to Cherry.
  • Phoebe begs Cherry to babysit Chloe so that she can go to save Max.
  • Phoebe invites Cherry into the Thunder Van and tells Cherry the Thunderman's secret but Cherry doesn't believe her.
  • Cherry sees Phoebe fighting supervillains and realizes that she was not lying.
  • Phoebe says that Cherry is her bestie.

Season 3

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel

  • Cherry reminds to Phoebe how she saved Max.

On The Straight And Arrow

  • Cherry keeps praising Phoebe for having superpowers.
  • Phoebe doesn't want to lose Cherry to Max after seeing Max and Cherry hanging out more.
  • Phoebe tries to help Cherry cheat and get an "A" for the archery class but it goes horribly wrong when Cherry accidentally shoots Principal Bradford's toe.
  • Bradford gives Cherry detention because of Phoebe and increases the detention to Cherry for speaking to Phoebe.
  • Phoebe crawls into detention to help Cherry get out but she gets busted by Bradford.
  • Cherry tells Phoebe to let her learn how to do things on her own without having to rely on the "Thunder Twins" for their superpowers.

Exit Stage Theft

  • Phoebe helps Cherry find her laptop.
  • Cherry and Phoebe plan to do a magic act together for the magic show.

Evil Never Sleeps

  • Phoebe seeks Cherry's advice on how to handle the dilemma of having to report her boyfriend's dad to the Hero League.
  • Phoebe asks Cherry to distract Mike Evilman.


  • Phoebe and Cherry are playing a video game together (with Max and Oyster) but they can't defeat the game.

Floral Support

  • Phoebe and Cherry make fun of Max's chronicle, calling it "diary"
  • They both join Allison's Green Teens Club to help save an endangered plant.

Date Expectations

  • Cherry helps distract Mrs. Austin when Phoebe comes late to class.
  • During break, Cherry asks Phoebe to open up about what's really going on.
  • Cherry advises Phoebe against lying to Allison and Max.
  • Cherry helps Phoebe get signatures for her Model U.N. project.

Give Me A Break Up

  • Phoebe helps Cherry with her hobby.
  • Cherry helps Phoebe with her sweater vest.
  • They work together to trick Link into starting a hobby

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

  • Cherry and Phoebe take selfies together so that they can win the "Best of Besties" selfie contest at their school.
  • The Hero League forces Phoebe to break up with Cherry after Cherry takes a selfie with Phoebe exposing the Thundermans portrait in the background.
  • Phoebe is unable to tell Cherry that they can't hang out anymore because she doesn't want to lose the friendship.
  • When Cherry disappears, Phoebe searches for her and discovers that she was taken by the Hero League.
  • Phoebe and Cherry are the first ones to discover that Evan is an undercover agent for the Hero League.
  • Phoebe fights Evan for Cherry.
  • Phoebe tells the Hero League that she would rather lose her superpowers than lose her best friend.
  • Cherry thanks Phoebe for standing up for her.

Can't Spy Me Love

  • Phoebe tells Cherry she's not ready to date again since Link left.
  • Cherry helps Phoebe track the new cute boy
  • Phoebe asks Cherry to distract the Hero League's Strike Team so that she can go after the boy.
  • When Cherry's "fake" drawing turns out to be a drawing of a real person (Max), she panics and calls Phoebe.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Cherry helps Phoebe set up for the prom.
  • Phoebe and Cherry plan go to prom together (along with Roxy and Maddy) as "single ladies."
  • Cherry gets mad when Phoebe betrays the single ladies and goes with Link too.
  • When Phoebe's secret is exposed as ThunderGirl, Cherry brags about knowing about it all along.

Season 4

Thundermans: Banished!

  • Phoebe gets worried when President Kickbutt teleports Cherry out of the house and wonders where she will throw her.
  • When Phoebe calls Cherry and she doesn't pickup the phone, she knows something is wrong because Cherry never fails to take Phoebe's calls.
  • Cherry tells Phoebe to call her after revealing that she still knows the Thundermans have powers. Phoebe and her family are ok with Cherry knowing.

Date of Emergency

  • When Cherry and Oyster start dating, Cherry makes sure that Phoebe is one of the first ones to know.
  • Phoebe feels left out because Cherry is dating as well as her brother, Max.

Ditch Perfect

May Z-Force Be With You

  • Max starts complaining that Phoebe is spending too much time helping Cherry with little things.
  • When Cherry gets trapped during a Ping Pong competition, she calls Phoebe to help - causing Phoebe to leave her preparation for the Z-Force interview.
  • Phoebe gets badly-injured after trying to help Cherry.
  • With Phoebe hurt, Cherry steps in to help Phoebe and Max with their in their Z-Force interview by pretending to be Phoebe. She works harder than usual to remember everything just so she doesn't let Phoebe down.
  • Cherry helps Phoebe and Max pass the Z-Force interview, strengthening her friendship with Phoebe.
  • Phoebe calls Cherry her "superhero" bestie.

Thunder in Paradise

  • Evil Phoebe plans on turning Cherry evil so that they can take over and rule the world together.
  • She calls Cherry and tells her where to meet in order to move to Paris together.
  • She later tells her that they aren't going to Paris.

Save the Past Dance

  • Phoebe and Max get told by Cherry (and Gideon) about the story Barb and Hank told them about.
  • After Phoebe (and Max) changes the past, Cherry (and Gideon) threatens to hurt them.

Revenge of the Smith

  • When Phoebe (and Max) meet up with Cherry, Cherry explains that Smith was angry at them for making Dark Mayhem's energy orb hit her.

Significant Brother

  • Cherry went to her locker with a hockey stick and found Phoebe (and Max) near her locker.
  • They asked why Cherry had a hockey stick in her hands and says that it belongs to Perry, who is Cherry's brother, and is training to become a professional hockey player.
  • Perry arrives at Hiddenville High and Cherry introduces Perry to her.
  • Cherry thanks Phoebe for not going on a date with his brother.
  • Cherry is afraid if Phoebe goes on a date with Perry, Phoebe will forget about her like everyone else.
  • Phoebe and Cherry planned to go karaoke, but Phoebe was with Perry.
  • Phoebe tries to explain that to Cherry that the date between Phoebe and Perry was an accident.
  • At the ceremony, Phoebe tries to make things right between them. She uses the microphone to show how much Cherry means to her. Phoebe even tries to make sure Coach Shimeck and 2 other people don't get the microphone back so she can say how much Cherry means to her.
  • Cherry forgives Phoebe and they are back to being BFFs.

Rhythm n' Shoes

  • Phoebe and Cherry want Cheyanne to come to Hiddenville High so that they can take a selfie with a celebrity as part of their BFF selfie collection.
  • They both pretend to be Cheyanne's backup dancers in order to get back stage together.
  • Cherry and Phoebe are seen together in every single scene in the episode.

All the President's Thunder-Men

  • Phoebe constantly kept on asking Kickbutt to make Cherry her assistant.
  • Cherry became Phoebe's temporary supe assistant until Hank stepped down from Super President.

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome

  • Phoebe shares her secret about ordering peppers without permission.
  • Cherry attempts to cover for Phoebe by eating one of the peppers and saying it's hers.

The Thunder Games

  • Cherry congratulates Phoebe for making it onto the Z force.
  • Phoebe tells Cherry about her injured hand then reveals her reasons for lying.



  • They are both girls.
  • They both go to Hiddenville High.
  • They both get nervous around cute boys they like.
  • They are both hated by Principal Bradford.
  • They both can't keep secrets.


  • Phoebe is very smart but Cherry is not.
  • Phoebe has superpowers while Cherry doesn't.
  • Phoebe is a brunette while Cherry is a blonde.
  • Cherry is probably older than Phoebe because she says that she has been held back before.


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