Phoebe and Gideon is the one-sided relationship between Phoebe Thunderman and Gideon. Out of all the girls in Hiddenville High, he likes Phoebe the most. Gideon thinks that Phoebe and Gideon are a couple even though they aren't.

Phoebe and Gideon Moments

Season 2

You've Got Fail

  • Gideon instantly becomes Phoebe's no. #1 fan after Phoebe's ruinous disaster.
  • Max asks Gideon to film Phoebe.
  • Gideon also asks Max if he can take Phoebe's number off Max's phone.

Call of Lunch Duty

  • When Phoebe calls everyone to find out who got the skills to be Rebel Raptor, Gideon is the only one that showed up. The only reason Gideon came was due to him thinking it was a date.
  • Phoebe (and Max) kicks Gideon out of their house.
  • Gideon told Phoebe that he didn't believe he used to date her although they weren't even dating.

Season 3

Date Expectations

  • When Phoebe was late for class, Gideon saves her by flirting with Mrs. Austin.

Aunt Misbehavin'

  • Gideon (and Oyster) wondered how Phoebe got ice on the ice-skating party in summer.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Gideon wears a ThunderGirl (Phoebe) t-shirt.
  • Gideon says "I love you" out loud to ThunderGirl (Phoebe).
  • Gideon gets upset that Phoebe said that ThunderGirl wears blue gloves, not black gloves.

Season 4

Date of Emergency

  • Phoebe was so desperate for a date; she chose Gideon.
  • Phoebe and Gideon get trapped when Gideon unintentionally triggers a trap.
  • Gideon reveals that he only went on a date with Phoebe so he could get closer to Barb.

Super Dupers

  • Phoebe wants to boost Gideon's confidence.
  • Phoebe gives a bracelet to Gideon and deceived him that it is a superpower bracelet.
  • Since Gideon was able to stand up to Bradford, Phoebe (and Max) worries that they might have misled him.
  • Phoebe (and Max) gets exhaustion for helping Gideon using telekinesis.
  • Gideon calls Phoebe his girlfriend when talking about the bracelet, and Phoebe (as a doughnut villain) corrects him that they never really dated.

Can't Hardly Date

  • Phoebe gets frustrated that Gideon has a crush on her.
  • Phoebe is hiding from Gideon so he doesn't talk to her.
  • Phoebe (and Max) tries to get Gideon with Sarah.
  • Gideon tells Phoebe that their relationship is over even though they weren't dating.


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