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Goodbye Link.

— Phoebe to Link

Phoebe and Link is the romantic pairing of Phoebe Thunderman and Link Evilman on The Thundermans. The ship began in the episode Meet the Evilmans which was Link's first appearance on the show. They shared their first kiss in the episode Give Me A Break Up, after which they broke up because Link relocated to Hong Kong. They later reunite in the Thundermans: Secret Revealed.

Ship Names

  • Pink = P/hoebe and L/ink
  • Line = Lin/k and Phoeb/e

Phoebe and Link Moments

Season 2

Meet the Evilmans

  • Link finds out Phoebe has superpowers.
  • She immediately takes a liking to him.
  • Phoebe cancels her date with Link.
  • Phoebe freaks out when she sees Link.
  • Phoebe says their parents would never allow them to date.
  • Phoebe and Link disobey their parents and go on a date together.

Double Trouble

  • Link wants Phoebe to participate on a tennis tournament along with him so that they can see each other more often.
  • Phoebe and Link lose to Max and Mr. Lacroix.

It's Not What You Link

  • Phoebe wants Max and Link to hang out.
  • Phoebe is jealous of Max and Link hanging out.
  • Phoebe thinks Max's bad influence would turn Link into a villain.

One Hit Thunder

  • Link shares a secret with Phoebe.
  • Link breaks up with Phoebe but later they get back together.
  • Phoebe is depressed when Link breaks up with her.

Season 3

Why You Buggin'?

  • Phoebe finds out Link's friend, Quinn is evil.
  • Link thinks Phoebe is jealous of Quinn.
  • They double date for their anniversary dinner.
  • Link apologizes after Phoebe arrests Quinn.
  • Link is impressed with Phoebe's positivity when meeting Quinn.

Evil Never Sleeps

  • Phoebe gets a mission to see what Link's dad is up to.
  • Phoebe doesn't want Link to break up with her.

Patch Me If You Can

Give Me A Break Up

  • Phoebe helps Link train to become a superhero.
  • Phoebe tries to prevent him from leaving.
  • Phoebe and Link share their first kiss.
  • Phoebe and Link break up due to them being in different locations.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • Link takes Phoebe to prom even though they're not dating.
  • Link doesn't care if the Hero League fires him because he wants to hang out with Phoebe.
  • Phoebe doesn't want her friends to know that Link wants to dance with her.
  • Phoebe unfreezes Link.
  • They take a prom picture together.
  • Link defends Phoebe when Max tries to shoot the orb at her.