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Everything is finally coming up Max!

— Max

Phoebe vs Max: The Sequel is the premiere of Season 3 of The Thundermans. It aired on June 27, 2015.


Phoebe's first assignment as a superhero is to protect Hiddenville; Phoebe challenges Max to inject some mischief into their sleepy hometown.[1] Billy gets the flamingo flu.


Barb, Chloe, Nora and Billy.jpg

With Chloe's growth spurts, the Thundermans bring her more clothes from the baby store but eventually she keeps growing out of them. She then says her first words "I want pizza!" Nora and Billy tickle her to see her bubble power but she fails to produce bubbles. Barb explains to them that bubbles were simply her baby power. Now that she is growing, she is going to get her permanent superpower soon. Hank leaves to call the doctor to analyze her power.

Phoebe Rubs It In Max's Face.jpg

When the Thunder Monitor announces that Cherry is approaching, Phoebe makes a superhero entrance wearing her superhero cape. Max asks her why she is still wearing her superhero cape even though her cape ceremony was a week ago. Phoebe rubs it in Max's face making him feel embarrassed because she got it for saving him from King Crab.

Thundermans Congratulate Phoebe.jpg

President Kickbutt makes a call through the Thunder Monitor and informs them that the Hero League want her to officially start her superhero training. She assigns Phoebe to start by fighting crime from behind the shadows in Hiddenville.

Chloe Being Power Scanned.jpg

Dr. Ouch comes in to scan Chloe's powers. Chloe gets scared and runs to Billy. Billy gives her courage to take the scan. She thanks Billy and calls him her hero. The doctor tells them that it looks like Chloe's powers will be one of three things: super strength, teleportation or sonic screaming. They will know within a week. Phoebe arrives from her ballet audition and shows them a surveillance tablet she was given from the superhero league which tracks and notifies her of any crimes in the city.

Phoebe's Autograph.jpg

Before leaving, Dr. Ouch informs the Thundermans that the Flamingo Flu is going around within the superhero community and asks them to take a super-bug to fight it. Everyone takes theirs except Billy who gets scared and puts his in his pocket.

Max stuck on a magnet.

Max gets angry when the whole family and even Dr. Ouch start teasing him for being saved by Phoebe. He goes down to Max's Lair and shows Dr. Colosso his latest invention: the world's first magnet that attracts gold. Soon everybody will be talking about it and not Phoebe saving him. Max receives a call from Dark Mayhem through the secure line he set up for him. Both Max and Colosso get so excited that Max accidentally turns on the gold-attracting magnet. Unfortunately, he is wearing a golden pinky ring that Dr. Colosso bought him. So, he gets stuck on the magnet.

Dark Mayhem

Dark Mayhem is mad at Max for revealing the top secret location of the Villain League Headquarters. He calls Max an idiot for getting stuck on the magnet. But he tells Max that he has a potential to being evil too. So, Dark Mayhem gives Max an assignment to keep a record of all his evil doings. They agree that Max will start an evil diary... journal... chronicle. An evil chronicle for all his evil deeds. Mayhem would then review it periodically.

Phoebe Bored.jpg

Phoebe gets bored in the living room waiting for crimes to happen. There is nothing bad happening in Hiddenville. She fought King Crab but now she just has to fight to stay awake. Hank encourages her reminding her that these are just baby steps to help her learn how to balance her normal life with superhero life. The Hero League tablet then rings notifying her of a crime taking place at Hiddenville High.

Phoebe and Max make a deal

At Hiddenville High, Max is busted by Phoebe while trying to do his first crime for his evil diary... chronicle. Phoebe says that she should have known it was him and he gladly agrees that he is the only person in this town who cares about evil. Instead of turning Max in, the Thunder Twins make a deal: Max will continue committing his little crimes for his diary while Phoebe busts him every time to practice for her superhero missions. It's a win-win situation, for Phoebe as she always wins, however, Max says that he will win and will flaunt in Phoebe's face, claiming she'll never catch him. The plan works out as planned and Phoebe easily catches Max during his crimes for days.

Billy sneezes feathers

Barb baby-proofs the windows in case Chloe's new power is sonic screaming. Hank hopes the power will be teleportation so that she can take him to Hawaii while Nora hopes it will be super strength to help her get a new credit card. Billy sneezes flamingo feathers and puts them in the pocket. When Barb asks him if he's feeling under the weather, he starts babbling about the "feather", making Nora suspect that something isn't right.

Phoebe Trapped by Max.jpg

Before Phoebe's next ballet audition, the Hero tablet notifies her of a crime at the Hiddenville Department of Water & Power. She finds Max stuck on a door. Phoebe tries to help Max out but Max puts golden rings on her. He then turns on the gold-attracting magnetic causing Phoebe to be stuck on it. Max threatens Phoebe that he is going to take over her town. Max starts dancing around, bragging about defeating Phoebe. Phoebe admits that he's won this time and begs him to let her go to the audition. He refuses. Not until he executes his evil plan.

Nora finds Billy outside taking a bird bath. She figures out that Billy has the Flamingo Flu. She asks him to take the bug but he refuses. He begs her not to tell Chloe because she said he was her hero.

Max's Citric Acid.jpg

Max is ready to unleash Operation: Dry Mouth. He plans to use the water supply to release nitric acid instead of water. Phoebe manages to escape from the electromagnet by melting the wires with her heat breath. She then realizes Max's Nitric acid tanks are actually Citric acid tanks. As in Orange Juice. Max calls Colosso to ask how that happened and Colosso blames it on shopping online with paws. Phoebe calls Max a hero, Captain Backfire. Max wants to stop the juice flowing by melting the pipe. But this causes the pipes to burst and the building to go on a lock-down mode. He asks Phoebe to leave with him but Phoebe says this is her city. She has to remain behind and protect it. Max runs and comes back saying that he can't leave Phoebe. The door is locked.

Chloe on the Floor.jpg

Back at home, the rest of the Thundermans are having lunch. Hank gives Chloe a heavy metal to test if her superpower is super-strength. She falls down. Billy walks in in a blanket and refuses to sit down to eat. It's not like his knees bend backwards or anything. Nora tries to get him to confess to his parents but he refuses despite exhibiting flamingo-like behavior.

Phoebe and Max Scared.jpg

At the water supply, Max and Phoebe struggle to stop the pipes from leaking. Phoebe blames it on Max for his dumb evil plans but Max blames Phoebe for constantly taunting him by reminding him how she saved him. Since when does Max care about Phoebe teasing him? He explains that he is scared because everything has been coming up Phoebe: saving the city, saving him and her ballet. Phoebe admits that she is not as good as he thinks. She should be fighting crimes instead of daring Max to do them and bragging about saving his life. She promises him to stop.

Everything is Coming Down Max.jpg

The computer warns system failure in 10 seconds after which the building will explode. Phoebe identifies the wheel they need to turn off in order to shutdown the system. But her hands are tied so she asks Max to do it. System restored! Max saves the town! Max tells Phoebe that since he saved her, they are now even. Everything is finally coming up Max! He gets blown up by the high-pressure orange juice. This is so not going on his chronicle.

Hank vs Flamingo Billy.jpg

Hank notices Billy's weird eating behavior and claims to have figured what's going in: Billy thinks he could out-eat his old man. Barb starts cheering them to compete in eating. Nora is disappointed. Phoebe and Max arrive home just in time for Billy to start making flamingo noises. Nora can't take it anymore. She gives Billy one more chance to tell the family what's going on and he refuses. Aggravated and irritated with her brother's stubborn refusal, Nora tells everyone that Billy refused to take the super-bug and now he is turning into a flamingo. She removes Billy's blanket, revealing that he has flamingo feathers. The family is shocked.

Chloe and Billy.jpg

Barb tries to assure her son that if he'll take the bug, he will be back to normal, but Billy refuses, still frightened, he super-speeds away, refusing to take the bug. Chloe teleports to stop him. Chloe then holds Billy's hand and gives him courage to take the bug. Billy reluctantly, but sincerely takes the bug and it heals him. Voila!

The Thundermans figure out that Chloe's new super power is teleportation.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Rizwan Manji as Dr. Babu Ouch



  • This episode garnered 2.43 million viewers.
  • This episode is the most watched The Thundermans episode since Season 1.
  • This episode is the Season 3 premiere.
  • Teleportation ends up being Chloe's permanent power.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Maya Le Clark; although Chloe Thunderman appears on the previous episode as the 5th child of The Thundermans family and being just born. A Hero Is Born marked Chloe Thunderman's first appearance; the Season 2 finale.
  • Rizwan Manji, who plays Dr. Ouch is the first Indian actor in the show.
  • Hank breaks the foruth wall by saying "That was my guess" and looks at the viewers.


Max:See these pipes? They bring water to the city. And I'm gonna melt them with this nitric acid and turn Hiddenville into a desert! Haha! Maxy T is on fire!
Phoebe: Max, wait! It's not too late to stop.
Max: I'm afraid it is!
Phoebe: No, I mean it's not too late to stop calling yourself Maxy T.
— Max and Phoebe

Max: I can't leave you.
Phoebe:Because I'm your sister.
Max:No the door's locked.
— Max and Phoebe

Nora:Yeah are you trying to hide something?
Billy:No, what are you hiding behind that bow? Jinx: Now you can't talk.
Barb:Billy, just sit down and eat.
Billy:I don't sit anymore. And it's not because my knees bent backwards if that's what you're thinking.
— Nora and Billy


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