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I own the solo spot, newb, and I'll stop at nothing to keep it. Chock on thaaaat!

— Veronica to Phoebe

Pretty Little Choirs is the seventeenth episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans.


A mean girl named Veronica sabotages Phoebe in choir and then takes advantage of Max by making him do her homework for her. Once they realize what has happened, the twins team up get even with her. Meanwhile, Darcy kidnaps Dr. Colosso, and Billy and Nora must rescue him.


Main Plot:

Phoebe is auditioning for the solo spot in the school choir but she is worried she might not get it because she's auditioning right after Veronica, who is really good. During Phoebe's auditioning, Veronica hits her with a spitball. She aims directly into Phoebe's mouth causing Phoebe to choke. She tells Phoebe that the solo spot is hers and she will stop at nothing to keep it. She hits Phoebe with another spitball and leaves. Phoebe and Cherry realize that Veronica loves to sing at the end of most of her sentences. She is also very good at aiming spitballs.

Back at home, the Thunder Twins explain the situation to their parents and Barb advises Phoebe to let it roll off her back, just like she always does. Hank doesn't believe Barb ever lets things roll of her back. As they talk, the Thunder Monitor alerts them that an "annoying girl" is approaching. They all (except Hank) shout "Darcy!" Hank says Darcy is always snooping around their house and could easily discover and expose their secret. So, they must get rid of her. He waits for Darcy to knock but she's too busy listening at the door. He opens the door and Darcy almost falls since she was leaning on it. Barb lies to her that they were about to leave. Darcy responds by making fun of her hair, asking her if she was going to get her hair fixed. This makes Barb insecure about her hair. But Hank "hopes" she will just let it roll off her back.

The following day at school, Phoebe tries her mom's advice to be the bigger person. She gets Veronica a smoothie but Veronica pours it on Phoebe's hair, rolling off her back. Literally. She tells Phoebe that they're enemies and that smoothie isn't going to change that. Cherry sarcastically tells Phoebe that her plan worked since it (smoothie) is rolling off her back. As Cherry gets Phoebe a towel, Max comes over, makes fun of Phoebe before asking her to try revenge. He has already done research to find out that Veronica is flunking Math and if she fails one more assignment, she will be forced to quit the choir. So, Max will become Veronica's Math tutor and cause her to fail the next Math assignment. Great plan! Phoebe is excited about their evil plan. Max welcomes Phoebe to the dark side and gives Phoebe a handbook, a keychain and t-shirt for the dark side but when Phoebe calls it cute, Max takes them back because the dark side is not cute!

For the plan to work, they must first get rid of Veronica's math tutor, Evan. Evan is in charge of the iguana in the science lab. Phoebe lies to him that iguana's eggs are hatching. Evan runs away shouting for Eleanor. Time to turn Veronica into a moron-ica. No puns on the dark side! Max lies to Veronica that Evan is sick and offers to be her math tutor. After the math test, Phoebe and Cherry are shocked to hear that Veronica got an A. Guess who did her homework? Her new boyfriend, Max Thunderman!

Max is in his lair bragging about becoming Veronica's boyfriend. Phoebe furiously enters the lair, freezes Max, freeze-kicks him and unfreezes him. Freeze-kick? Max wonders, what's next, a super-wedgie? This gives Phoebe the idea to give her brother a wedgie, using her telekinesis. When Max is done screaming, she asks him how he could betray his own sister like that? He was supposed to tutor her, not become her boyfriend! Max gets away with the excuse that it's the dark side. In the dark side, you never really know who to trust and Phoebe would have known that if she read the evil handbook. Phoebe says she doesn't need Max's help. Or the dark side. She can get the spot by her own voice (sings the last word like Veronica).

Phoebe is practicing her solo in the living room when Max comes in. She tells Max that Veronica is using him but Max ignores her. Suddenly, the Thunder Monitor announces that "a jealous nerd" is approaching. The jealous nerd is Evan, coming to fight Max to get Veronica back. Evan tells Phoebe he is Veronica's Wednesday boyfriend. All of Veronica's tutors are also her boyfriends. She has a different tutor boyfriend for each day of the week. Max is simply her Wednesday. Phoebe learns everything about Veronica's tutor boyfriends.

Phoebe texts all the tutor-boyfriends to meet at the same spot. That's when Max discovers the truth: he's just Veronica's Wednesday. He realizes that he is in the same level as the rest of the nerds who don't seem bothered sharing Veronica. Max thanks Phoebe for standing up for him even though he betrayed her. Max says he will help Phoebe get Veronica back. So, he goes with Phoebe to the audition. Veronica aggressively throws spitballs at Phoebe but Max uses telekinesis to bounce them back. When Veronica's efforts to hit Phoebe with spitballs fails, she throws Evan's cake at Phoebe but Max reflects them back to Veronica's face. Phoebe wins the solo spot.

Subplot 1:

Billy and Nora are playing dress up outside with Dr. Colosso, while Darcy is secretly spying on them. When they both leave the spot for a few seconds, Colosso disappears. Nora asks Billy to look for him at different places but no luck. They get another bunny and draw Dr. Colosso's ring on him so that he looks a lot like Colosso. Nora tells him that he will be the fake Colosso until they find the real one - or when they get bored looking for him.

Barb finds them in Max's lair. She pretends that she is bringing back laundry. She kicks out Billy and Nora and asks Colosso for his opinion about her new hair color: bright red-orange. Since this is a different bunny, he can't talk and Barb assumes it's because the hair is really horrible.

The kids go all of their neighbors houses looking for Colosso, but no luck. They finally go to Wong's house to see if Darcy has seen him. Darcy talks suspiciously, in addition to carrying carrots. This makes Nora suspect Darcy is hiding Colosso. Nora comes up with a plan on how to steal Colosso back. She writes it on Billy's arm which Billy hilariously misreads as "to steal Colosso's butt!"

After dinner, Nora and Billy excuse themselves to go to their rooms, but instead they head over to Wong's house. They stand outside Darcy's bedroom and watch her teach Darcy torturing Colosso. Darcy says that she always knew there was something weird about the Thundermans, and now a talking bunny is even better than she expected. Billy can't stand watching the torture. He super-speeds and rings the door bell to distract Darcy. Nora then uses her lasers to break into the house. They tell Colosso they want to save him but Colosso refuses to go back - because he doesn't like it when they dress him up in lame costumes. They promise to let him choose his own costumes. But just before they get the chance to leave, Darcy walks back in. Nora hides under Darcy's bed. Darcy swears to stay up all night until Colosso talks to her.

After hours of torture, she drops a clown which scares Nora. Nora screams, blowing up her cover. As Nora and Darcy fight about the bunny, Nora hints at Billy to get the fake Colosso and quickly swap him with the real Colosso. After the switch is complete, Nora says that isn't her bunny. She kicks Darcy and walks out. Darcy is left hurt, unknowing that this is the fake Colosso.

Subplot 2:

After Barb suggests Phoebe let the stuff Veronica said "Roll off her back", Hank spits out his water in surprise because he knows Barb does not do that despite telling Phoebe to do that. Later, when Darcy returns the magazines she stole from the family, she then implies that Barb's hair looks bad. Barb gets really mad, and sparks start coming out of her ears.

She uses Max's chemicals in order to change her hair color to orange. She covers it up with a towel so that Billy and Nora don't see it. She then shows it to Colosso, unaware that he has been stolen, trying to ask him his opinion of it. The bunny doesn't say anything, making Barb think that Colosso really hates her hair, and can't say anything about it.

Later at dinner, Hank notices Barb is wearing a beanie. He asks her if that has anything to do with what Darcy said about her hair. Barb then gets mad, and Hank avoids asking further. The next night, when Hank sees Barb wearing a top hat, he decides to put an end to it. He tells Barb that he thinks she is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like. This allows Barb to finally reveal her hair, for which she had an orange afro, by which Hank is astonished. She thinks it looks terrible, but Hank tells her it's not that bad in order to not hurt her feelings. When Max, Phoebe, Billy, and Nora all return from school, they are all scared by Barb's new hair, and they run away.


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  • The title of this episode is an allusion to the television series Pretty Little Liars.
  • This is the first time Phoebe sings.
  • This is also the first time a character kisses.
  • This episode scored 1.7 million views.
  • This is Darcy Wong's second and last appearance.
  • Darcy's bedroom appeared in this episode.
  • This is the first time that Dr. Colosso interacts with someone other than Max for the whole episode.
  • When Barb reveals her orange hair, she resembles Lois Griffin from the Fox animated series Family Guy.
  • This is the third time two new episodes air on one night along with Paging Dr. Thunderman. The first time two new episodes aired on one day was on December 7 with Weekend Guest and You Stole My Thunder, Man, the second time on March 15 with Thundersense and Phoebe's a Clone Now, and the fourth time on August 13, 2016 with Stealing Home and Back to School.


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