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Principal Manbeck was a minor character on The Thundermans. He is the principal at Billy and Nora's school, Hiddenville Elementary School. He is portrayed by Jim McCaffree.


Principal Manbeck is a principal at Hiddenville Elementary School. Unlike Principal Bradford, who teaches at Hiddenville High, Mr. Manbeck enjoys working at the elementary school.


Phoebe's a Clone Now

Principal Manbeck was watching the talent show. He introduced Billy and Nora to the stage.

Pheebs Will Rock You

Principal Manbeck was at Careers Day. He met all of the parents and even met Hank as well. When Hank told the class he was a plumber, Principal Manbeck wanted to him to fix the leaking fountain in the hall since he claims to be a plumber. Mr. Manbeck blames Hank for making the school flood. Mr. Manbeck gets frustrated due to school being closed for a week.

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