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Oh and by the way, this birdhouse isn't the only thing I'll be breaking apart while I'm here... Link and I belong together and the only thing in our way, is you.

— Quinn, threatening Phoebe

Quinn is character on the Thundermans who appears in the episode, Why You Buggin'?. She's Link Evilman's childhood best friend and also a bug supervillain. Quinn is portrayed by Madison Lawler.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: She is able to change to her bug/mantis form.
  • Mantis Physiology
    • Supernatural Leaping: She can jump very high.


  • Like the rest of her family she's not immune to hot sauce and Fire/Heat based Abilities.
  • Quinn and her family go feral are change into their bug form when that smell or see mangos.


Quinn was born and raised in Metroburg by Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, the Bug Supervillains, Insecto and Beetle Girl. Her parents once attacked the Metroburg Mango Festival because they go crazy around mangoes. Quinn and Link's parents were part of a supervillain team that called themselves "The Frightening Four." She and Link grew up together as best friends and lots and link though both of them didn't want to be evil like their parents however Quinn either lied to him or she simply turned evil after she went mad after her and link were separated form each other They were separated when Link's family retired from crime and moved to Hiddenville. What Link didn't know was that Quinn secretly had a huge crush on him and was willing to do anything to date Link.

In the episode, "Why You Buggin'?", Quinn came to visit Link in Hiddenville. Phoebe expected Quinn to be a boy because Link said she was his best friend. After realizing that Quinn is just a friend, Phoebe tried to be nice to Quinn but Quinn was determined to take Phoebe down and become Link's girlfriend. Quinn threatened Phoebe multiple times but they both tried to hide it from Link since he wanted them to get along. Phoebe convinced Max to go on a date with her and Link to help prove that Quinn is evil in front of Link. Unfortunately, Quinn wanted nothing to do with Max. They went on a double date but Quinn and Phoebe kept fighting.

During their double date, when Phoebe couldn't take it anymore, she exposed Quinn to Link for being still an evil bug villain. She proved it by bringing mangoes close to Quinn. Bug Villains can't resist the smell of mangoes and so Quinn turned into a huge bug. Phoebe then called the Hero League to take out Quinn and erase her memory.


Quinn masquerades her personality into a nice girl but she is a mean person who did not want Phoebe to date Link. Phoebe knew she was evil, but did not want to tell Link.


Link Evilman 

Quinn is Link's childhood best friend but secretly she wanted to date him as well.

Phoebe Thunderman

Quinn hates Phoebe because she wants Link all to herself.

Max Thunderman

Max liked Quinn's bad-girl image but Quinn despised him because she saw him as a distraction a way from Link.