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Revenge of the Smith is the twentieth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the ninety-first episode overall. It first aired on January 20, 2018 to 1.01 million viewers.



Excited to be honored for their heroism with a school mural, Phoebe and Max learn that the artist holds a personal grudge, and the tribute isn’t what they imagined.[1] Meanwhile, Billy becomes obsessed with dabbing.

Main Plot

Phoebe and Max receive a text message informing them that Smith - one of the best art students at Hiddenville High - will be unveiling a mural to honor the Thunder Twins for saving them at the prom from Dark Mayhem in Thundermans: Secret Revealed. The twins happily perform a very well choreographed handshake dance in front of their parents to celebrate the good news. This makes Hank and Barb surprised that the twins are getting along. But then it doesn't take long before Max and Phoebe start arguing over how their grandkids will be like. They're fighting again. Everything is back to normal.

The next day, Max and Phoebe are at gym class with Principal Bradford still as the substitute gym teacher. They notice the mural hidden behind curtains. After the class, the twins remain behind. Max feels guilty about wanting to take a sneak peek at the mural; but instead of Phoebe judging him, she's actually ready to see the mural. They use Telekinesis to move the curtains. The mural is beautiful and artistic. The only problem? It portrays Max and Phoebe as villains using their superpowers to attack other students. The twins are disappointed. This is not how they wanted to be remembered at all. They can't let anyone see the mural.

After meeting up with Cherry on the hallway, the twins explain to Cherry how disappointed they are at Smith's painting. Why would she portray them as the bad guys. Cherry then explains to them how the fight between the twins and Dark Mayhem ruined the prom for Smith and a lot of other students. Now thinking about it, the twins realize how horrible it must have felt for other students being caught in the middle of fireballs during the prom. They decide to ask Principal Bradford to help in convincing Smith to change the mural. But Bradford laughs at them because now this gives him the perfect chance to get back at them. What did they ever do to him? You know, besides causing him to trip down the stairs; beating him in his underground wrestling match... and all the pranks they've pulled on him like the hot sauce fountain. In other words, Bradford is the last person to go to for help.

Phoebe convinces Max that they should take Smith to Splatburger and apologize to her. She offers to pay. At Splatburger, Smith is surprised at the twins' generosity. Phoebe even gives her some expensive Canadian paint brushes as a gift. The twins apologize to Smith for what they did to her at the prom. But then Max accidentally asks her to change the mural so they don't look like prom goblins. So, Smith figures out that the twins did saw the mural. Smith becomes furious and reminds them what a horrible experience she had at the prom. She removes her cap and shows them how her hair got messed up because of the fireball and falling into punch. She was totally humiliated. She can't just let it go. Unless the twins let her humiliate them in a revenge prom.

To prepare Max and Phoebe for the ultimate humiliation during the revenge prom, Smith gets both of them wigs that match her hair. She also gives both Phoebe and Max matching dresses and lady shoes. The revenge prom is held during Bradford's gym class. Smith makes Phoebe and Max perform embarrassing dances in front of the entire class... because she had to dance alone after her prom date's car got smashed by Dark Mayhem's helicopter. She's got paint balloons that she's ready to throw at them and has a big tub of punch to throw the twins in... because she fell into punch during that prom fight.

After finding out that Smith has an endless list of things she has planned to humiliate the twins, Phoebe realizes that Smith is never going to get satisfied. She tells Max that they should just give up and let Smith unveil the mural even if it portrays them as villains. The twins stop playing Smith's games. Smith threatens to show the class the mural. The twins offer to unveil it themselves. To their surprise, the class doesn't laugh at them or hate them. Instead they're just amazed by how artistic it looks. The twins realize that they were worried over nothing.

But Smith must get her revenge. If the class won't give her that satisfaction, then she's going to go against the twins herself. She throws all the remaining balloons at them. After running out of balloons, she gets herself ready to knock them down. She runs towards them only to trip over the tub filled with punch. The twins save her from falling inside. Smith thanks the twins for saving her and apologizes for everything. Max asks to keep the lady shoes. Phoebe asks to get her expensive brushes back but Smith says she will use them to repaint the mural.

Bradford doesn't like this new peace order. So, he runs towards them to incite them to fight. It backfires. He trips and falls into the punch.


Nora, Chloe and Barb are seated at the kitchen table having breakfast. When Hank approaches, both Chloe and Barb lick their pancakes as part of "pancake protection program" from Hank. Billy comes in dabbing. Lately, it's become almost impossible for Nora to do anything with Billy because all Billy wants to do is dab, dab and dab. Whenever you ask him anything, he just says dab. He eats his pancake at super-speed and leaves so that he can dab more. While Nora is still concerned about Billy, she notices that Hank has already eaten her pancake.

Out of options, Nora goes to the expert - Dr. Colosso. Colosso tells Nora that he's been taking online film classes and can help her prepare a fake anti-dabbing documentary to trick Billy. So, they make a video in which Dr. Colosso plays "Dr. Macaroni" and interviews kids who have been addicted to dabbing like Billy. One of the kids tells a very touching story about how he used to dab all the time until he and his sister eventually stopped talking and are no longer friends. After seeing the video, Billy realizes that dabbing can cause him to lose Nora. So, he promises to stop. Nora hugs Billy while giving Dr. Colosso a thumbs up meaning their plan has worked. But has it?

Now that dabbing is out, Billy looks for another craze to be obsessed with. He settles on "dadding" which means he has to act like his dad. He starts copying Hank in everything including the way he dresses and the way he just sits around watching TV and ordering whatever he sees in the commercials. This is worse than dabbing. Nora can't take it anymore. She tries to talk him out of it but it doesn't work. So, Nora goes back to Dr. Colosso. They record and rehearse a terrible track about dabbing. Nora dresses up as a rapper and performs it for Billy.

Billy is impressed by Nora's performance and wishes that he could dab again. But he can't do it because he doesn't want to lose his sister. At that point, Nora comes clean and tells him that she and Dr. Colosso made the fake video just to stop him from dabbing so he can spend time with her. Billy promises to try not to get carried away like that again.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Julia Lester as Smith
  • Lonnie Chavis as Gilly


  • Max and Phoebe unintentionally ruined an artist's life in Thundermans: Secret Revealed after she was hit by an energy ball. It is revealed that she is an artist and took revenge on the Thunder Twins in this episode. This episode also replays some clips from Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
  • Max's trouble in saying "sorry" was also seen in Date Expectations after he and Phoebe ruined Allison's chances of stopping Model U.N from making a peace treaty.
  • Principal Bradford became the substitute P.E teacher in Super Dupers.
  • Max lists some of his pranks pulled on Principal Bradford throughout the series including:


  • The title is a parody of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith .
  • Billy dabbed many times throughout this episode. The dab is originated by rap music group, Migos.
  • The Stanky Leg is mentioned by Hank and Barb. This is a dance that originated in the song, "Watch Me Whip/Nae-Nae".
  • Cherry's voice is shown to be deeper. However, this is not the first time hearing her with a deeper voice. On another Nickelodeon show, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn she portrayed Tori.
  • When Nora makes popcorn from her lasers, Chloe shouts out "Lasercorn!". This may be a reference to the YouTuber, Lasercorn.
  • Who Let the Clogs Out is a parody of Who Let the Dogs Out.


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