I've been waiting your whole life for you to say that.

Nora to Chloe

Rhythm n' Shoes is the twenty-third episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the ninety-fourth episode overall. It first aired on February 17, 2018 to 1.08 million viewers.[1]



Determined to meet a famous pop singer visiting Hiddenville High, Phoebe and Max devise elaborate schemes to insert themselves into her performance that quickly lead to disastrous results. Meanwhile, Nora goes to the Pop Up, her favorite bow store.[2]

Main Plot

Phoebe and Cherry are taking selfies for a Chirper contest organized by a popular pop artist, Cheyanne. In the contest, Cheyanne will perform a free concert at the school that gets the most chirps. Cherry and Phoebe want to win the contest for Hiddenville High so that they can get a chance to take a selfie with a popular celebrity. They need a selfie with a celebrity as part of their friendship selfie collection. Cheyanne would be perfect for that. Nora has been helping to keep them focused but accidentally her lasers interfere with their phones' signals causing their chirps to fail.

As Phoebe and Cherry start to freak out, Max arrives and tells them that he hacked Cheyanne's computer so to make Hiddenville High win. He tells them that one of his dreams is to marry a celebrity. And once Cheyanne sees him, she won't be able to resist him. They will get married and live in his parents' basement.

Cheyanne comes over to Hiddenville High to prepare for her concert. Phoebe and Cherry try to get to her in order to take the selfie but security is too tight. Max tries to get in too by telling the guard that he's the reason the school won - but he gets thrown out too. Cherry suggests that they should pretend to be Cheyanne's backup dancers in order to be allowed backstage. They start practicing.

Back at home, Max finds Dr. Colosso playing a remix of Cheyanne's song, Never Stop Believing. Colosso tells Max about his dreams of becoming a DJ. He tells Max to play DJ Colosso's remix for Cheyanne to get her attention. Max refuses but allows Dr. Colosso to make the song his ringtone. When Max's phone rings while he's at school, Cheyanne hears DJ Colosso's remix of her song. She loves it and tells Max that she would love to meet DJ Colosso. Max takes credit for Colosso's work and tells Cheyanne that he is DJ Colosso.

Max finds Phoebe and Cherry practicing how to dance in order to sneak in as Cheyanne's backup dancers. He starts bragging to them about how close he is to Cheyanne. Cheyanne calls Max and asks him to be the DJ at her concert because her DJ somehow glued his hands together (thanks to Max). Phoebe and Cherry ask Max to let them backstage but Max refuses. So, the girls decide to cheat by asking Dr. Colosso to make them special shoes that will help them become better dancers. During negotiations with Dr. Colosso, Phoebe and Cherry reveal that Max is taking credit as DJ Colosso for Colosso's remix. This makes Dr. Colosso so angry that he decides to destroy Max's Lair. Phoebe offers to destroy the lair for him while he is making the shoes for them. Unfortunately, that plan doesn't work out because Dr. Colosso's stuff is in the lair too.

Using dance moves thanks to their new rhythm shoes, Phoebe and Cherry convince security that they're part of Cheyanne's backup dancers. After getting backstage, they try to get Cheyanne to take a selfie with them but Cheyanne turns off their phones and asks them to take the practice seriously. She promises to take a selfie with them after the dance.

Cheyanne starts her performance and it's going pretty well with Max as her DJ. As the concert is going on, Dr. Colosso gets ready to get his revenge on Max. He hacks the shoes he made for Phoebe and Cherry and starts to control them. He makes them ruin the dance by randomly kicking people and other things. In the chaos Max is kicked out of the turntable. Cheyanne goes to the turntable and realizes that Max was lying about being a DJ. She fires him. Phoebe and Cherry try to take a selfie with her but they both know she won't let them. They go home disappointed.

At home, Dr. Colosso and Max apologize to each other. Colosso was angry because Max stole his DJ credit. Music is all he had left. Max comforts him by reminding him that he's still an evil villain with epic pranks. Together, they start laughing at the viral video of Phoebe and Cherry destroying the concert.

Phoebe shows Cherry that in the chaos, they managed to take a selfie with angry Cheyanne at the back. They agree to use that as their celebrity selfie.

Sub Plot

While eating at Splatburger with Chloe and her parents, Nora notices a poster advertising that Hairwear Pop Up will be coming to the mall. Hairwear Pop Up is a temporary/moving store that opens up for a few days before moving to another location. They sell hairwear like hats, fedoras, headbands and bows. Lots and lots of bows. And Nora loves bows. Nora is very excited to finally take Chloe to her very first bow-shopping. Chloe can't wait to finally get her first bow.

Nora walks away from the table to get more ketchup. She overhears two girls talking about her ketchup refill skills and her bow-game. The girls introduce themselves to Nora as Stacie and Heather. Nora already knows them. They are the girls that made fedoras and headbands cool again. Heather loves headbands and she is always wearing one. Stacie is always rocking fedoras. With Nora's passion for bows, the three could make an unstoppable forward fashion squad. Nora gladly accepts to join the squad. The girls celebrate by screaming "yas!" which they do a lot.

Heather and Stacie ask Nora to go to Hairwear Pop Up together. When Nora tells them that she had made plans to go with her baby sister, the girls tell her that hanging out with her baby sister is just babysitting without getting paid. Nora half-heartedly agrees to ditch Chloe in order to hangout with her new squad.

On the day for bow-shopping, Nora lies that she has scalp mites to avoid going with Chloe. She insists that Hank and Barb should not to take Chloe to the Hairwear Pop Up because it might have scalp mites too. She tells Chloe that they can go to buy bows together the next time the Pop Up pops up. Chloe feels bad for Nora. Nora waits for them to get out of the house and takes off her shower cap, revealing that she is totally fine. She then goes to the Hairwear Pop Up.

At the Hairwear Pop Up store, Nora meets up with Heather and Stacie. They start shopping... but then Nora notices her parents and Chloe in the store. She hides behind a counter so that they won't see her. She overhears Chloe telling her parents that she wants to buy a bow for Nora because Nora is sick and couldn't make it. Chloe rejects most of the bows that Barb suggests, claiming that they're not special enough for Nora, her favorite big sister.

When Nora gets a chance to escape she goes towards the door but runs into her new girl friends. She suggests that they should leave before her parents see her but Heather tells Nora that her family is clueless. Heather imitates how she heard Chloe talking about how she loves her big sister. Stacie and Heather give Nora an ultimatum - to either choose them or choose Chloe. Nora chooses Chloe.

Nora walks over to her family and tells them that she got rid of the scalp mites just so she could come bow-shopping with Chloe.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kate Marie Tomlinson as Heather
  • Laya Deleon Hayes as Stacie



  • The episode title is a reference to a genre of popular music, Rhythm and Blues.
  • Daniella Perkins is the second main Knight Squad cast member to guest star on The Thundermans after Owen Joyner guest starred in Save the Past Dance.
  • This is the only episode where Billy and Nora do not interact.
  • Billy isn't really in the episode besides two flashes of him running in super-speed.
  • This episode has the second least amount of viewers to a premiere, the first being Revenge of the Smith.


The Thundermans - "Rhythm n' Shoes" Promo HD

The Thundermans - "Rhythm n' Shoes" Promo HD

Sat, Feb 17th Night of Premieres w all new "The Thundermans" & "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn"! HD

Sat, Feb 17th Night of Premieres w all new "The Thundermans" & "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn"! HD


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