Sarah and Max is the romantic/friendship pairing of Sarah and Max Thunderman. Both of them go to Hiddenville High and were classmates in Report Card. Sarah has a major crush on Max, sometimes putting him before her other priorities. However, Max does not have any feelings for her and sometimes avoids her as he find her annoying.


Season 1

Report Card

  • Sarah wants to be on Max's team for the Math Bowl, by lying to Phoebe that she is sick.
  • When Max showed his team the Max 11 rocket he built in his lair, she is intrigued by how smart Max is and fantasizes about how cute and smart their kids will be when they get married.

Going Wonkers

  • Sarah wants to ask Max out, but Max keeps on avoiding her.
  • Sarah starts chasing Max.
  • Max freezes Sarah with his Freeze Breath.

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

  • When Phoebe invites Sarah to her house as part of a sleepover, Sarah is excited to see Max, calling him a trickster and a fun guy.
  • Sarah described Max as "cute" and "a genius", even Phoebe accused him of stealing their TV.
  • Sarah mentioned that she is willing to go to Ashley's house for a sleepover, as long as she has a cute brother like Max.
  • Max helps all of Phoebe's friends, including Sarah.

Season 2

Change of Art

  • Sarah loves all of Max's painting and wants to buy them.
  • Hank meets Sarah and recognises her for stalking Max in the Thundermans' backyard.
  • She sees Max's stolen painting of a girl and expresses her love for it. When Max draws a beard on it to make it look ugly, Sarah goes on to say that she loves girls with beards. Sarah then drew a beard on herself.
  • She competes with Barb to bid for Max's painting, despite her not having enough money.
  • She is determined to get the painting, even when the price reaches too high for her to afford, grabbing it and running away with it instead.

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu

  • When Max successfully manipulates Phoebe to join Ashley's group for their Chinese culture project, Sarah becomes angry at Phoebe for ditching her group, but immediately becomes happy when Max joined her group.
  • She ignores Evan and Tyler's repeated calls that Max being in their group is a bad idea as he will not do the work.
  • She is easily distracted by Max and cannot take her eyes off him.
  • Even when Max destroys their paper mache dragon when he left it outside in the rain, she is distracted when Max shows off his muscles to her in his tank top.
  • In the end, she stands up to Max and confronts him for ruining their project. However, she admits that she still loves him and he is still allowed to date her, even though they can never work together again.