Shred It Go is the sixth episode in Season 2 of the The Thundermans.


Phoebe becomes heartbroken when she thinks her tickets to the MKTO concert were destroyed in the shredder, but she does not know the tickets are with Max, who has secret plans to take his crush to the concert to make her fall for him. Meanwhile, Nora feels her family is replacing her with new paper shredder machine that Hank buys.


Main Plot

Phoebe is so excited to win a concert ticket for MKTO that she has even made cardboards of the duo, Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller. The rest of the family - especially Max - make fun of her fangirl obsession.

While at Splatburger, Max tries to ask out Cassandra but they don’t seem to connect at all. Then, she hears Cassandra talking about how much she loves MKTO. Max pretends to be a big fan of MKTO to impress Cassandra. He manages to convince her that he is in fact a fan. They plan a concert date together. Now Max must find a way to get a ticket to the concert.

Back at home, Max tells Phoebe that he will help her score two tickets as long as she gives one to him. Phoebe agrees. To win the ticket contest, a fan must prove that they’re the biggest fan. Phoebe guesses that Max will do something ridiculous like shoot a video of her flying out of an airplane. She’s right. The Thunder Twins go to Max's Lair and conjure up a plan where Max uses his telekinesis to plot Phoebe in the air. He then uses green-screen filters to make it look like Phoebe was falling out of a helicopter, pledging her love for MKTO. Max tells her that the video is guaranteed to win, with a good chance that he is going to cheat to make it happen.

The plan works. Phoebe wins the two tickets but she misplaces them somewhere in the house. However, Cassandra tells him that she lost her ticket and therefore can’t go to the concert with him. Bummer. Once the two get home, they start looking for the tickets. She looks for them everywhere but she is led to believe that the tickets were either thrown into the garbage or accidentally shredded by Billy using the new shredder. But Max, being Max, decides to hide the tickets from Phoebe and instead give Phoebe’s ticket to Cassandra. He lies to Phoebe that he didn’t find the concert tickets.

Max takes Cassandra to the concert. In the line to get to the MKTO concert, Max gets pooped on by a bird. Everyone, including Cassandra, starts making fun of him. Cassandra even takes a photo of him and posts it on the Chirper, tagging it #BirdTurdBoy. Max is forced to leave the line and go to the bathroom to freshen up. Cassandra gets into the concert hall without Max. When Max returns, he’s already lost his spot. After explaining who he is, the guard (Bouncer) figures out that he is the bird-turd boy. The guard agrees to let him in. But Cassandra has the tickets. Poor Max is not allowed to join the concert. So, Max never gets to see the concert.

At Splatburger, Phoebe is bummed about not going to an MKTO concert when he sees Tony and Malcolm entering the restaurant disguised in mustaches so that fans won’t recognize them. The two talk about how annoying crazy fans can be sometimes and so they just want a quiet time where no one recognizes them. When Phoebe hears that, she freezes the Splatburger manager, Jay Jay so that he doesn’t go all crazy over them. She tries to pretend that she doesn’t know them but acts way too nervously around them. When Tony is about to eat a pineapple, Phoebe jumps to save him because she knows that he is allergic. Tony thanks her for saving his life. Phoebe admits that she is a big fan and was bummed about not going to the concert. MKTO reward her by holding a private concert for her at Splatburger.

Phoebe unfreezes the manager and goes home to rub it in Max’s face. She pretends that she wants to show him a picture she took with MKTO but instead shows him his bird-turd picture. Max is embarrassed.


Hank brings home a new shredder in the house. Billy wants to shred things with the shredder all day instead of playing with Nora, causing Nora to be jealous. However, when Billy’s life is in danger after accidentally getting his shirt stuck in the shredder, Nora jumps in to save him by melting the machine with her heat vision power.

Billy apologizes to Nora for choosing the machine over her. Nora zaps Billy’s leg as a warning if he ever tries to replace her again. Hank gives in, saying that Nora is the only destructive force they need in the house.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Cast

  • Tony Oller & Malcolm Kelly aka MKTO as themselves
  • Sydney Park as Cassandra

Guest Cast

  • Anthony Martins as UPS Guy


  • Splatburger, introduced in this episode, becomes a common hangout place for the Thundermans in future episodes.
  • Phoebe had a similar celebrity crush on Channing Tatum.


  • The title is an allusion to smash hit animated Disney film Frozen's most popular song "Let It Go."
  • Sydney Park (Cassandra) currently stars on the Nick at Nite sitcom Instant Mom.
  • Musical duo MKTO guest stars in this episode and sings their song called "Classic".
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Jay Jay.
    • Along with Jay Jay, Splatburger makes the first appearance.
  • This episode scored 2.2 million viewers.
  • MKTO performs "American Dream" in this episode.
  • Sydney Park later works with Kira Kosarin in 2015 on the Nick movie, One Crazy Cruise.


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