JK! That was amazeballs! Best save ever!

— Mr. Silver Eagle

Mr. Silver Eagle is a character on The Thundermans. He is a teacher at Secret Academy of Superpower Studies. Mr. Silver Eagle is portrayed by Matt Corboy.


Mr. Silver Eagle was born and raised in Metroburg. He became a teacher at Secret Academy of Superpower Studies, (SASS) to teach young superhero students on how to use their powers.

In Back To School, Mr. Silver Eagle was in charge of administering the fifth-grade superpower assessment test retake. He introduced Phoebe and Max Thunderman to the rest of the students who had missed the test as well. He had started the first test when Leonard intentionally made Chester to shoot Mr. Silver Eagle with his Porcupine Powers. Mr. Silver Eagle rushed to the nurse, leaving Leonard in charge. His departure gave Leonard the perfect opportunity to sabotage Phoebe and Max.

When Mr. Silver Eagle came back after treatment and figured out what had happened, he told the Thunder Twins that they had passed. He also demoted Leonard back to the third grade.

Powers and Abilities


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  • His cape and superhero costumes have silver eagle symbols.
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