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You're not the president of my closet.

— Simone to President Kickbutt

Simone is President Kickbutt's daughter. She's very much like her mother and seems to be cool, yet sassy. Simone is portrayed by Genneya Walton.


Name's Simone. And, no, I don't have a boyfriend.

— Simone to Max, Cape Fear

Simone is the daughter of Super President Kickbutt, and a superhero.

In Cape Fear, President Kickbutt brought Simone with her to the Thundermans house. Kickbutt apologizes for Simone's bad behavior but hopes that Max will inspire her to be a better person. Simone immediately develops a crush on Max after falling onto Max's hands. However, when Max turns against President Kickbutt, Simone saves her mother using her super kick superpower to kick Max out through the ceiling. This heroic gesture gets Simone to be awarded the last superhero cape of the year, to Phoebe and Max's disappointment.

After Phoebe gets grounded in Chutes and Splatters, she calls President Kickbutt to assign her a mission so that she can get out of the punishment. During the call, Kickbutt struggles to keep Simone from playing music out loud. So, she asks Phoebe to take Simone out for the day. She teleports Simone into the Thundermans house where Simone and Phoebe instantly bond about how terrible their parents are. Simone ovearhears Max's Band talking about a performance at Splatburger and so she asks Phoebe to take her there. During this encounter, Max pretends that he doesn't know who Simone is so that Oyster, Wolfgang and Gideon won't suspect anything.

During the gig, Simone starts playing with the tubes and garbage chutes in the Splatburger kitchen. Phoebe tries to get her to leave but she refuses. She stands right under the garbage chute, which sucks her right up. Phoebe and Max try to save her but they end up being trapped in the garbage too. At the end, they come up with a plan to tie a rope around one another and have Simone kick one of the Thunder Twins out using her super kick, which would pull everyone out. Back at home, Phoebe confronts Simone for risking her life while Phoebe was in charge of her. Phoebe makes it clear that she doesn't want to babysit Simone again.


  • She's sassy like her mother.
  • She had a crush on Max as seen in Cape Fear.
  • She's a little disobedient to her mother as seen in both Cape Fear and Chutes and Splatters. She doesn't listen to instructions sometimes.
  • She likes to flip her hair into people's faces.

Powers And Abilities

Super Kick: She can kick things with an immense amount of power. This was demonstrated when Max threatened her mother and she used her ability to send him flying through the roof.

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