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Smells Like Team Spirit is the fourth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the 75th episode overall.


Phoebe and Max must work together on a series of superhero team-building exercises, but their different approaches to training jeopardizes their future as a crime fighting duo.[1] Meanwhile, Billy starts stealing vegetables.


Main Plot

Phoebe walks into Max's bedroom in the middle of the night while he's asleep and forces him to wake up. She reminds him that they have to go patrol as part of their Z-Force training if they want to join the most elite team of superheroes in the world. Max starts complaining about Phoebe's tight training schedule, which leaves him no free time at all. He lets Phoebe walk out of the lair, after which he asks Dr. Colosso to lock down the lair with Thundertanium. He sleeps in for a whole day. The following day in the kitchen, he apologizes to Phoebe about missing training. He tries to negotiate for a better schedule but Phoebe is worried they might not get into the Z-Force if they don't try harder.

Phoebe asks Max whether he bought training equipment but Max reveals that he used their training money to build a tree house for him and Phoebe to server as their "Team Headquarters." Max emphasizes that it's a "tree fort" and not a "tree house" - tree houses are for kids. He tries to sell the idea by explaining that the headquarters has a lot of resources including aerial surveillance. Phoebe gets mad that Max made the decision without consulting her. She realizes that they make a terrible team. Max gives her an expired yogurt, after which he agrees they make a terrible team.

The Thunder Twins go back into the Thundermans house and start discussing how to make it into the Z-Force if they can't work together as a team. Hank and Barb overhear the conversation and come over dressed as Thunder Man and Electress. Hank explains that they want to help Phoebe and Max from blowing the chance to join the Z-Force by teaching them to work as a team. They show them a book called "Smells Like Team Spirit" that they co-wrote back in the 90s. Max and Phoebe agree to let Barb and Hank train them.

The Thundermans go outside to start training. The parents bring Nora to zap Phoebe and Max whenever they mess up. First they have to paint together. Max takes the front, claiming that Phoebe's art skills are terrible (as seen in Change of Art). He paints a picture of his face instead of a team. Nora zaps him. Next challenge: Hank and Barb set up a "hopscotch" game with small explosive mines. The twins have to navigate through successfully while their legs are tied together. Hank gives Max and Phoebe half-a-second peak at the mime locations. Phoebe says it's okay because she has Photographic Memory. They start navigating through but start arguing mid-way about Max "forgetting" his twin sister's birthday. They get distracted and a mine explodes. Max asks Nora to zap Phoebe. She zaps both of them.

Next the Thunder Twins must pass the "Telekinesis Trust Fall" where they should use their powers to catch each other mid-air from falling. They're to be knocked down by thunder balls into a pool of jam. Hank reminds them that they need to be attentive since the balls could knock them down anytime. However, the twins start arguing, with Max complaining that Phoebe is a control-freak. They both blame each other for being a bad teammate. The balls hit them unaware. They both fall into the jam pool. Both Max and Phoebe agree that they can't work together. Nora zaps them.

Realizing that she can't make it to Z-Force with Max, Phoebe makes a mannequin dummy and dresses him up in the Thunder Suit. This way, she can fool the Z-Force into thinking that she's really working with Max. She is ready to walk with the dummy everywhere since the dummy won't do something stupid. Meanwhile, Max steals the Thundermans microwave and takes it into the tree fort. Phoebe walks out with the dummy but its head falls off at the door. She proceeds anyway. Hank and Barb ask Max to follow Phoebe and help her get back into her senses but Max refuses since Phoebe called him selfish.

Phoebe gets back from training but the dummy Max gets torn by a dog on her way in. She finds her parents ready to talk to her but she insists that she doesn't have a problem, they should be talking to Max instead. She continues trying to "help" them with their food until Hank gets angry and flies out of the house. Barb uses that to show Phoebe that she's too controlling. Phoebe goes to apologize to Max. Barb calls Hank to come in, revealing that it was a plan to teach Phoebe a lesson.

In the Thunder Twins' Tree Fort, Max is enjoying his streak of winning when Phoebe walks in to apologize for being controlling. She also apologizes for putting vitamins in Max's pizza. The apology doesn't go so well and their fights cause the tree house to start falling apart. They try to jump but it's too late. They freak out and Max apologizes to Phoebe for being selfish.

With the tree house about to fall, both Max and Phoebe jump. Before hitting the ground, they both use telekinesis simultaneously to prevent each other from getting hurt. They just did a Telekinesis Trust Fall. The Thunder Twins thank each other and agree that they do in fact have team spirit and that they make a good team.

The tree house falls down.

Sub Plot

Dr. Colosso is complaining to Chloe and Nora for serving him gross-looking can food. He tells them that back when Max was evil, he used to steal fresh vegetables for him. Nora reminds him that Max is good now and no one would steal for him. Meanwhile, Billy walks home from school carrying all of his books by hand. He tells Nora that a "nice" kid at school borrowed his backpack, math homework as well as his lunch money. Nora figures out that the kid is a bully who took advantage of Billy because he's gullible. Nora explains to Billy what gullible means... easily tricked. Dr. Colosso overhears the conversation and plans to take advantage of Billy.

Dr. Colosso leaves a trail of candies for Billy, leading him into Max's Lair. Dr. Colosso is glad that Billy fell for it. Colosso tells Billy that he has planted vegetables in different farms and wishes someone could go harvest them for him. If only he knew someone with a kind heart and Super-Speed who can help. Billy agrees to help. Colosso gives Billy a list of addresses of farms where he has "planted" his vegetables. Billy starts collecting the vegetables for Colosso. Little does he know that he's actually stealing them.

When Billy starts questioning about Dr. Colosso planting his vegetables in other people's gardens, Colosso tells him that farmers are like magicians. They never reveal their secrets. He convinces Billy to go get vegetables that he left at the supermarket. On his way out, Billy finds Nora and Chloe looking for him. Nora explains that they have a report that someone has been stealing vegetables from the neighborhood. She shows Billy a drawing of the "veggie bandit" which looks a lot like Billy. But Billy still can't figure it out that it's him. Nora helps him realizing that Dr. Colosso is duping him into stealing vegetables for him. Billy agrees that he is gullible but Nora tells him that he's just kind-hearted and loves to help people.

Nora and Chloe agree to help Billy get revenge on Dr. Colosso. Billy lies to Dr. Colosso that the cops caught him and he exposed Colosso. Nora walks in and confirms that cops are coming into the house. Dr. Colosso freaks out and tries to fly away but he hits the ceiling and falls right back. While Colosso is still panicking, Nora calls in the sheriff who turns out to be Chloe. The kids confront Colosso for taking advantage of Billy.


Main Cast



  • The title of this episode is a reference to the Nirvana song Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • This is the first episode of the show to air in 2017.
  • Jack posted a picture of the script on his Snapchat story.
  • This is the fourth episode in which only the main cast appeared. The first was in Thunder Van, the second was in Winter Thunderland, and the third was in Are You Afraid of the Park?.
  • Smells Like Team Spirit is what Barb and Hank did to show Phoebe and Max how to work together.
  • This is the second episode filmed for Season 4


Phoebe Come on, the Z Force is tracking our performance. And training on flour sack punching bags doesn't exactly look good.
Hank (groans) I have flour in bad places.
Phoebe (looks confused) That didn't happen during training. I don't know why he's covered in flour.
Max Relax, Phoebe. I didn't get the training equipment because I got something else that's guaranteed to get us into Z Force --
Max (standing in front of the 'Team Headquarters') our very own team headquarters.
Phoebe You spent all our training equipment money on a treehouse?
Max (laughing) Phoebe, treehouse are for kids. (getting serious) It's a tree fort.

— Max introducing his newly built 'Team Headquarters' to Phoebe

Dr. Colosso : Thanks, gulli-billy!
Billy : What did you say?
Dr. Colosso : Aah... I said... You're like a son to me.
Billy : Aww, you're like a moon to me.
Dr. Colosso : Please just go.
— Billy and Colosso

Ol’ Colosso had a farm, thanks to Gulli-billy!

— Colosso singing in a cage filled with vegetables