Smith is a character on the Nickelodeon series, The Thundermans. She is one of the best art students at Hiddenville High. She was chosen to create a mural of the Thunder Twins to honor them for saving the school from Dark Mayhem. Smith is portrayed by Julia Lester.


Smith is artistic and one of the best artists in the school. She is short tempered and revengeful as seen from the way she reacts when Max and Phoebe accidentally ruin her prom.


In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Smith is excited to go to junior prom with her date Jimmy. Unfortunately, their prom is ruined when Dark Mayhem attacks. Jimmy's car is destroyed by Dark Mayhem's helicopter. Because of the commotion, Smith's date never makes it to prom and Smith is forced to dance alone. To make things worse, Smith and other students are forced to hide under/behind tables when a superpower fight breaks between the Thunder Twins and Dark Mayhem at the prom. While Smith is freaking out, Dark Mayhem throws a fireball in her direction. Smith jumps and falls into a huge bowl of punch. Her prom is totally ruined. For this reason, she holds a grudge against Max and Phoebe.

Since Smith is one of the best art students at the school, she is selected to paint a heroic mural to honor Max and Phoebe for saving the school from Dark Mayhem at the prom. This gives her the perfect opportunity to get her revenge on the twins. She paints the twins as supervillains. She shows them using their Heat Breath and Freeze Breath to attack innocent students. After taking an early peek at the mural, Max and Phoebe are disappointed that they won't be coming off as heroes. They apologize to Smith for ruining her prom. They ask her to change the mural but she refuses.

Smith eventually agrees to change the mural but only if she gets to have her revenge prom to humiliate the twins. She gets Max and Phoebe matching dresses, shoes and wigs and makes them dance embarrassingly in front of the entire class during gym. She's got paint balloons to throw at them. She sends them through humiliation after humiliation. Eventually, Phoebe realizes that Smith is never going to get satisfied. So, the twins stop playing her games. She threatens to show the mural to the class and the twins let her. Actually, they do it for her. To their surprise, people just admire the artistic nature of the painting - not how the twins are portrayed as villains. It's actually cool.

On realizing that the class won't laugh at the twins, Smith gets ready to attack them herself. She runs towards them and almost trips over a tub of punch she had set for them. The twins stop her from falling. She thanks them for saving her. She apologizes for the revenge and promises to repaint the mural.


  • Smith just goes by "Smith" and the Thunder Twins couldn't figure out if it's her first name, last name or a nickname.
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