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Yes-s-s. S-s-so long fries-s-s!

— Son of Scalestro

Son of Scalestro is a supervillain from the Villain League. He is the son of Scalestro and works for Dark Mayhem. Son of Scalestro is portrayed by Jayme Andrews.

His costume looks like a snake skin, just like his fathers.


In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Son of Scalestro works with Dark Mayhem in the Happy Fun Burger fast food restaurant. He is usually in-charge of the fries. When Dark Mayhem needs to hold a meeting with Max, he asks the Son of Scalestro to be in charge of the register which gets him excited. He almost scares off a customer with his unusual look.

Son of Scalestro is the first one to discover the news about ThunderGirl on TV, helping Dark Mayhem and the rest to go after Hiddenville. During the fight with the Thundermans, Son of Scalestro fights with Hank. He laughs at Hank for being too s-s-s-slow and not even trying. Hank then hits a pillar with his Electrokinesis energy bolt. It gets reflected and zaps Son of Scalestro. He falls down. Defeated.


  • He hisses when pronouncing "s" sounds just like his father.

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