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Splatburger! Where meat falls from the sky!

— Commercial

Splatburger is a restaurant in Hiddenville that first appeared in Shred It Go. It serves burgers, fries, splogies (subs), nachos, cupcakes, chicken, and tacos among others. It's current owner is Mrs. Wong.

At Splatburger, customers order food through a touchscreen and the food drops to the plates from hanging tubes. It also has hanging garbage chutes.


Season 2

Shred It Go

  • Splatburger was first introduced in this episode with Jay Jay as the manager and Cassandra as a worker.
  • Max was at Splatburger when he met Cassandra and asked her out to an MKTO concert
  • Phoebe met MKTO at Splatburger

Blue Detective

  • Max was on a date with Maddy at Splatburger when he turned blue
  • Phoebe and Max are banned from being at Splatburger at the same time.

Meet the Evilmans

  • The Thunder Twins were hanging out together at Splatburger when they met Link.
  • Phoebe and Link go to their first date at Splatburger
  • Hank and Mike Evilman disrupt the restaurant by fighting with the food tubes.

One Hit Thunder

  • Link has been hired to work at Splatburger. He uses his stretchy arms to clean the food tubes.
  • Max's Band is at Splatburger when Max introduces Wolfgang, their new drama.
  • Jay Jay announces that Splatburger is auditioning bands to play every Saturday. Max's Band auditions but Max blows off the opportunity after realizing that Phoebe is hurt because Max read her dairy for lyrics inspiration.

Season 3

Give Me A Break Up

  • Mrs. Wong has bought Splatburger in her quest to own all the big restaurants in Hiddenville.
  • Max doesn't like what Splatburger is offering so he makes his own chilli, making Mrs. Wong jealous.

Date Expectations

  • Phoebe sets up Max and Allison to go on a date at Splatburger.
  • Allison figures out that if you press certain buttons at the same time, it will order fresh vegetables for everyone.
  • Hank takes Barb to a date at Splatburger but when Barb acts like she doesn't like it, Hank pretends that he was just passing by.

Dog Day After-School

  • There's a new commercial of Splatburger where Mrs. Wong advertises it as "meat falling from the sky" referring to the Splatburger food tubes.
  • Doggin runs to Splatburger for meat.
  • Doggin trashes Mrs. Wong's Office at Splatburger

Original Prankster

  • Max and Allison go to Splatburger for their anniversary
  • Max pranks Evan by pressing the buttons and using telekinesis to pour food on Evan. This upsets Allison.
  • Allison gathers some of Max's prank victims at Splatburger to show him that he hurts people. But Max pranks them again.

Chutes and Splatters

  • Max figures out when Mrs. Wong leaves Splatburger, so he organizes an illegal concert for his band at Splatburger.
  • Simone asks Phoebe out to Splatburger for Max's band performance.
  • Simone gets sucked into the garbage chutes and Max and Phoebe get themselves sucked in too in an attempt to rescue her.

Can't Spy Me Love

  • Phoebe and Cherry are at Splatburger when they notice a new cute boy that Phoebe likes instantly
  • After ditching Billy and Nora, Max does a kid's birthday performance at Splatburger but he gets attacked by Hero League's Strike Team.

I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

  • Barb and Hank hang with Phoebe at Splatburger after she is forbidden from seeing Cherry.

Stealing Home

  • Mrs. Wong holds a contest to choose the new people to star in her new Splatburger commercial.
  • Barb competes with her kids Nora and Billy to win the contest.
  • Chloe spends the entire team ordering food through the tubes. She ends up ordering way too much food than she could possibly eat.

Season 4

Happy Heroween

  • Splatburger more or less is the same in the "Monstermans" scary story Dr. Colasso tells Phoebe and Max.

Thundermans: Banished!

  • Phoebe and Max accidentally end up causing Splatburger to explode after they attempt to fix an issue with the food delivery tubes. Later, Mrs. Wong eventually ends up repairing it and re-opens it.

Max to the Future

  • Hank, Barb and the kids meet the Amazing Nico at Splatburger and ask him to perform his magic tricks at their house. Nico ends up blackmailing their dad for the bowling trophy.

Ditch Perfect

  • Splatburger hosts a "Splaturday Night Live" which is an open floor session for comedians. Nora and Billy participate.
  • Mrs. Wong says that two rats walked into Splatburger which comes off as a beginning of a joke, but she confirms that there are actually rats in the restaurant.

May Z-Force Be With You

Save the Past Dance

  • The dance contest in 1955 was held in Splatburger. It was also revealed that in 1955 Splatburger didn't have tubes to dispense food, but rather people in roller skates splat food on their tables.

Z's All That

  • Cousin Blobbin set a major event at Splatburger where he introduces ThunderWear to the market. Unfotunately, nobody buys them except Chloe.

Can't Hardly Date

  • Phoebe and Max set up a date for Gideon and Sarah at Table 7.

Revenge of the Smith

  • Phoebe and Max go to Splatburger with Smith to apologize to her. However, it doesn't work out.

Rhythm n' Shoes

  • Nora, Chloe, Hank and Barb go to Splatburger and they make a castle with their food.
  • Nora sees a flyer advertising Hairwear Pop Up is coming to Hiddenville.

Make it Pop Pop

  • Billy, Nora, and Chloe go there wearing their ugly sweaters that Nana gave them, and everyone laughs at them.
  • Mrs. Wong finds the sweaters and puts them on.

Side-Kicking and Screaming

  • Outside Splatburger, Chloe with help of Billy and Nora start a cooking business.
  • Mrs. Wong notices that she's losing customers because of Chloe, Billy and Nora.

Cookie Mistake

  • Sweet Gam Gam is running an event where you would have to open a cookie box that's lucky. Whoever gets the lucky cookie box gets to go to Sweet Gam Gam's Cookie Palace with an extra person.

The Thundredth

  • Whilst Phoebe and Max are in Splatburger, Professor Meteor, in disguise, steals soda.
  • The Thunder Twins were going to stop him but to them, it wasn't save so they decide to leave the save.


  • An important food blogger visits Splatburger but when Mrs. Wong misfortunately throws food at him he leaves.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • Link Evilman has started working here in the episode One Hit Thunder.
  • MKTO gave Phoebe a private concert here.
  • In One Hit Thunder Max's band performed there.
  • According to Jay Jay, there was originally no way to clean inside the tubes. Link solved this problem by using his stretching power to get inside the tubes, which were revealed to be filthy with lots of day-old food stuck inside.
  • Splatburger is similar to Bots in Sam & Cat.
  • Jay Jay said that Splatburger used to be a shoe factory.
  • Kira Kosarin mentioned on Twitter that most of the food from Splatburger is actually from the Astroburger restaurant down the street from Paramount.
  • Splatburger was around in 1955, but possibly could have been closed then re-opened because in Shred It Go the Splatburger employees said it was a brand new restaurant.