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That's right! The bow came off. Be afraid, people!

Stealing Home is the twenty-third episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


Hank and Phoebe think their house has been robbed when they return home and discover the furniture is missing. Barb, Billy and Nora enter a competition at Splatburger to be in a commercial. [1]


Main Plot

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The Thundermans are at home planning on their day's activity. Barb is excited about getting everyone to go shoe-shopping with her but no one else is thrilled about it. Hank and Phoebe excuse themselves so that they can do "bonus" superhero training. Max picks up his guitar and says he's training too... on a new song called Later Losers. He then calls them losers and leaves. Billy, Nora and Chloe agree to go shoe-shopping with their mom.

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When left at home, Hank and Phoebe sneak out to go for a movie. After a very fun movie, they head back home bragging about how Barb will never know what they did. Their happiness is quickly ended when they get home only to find their furniture missing. They start wondering who stole their stuff. They look at the Thunder Monitor to see if it recorded what happened... only to realize that the Thunder Monitor has been replaced with a pizza box saying "Thanks for the TV."

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Phoebe and Hank panic, worried about what Barb will do if she knew what they were up to. Max enters the room and watches them act all confused. He then says that he can smell movie popcorn, confronting Phoebe and her dad to admit what they were doing. Hank says the most important thing is finding the thief before Barb comes back home. Max reveals that he is the one who stole the stuff.

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Taking advantage of their fear of Barb, Max blackmails Phoebe and Hank to become his servants and do whatever he wants. He dresses them up in stupid costumes and make them carry him all around the house. After being confronted by Phoebe, he agrees to show them that the furniture was in the garage all along. He then opens the garage only to be shocked that the garage is empty. Max panics too.

Phoebe asks Max if he knows anyone else who might have known where the furniture was kept. Max admits that he was helped by someone he trusts: Chainsaw. This is the same Chainsaw from prison who stole their microwave in Pheebs Will Rock You. The Thundermans are now certain that Chainsaw stole the stuff. Max tells them that Chainsaw has stopped his way of crime and started running a new coffee shop, Game of Scones.

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Hank, Max and Phoebe head out to Game of Scones to confront Chainsaw for stealing their properties. They find that Chainsaw is using their furniture in his coffee shop. He even has set up the Thunder Monitor to announce specials. Chainsaw tells them that he didn't steal the furniture. He bought it because Max had told him that he was preparing for a garage sale. So, Chainsaw put all the money and placed it in the green envelope that Hank shredded earlier. Now, they can't blame Chainsaw. Phoebe confronts Max for risking their property just to get back at her and her dad. But Max says that he should have done it sooner because he's seen them using "bonus training" as an excuse to go on adventures together. As Max lists the things that Phoebe and Hank do together during their so-called bonus training, Phoebe realizes that Max is jealous of her hanging out with their dad more than him.

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Hank tries to squeeze himself to sit on a crowded couch but Chainsaw kicks him out. This gives Phoebe an idea: the Thundermans would compete with Chainsaw in a contest. If the Thundermans win, Chainsaw would give them back their furniture. If Chainsaw wins, Hank would help him remove the walls to make the restaurant bigger. Phoebe starts to explain the plan to Chainsaw but Max accidentally says that if Chainsaw wins, they would give him the Thundermans house. Chainsaw likes Max's offer better, raising the stakes of the contest.

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Chainsaw suggests very violent challenges for their contest but Phoebe says they need to pick something less prison-y. So, she suggests food tossing but Chainsaw reveals that he and his daughter Hacksaw play food-toss everyday because it's the number one prison game. He call on Hacksaw to take on the Thundermans in the food-tossing challenge.

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When the contest begins, Phoebe tells her dad that she's distracted because of Max. She explains to Hank how Max has been bummed out for not hanging out much with his dad. Hank misinterprets Phoebe's intentions and assumes that Phoebe doesn't want to play. He calls Max to do the challenge with him. Chainsaw explains the rules of the challenge: you toss food to your teammate's mouth, the other team has to match it and if they can't they lose. The challenge begins with Max and Hank making the first move.

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Hacksaw scares Max off bragging that if she wins, she will take Max's Bedroom and turn it into an evil lair where she would do all her evil stuff. (It will be easier than she thinks.) Phoebe is worried that the Thundermans are going to lose the game and then they would have to move and live somewhere else. She can't be the protector of Hiddenville if she doesn't live in Hiddenville. Max and Hank come up with a plan to take advantage of their knowledge of Hank's couch. Max and Hank know the one place on the couch cushion that Hank hasn't crashed yet.... and so it would make a perfect bounce. Hacksaw offers to go first so that she can finishe and go home to feed her bats. She throws at the couch but it doesn't bounce. Chainsaw calls Hacksaw off for being a disgrace to the Saw family. Hacksaw blames Hank for crashing the cushion's soul. Max aims for the groove on the cushion, making a perfect bounce into his dad's mouth.

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The Thundermans win the challenge and take their furniture home before Barb returns. Back at home, the family sits together to watch the Splatburger commercial that Barb, Nora and Billy shot. Barb asks about the coffee smell on the couch but Hank distracts her from following up.

Sub Plot

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Barb takes Billy, Nora and Chloe to go shoe-shopping but they pass by Splatburger where Mrs. Wong is running a contest where the winner gets to be in her new burger commercial. The challenge is to see who will keep their hand on a cactus the longest. They decide to participate but when Nora wonders about how they're going to handle the win, Barb assures her that it doesn't matter which one of them wins, as long as it's a Thunderman. Chloe touches a cactus but a thorn pricks her so she gets kicked out. Barb asks her to get something to eat.

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Mrs. Wong asks contestants to raise their hands if they're having fun. A lot of people fall for it, getting themselves eliminated from the contest. This leaves only the Thundermans and a professional actor called Raul. Wong wants Raul to win because she hates the Thundermans. Barb tells her The Thundermans will not go down without a fight. Mrs. Wong starts massaging Raul and giving him drinks to keep him comfortable enough to win the contest. Nora complains that the contest is unfair and suggests that they should play dirty too. Barb is reluctant at first but when Mrs. Wong calls her "mom jeans," she gets pissed off and uses her Electriss powers to electrocute Raul, causing him to lose the contest. The Thundermans are left standing.

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After Raul leaves, Barb asks Nora and Billy to take off their hands and let her win. The kids are not willing to let their mom win. Nora says that the commercial is hers. To prove that she is serious, she takes off her bow which scares Billy and Barb. Barb begs Nora to let her win because she is the only one of them who has an acting experience, thanks to her hit Electress Medical Drama. Nora tells Barb that she should be a good mom and look after Chloe. Chloe says she's ok as she continues to order more and more food. Billy declares a three-way standoff!

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The standoff intensifies. Barb plays dirty by saying Nora and Billy should go to the bathroom. Billy says that his second super-power is bladder control and he hasn't gone to pee since February. Nora plays dirty back by telling her mom she should "go" because she had a lot of water. Nora then using her laser powers to zap someone carrying water, so that she spills the water all over Barb. This gets Barb angry, forcing her to use her powers on Billy and Nora. She shocks them with an electric wave for several seconds. This messes up Billy and Nora's hair. Billy says he's never noticed how different Nora's hair looks without a bow. Nora seems shocked to remember that she gave up her bow for the contest.

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At the same time, Mrs. Wong calls out Chloe for ordering way too much food that she can't even eat. The Thundermans run to Chloe, regretting that they got carried away by the contest, leaving Chloe all alone. Mrs. Wong says that Nora, Billy and Barb will all participate in the commericial because they let go at the same time.

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Back at home, the Thundermans watch the Splatburger commercial together. The commercial looks really terrible, with Barb, Billy and Nora eating like pigs. Everyone is shocked at how bad it is. But apparently Nora, Billy and Barb are proud of it for getting to be on TV.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Tati Gabrielle as Hacksaw
  • Adrien Gonzalez as Raül





Hacksaw : You got lucky! When I win, I'm turning you bedroom into a lair where I can do all my evil stuff.
Max : Yeah? It will be easier than you think.

— Hacksaw and Max


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