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Strongdor here too!

— Strongdor

Strongdor is a supervillain on the Thundermans and a member of the Villain League. He works for Dark Mayhem. He fights with a huge hammer. Strongdor is portrayed by Michael Foster.


In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Strongdor is one of the villains running the fast food restaurant, Happy Fun Burger. His job at the restaurant is to clean. Dark Mayhem introduces him to Max as one of his associates along with Fairy Pinch-ess.

He comes to the Thundermans house with Dark Mayhem in Mayhem's copter. During the fight with the Thundermans, Strongdor fights with Barb Thunderman. He uses his hammer to try to hit Barb but thanks to Barb's new super-speed, he doesn't hurt her. Eventually Barb tricks him by running around in circles, which causes Strongdor to become dizzy and vulnerable. Barb then knocks him down with a kick.

After being defeated by the Thundermans, Strongdor is thrown into the Metroburg SuperJail where he shares cell with Dark Mayhem as seen in "Thunder in Paradise." Dark Mayhem doesn't like having him as a cellmate.


He likes to talk about himself in the third person, with lines like "Strongdor will crush you!" He seems to be trying too hard to get recognition especially after being in the shadows of Dark Mayhem. For example, whenever Dark Mayhem announces that he's here, Strongdor often shouts something like "Strongdor is here too!"


  • Supernatural StrengthStrongdor is one of the strongest villians. Although he is not as strong as Thunderman, he is not far behing when it comes to strength wise.

Episode Appearances


Strongdor: Strongdor will crush you!
Barb: Strongdor will have to catch me first!

— Strongdor and Barb