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Super-Speed is a superpower used by Billy Thunderman (and Barb Thunderman - for a brief moment in Thundermans: Secret Revealed.) that lets the user move at a very fast speed. Billy uses this power to go to different places within seconds. When this ability is being used it would leave a blur behind them when they move.

Notable Uses

Season 1

Season 2

  • Billy used super-speed to steal artwork for Max and Phoebe in Change of Art, making it look as if the Thunder Twins were good at art.
  • In Meet the Evilmans, Billy jumps at enhanced speed with the skipping rope.
  • When Billy turns into a rat with the Animalizer, he easily wins rat races with Max's Band.
  • Billy quickly hides the decoration due to them wanting the surprise party to be a surprise.

Season 3

Season 4

  • In Happy Heroween, Billy thinks his speed is faster than lightning but he gets proven wrong.
  • In May Z-Force Be With You, Billy was unable to speed to Metroburg but his age affected his powers.
  • Billy, in Rhythm n' Shoes, runs in two flashes.
  • In The Thunder Games, Billy speeds upstairs in the Thundermans' Home to get a hat to tell the family his superhero name.



  • Billy can quickly speed around the world in 1 minute.
  • Since Billy speeds differently than other humans, his heart rate beats rapidly fast as shown in Paging Dr. Thunderman