Bradford:I know what you’re all thinking.
Max:That your shorts got shorter?
Bradford:No. You’re thinking “What’s he got behind this curtain?”
Phoebe:The rest of your shorts?
— Max and Phoebe making fun of Bradford’s shorts

Super Dupers is the thirteenth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the 84th episode overall. It first aired on June 10, 2017 to 1.29 million viewers.



Max and Phoebe use their powers to give their Gideon a confidence boost, but the gesture backfires when he recklessly starts to think he that he has superpowers of his own.[1] Billy and Nora are playing rock paper lasers, but Nora accidentally zaps the Thunder Monitor.

Main Plot

Gideon calls the school board to report Principal Bradford for wearing inappropriate shorts to school. This angers Bradford who decides to get revenge after Gideon. He runs after Gideon in the hallways, hoping to hit him with a dodge ball. Gideon asks Phoebe and Max to save him but Phoebe makes it clear that Gideon knows they no longer have superpowers. So, Gideon hides in the locker. Phoebe tells Max that they could help Gideon by boosting his confidence so that he can stand up to Bradford. To boost Gideon's confidence, Phoebe gives him a bracelet and lies to him that it's a superpower bracelet that she used to boost her strength when she was a superhero. Gideon is easily convinced. Since Bradford is currently the temporary P.E. teacher, he singles out Gideon so that he can hit him with a dodgeballs. He's even got a dodgeball cannon with lasers to make sure that Gideon gets the maximum impact. Max uses telekinesis to help Gideon escape the dodgeballs from Bradford. This convinces Gideon that the bracelet gave him superpowers. Gideon refuses to give the bracelet back and declares himself a superhero called, The Giddler. The Thunder Twins agree that it's a bad idea to mislead Gideon into thinking that he has superpowers because he could easily get hurt. So now, they must keep following him and saving him until they can figure out a way to get the bracelet back. Both Phoebe and Max get exhausted and both have "tele-cramps" following a day of actively using their telekinesis to save Gideon. So, while Gideon is at a hip-hop dance class, the twins come up with an idea to steal the bracelet back by pretending to be supervillains. Max offers to get the costumes. He gets himself a Scuba Boy costume and gets Phoebe a Donut Girl costume. Phoebe then sends Gideon an anonymous tip about evil equipment stealing villains at the Hiddenville High gym. Gideon finds the "villains" stealing equipment at the gym. Before they get a chance to steal the bracelet back, Gideon sprays their eyes with silly string and runs to call Bradford. Phoebe and Max use the opportunity to telekinetically levitate each other up towards the roof. When Gideon returns with Bradford and finds no one, Bradford accuses him of lying. While Gideon is still trying to prove that he's telling the truth, Phoebe and Max (still disguised) accidentally fall on the floor after losing their telekinesis concentration. They quickly steal the bracelet back and run out of the gym. Now that Gideon has lost his "superpower" bracelet, Bradford sets up his dodgeball cannon ready to hit Gideon. Phoebe and Max are tempted to come back to help Gideon one more time. They are surprised to find that Gideon has got the confidence to confront Bradford. Gideon gets hold of the dodgeball cannon and uses it to attack Bradford. The Thunder Twins watch from outside the door. They decide to help around by using telekinesis to attack Principal Bradford with as many balls as possible.

Sub Plot

Nora is playing "rock-paper-lasers" with Billy, a game in which Billy always loses because lasers always win. Chloe is their referee. Barb and Hank ask the kids to stop playing the games because Nora had already destroyed a lot of stuff in the house with her lasers. However, Nora defies the parents and restarts the game right after they leave for a movie. Unfortunately, she accidentally shoots and destroys the Thunder Monitor with her lasers. The kids panic but they must figure out a way to fix the Thunder Monitor before their parents return. So, they try to keep their parents occupied so that they don't use the Thunder Monitor. After running out of options, the kids seek Dr. Colosso's help the following. Colosso assures them that he can fix the Thunder Monitor but there's a price: all he can eat Italian gelato. Nora agrees to the terms and Dr. Colosso starts fixing the Thunder Monitor. Unfortunately, the parents return home after right away because the movie they wanted to see is sold out for the second night in a row. The parents want to ask the Thunder Monitor where they can watch the movie but Nora and Billy work to keep the parents distracted by pretending to tell the movie story. Dr. Colosso shouts from the living room, saying that he's all done. Nora and Billy quickly wrap up the story and go to get Colosso the Italian gelato he had asked for. Unfortunately, the Thunder Monitor starts sparking again and then starts malfunctioning by constantly switching to different modes. When the kids ask Dr. Colosso about it, he reveals that he lied to them just to get the gelato. The parents find out that the Thunder Monitor was malfunctioning. The Thunder Monitor switches to different modes including party mode, heat mode, wind mode etc. The parents try to fix it but they can't figure out what happened. Realizing that it's getting out of control, Nora admits that she's the one who zapped the Thunder Monitor. This helps Hank figure out what the problem is. He fixes the Thunder Monitor. Nora and Billy get punished.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast



  • Max and Phoebe use their telekinesis a lot in this episode to the point where they get tele-cramps.
  • Gideon is similar to Hank when he used,"Giddler, away!", similar to Hank's "Thunderman, away!"
  • Chloe has a minor role in this episode.
  • Some modes that the Thunder Monitor has when it got broken:
    • Party Mode
    • Heavy Metal Mode
    • Heat Mode
    • Howler Monkey Mode
    • Yodel Mode
    • Wind Mode
  • There was a Nicky,Ricky,Dicky and Dawn gym episode that premiered after this episode.
  • A clip from this episode can be briefly seen in the Nickelodeon's fall promo.




"Super Dupers" Official Promo - The Thundermans

"Super Dupers" Official Promo - The Thundermans


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