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Tech Rider is a guest character that is played by Carlos PenaVega in the Season 3 episode, No Country for Old Mentors.


He is a very enthusiastic person. He does have a big ego and finds himself in a good mood all of the time. According to Max, he's better than Thunder Man but the only reason was that he's way more cooler. He can be indifferent at most times; he needed Phoebe to stop a jailbreak even though he's a proper superhero.


Tech Rider is a tech-savvy superhero who resides in Metroburg. Tech Rider was on the list for the superhero mentor program. When Phoebe called Super President Kickbutt to change her previous mentor, Thunder Man, she changed to Tech Rider as a result of thinking he would be a better mentor.

Tech Rider arrives with his supercycle at the Thundermans' Home backyard. Afterwards, Tech Rider took Phoebe to the Metroburg Villain Prison. Without realizing, Max put a tracker on his supercycle. When they arrived at the Villain Prison, Tech Rider made the situation worse which meant Phoebe had to take charge. After realizing that Tech Rider is not a better mentor than Thunder Man, she takes his supercycle to go home.

At the bottom of a cliff, when he loses his supercycle, he goes back to Tech Walker and speedily pasts Max.


  • Super-Sonic Blaster: He has a supersonic blaster that is kind of like the Thunder Twins' telekinetic blast.
    • Communicator: On Tech Rider's blaster, he can communicate with his "people" as he was able to talk to Brenda to get Hank a Tech Rider hat.
  • Selfy Drone: He is able to shoot a drone in the air using voice command to take a selfie.
  • Super Cycle: A very fast motorcycle that has many uses and gadgets. Max was able to steal it and control it with a remote control he placed on it.
    • Nano Stun Grenades: A nano stun grenade pops out of the supercycle and stuns the person close to it.
  • Tech Walker Shoes: Tech Walker Shoes are activated by voice command and could walk at a speedy pace.


  • His lifetime saves are 12,974.
  • His success rate is 95%
  • Tech Rider's power include sonic spectrum and his vehicle, the supercycle.
  • Tech Rider's height is 5'8.
  • Tech Rider has no weaknesses.
  • His hero rank is top 1%.