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Frozen kids say what?

— Max

The Neverfriending Story is the thirteenth episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


When their group of friends began to intermingle, Phoebe and Max fear they will have to spend more time together, so in an effort to prevent their friends from getting along too well the twins try to ruin everyone's movie-going experience.


Max and Phoebe's friends

Max and Phoebe are competing on who should watch a movie on the living room TV. Max wants to watch with his friends Oyster and Gideon while Phoebe wants to watch with her friends Cherry and Kelsey. Max and Oyster throw Gideon to take over the couch while Phoebe takes the remote. Max agrees to leave the TV to Phoebe and her friends because they can't have their friends hanging out together. But before they know it, their friends sit together on the couch and start enjoying the movie together. They see a trailer for Zombie Rain - 3D and agree to go see the movie together. Phoebe and Max refuse to join their friends for the movie.

Phoebe and Max worried about their friends

This new group friendship worries Max and Phoebe. They can't have their friends hanging out together. They already share everything else and now they have to share the same friend group together? The Thunder Twins share a common flash-forward into the future where they're all old and still hanging out together. They both cringe. Now they're sharing nightmares! They agree to stop their friends from becoming friends and being part of the same group.

The twins' plans to go to the movies and sabotage their friends is threatened when their parents force them to babysit Billy and Nora. They all go to hangout in Max's Lair. Phoebe and Max try to come up with a plan to sabotage their friends from becoming a group but Nora and Billy keep interrupting them. Phoebe texts Cherry to ditch the boys but the phone auto-corrects it to "stitch the bosses!" Max's ridiculous plan includes messing with the satellites to cause the friends to lose each others phone numbers. When Dr. Colosso challenges the dumb idea, Max threatens to freeze him. This gives Phoebe an idea. Freeze the kids then make sure to come back to unfreeze them before their parents return. What could possibly go wrong? Phoebe and Max freeze Billy and Nora and leave for the movies.

Phoebe and Max find their friends at the movies. While Phoebe tries to convince Cherry and Kelsey to ditch the boys and go to Wong's for pizza, Max tries to convince Oyster and Gideon to go check out the new go-cart park. Both boys and girls refuse Max and Phoebe's plans and insist on doing everything together. Cherry says they're becoming a fun group. They even do a go-group cheer. Max and Phoebe refuse to accompany their friends into the movies. They're left behind blaming themselves. New plan. Get into the movie and ruin it for their friends. Max asks Phoebe to buy tickets for the movie.

At home, frozen Nora regains her consciousness and uses her heat vision powers to melt the ice. She unfreezes herself and unfreezes Billy as well. Dr. Colosso lies to them that they've been frozen for 50 years and now he rules the world. But Nora quickly figures out that Colosso is just wearing one of his costumes. Nora threatens to burn all of his costumes if he doesn't tell them where Max and Phoebe went. Colosso spills that Max and Phoebe frozen them to go to the movies. Now left home without any supervision, Billy and Nora can finally do whatever they want. They release a rocket into space. Then launch a couch party and start dancing on the living room couch.

At the movies, Phoebe and Max identify where their friends are seated. They take a good position where they can use their telekinesis to mess with their friends. But every time they try, it backfires. When the twins make Oyster pour ketchup all over their friends, Cherry says it's like they're covered in zombie blood. So, the group starts bonding over that and even take a selfie. Phoebe suggests coming up with a new plan. Otherwise, if they don't go home soon their parents will figure out what they did to Billy and Nora. Max says the parents are the least of their problems. But then Barb and Hank arrive at the movie theater and sit right behind Max and Phoebe.

The twins get out of the theater. Phoebe gets a text saying that Gideon has invited the girls to join Max's Band. Oyster confirms it to Max. Phoebe is happy about being invited to the band too but Max makes her flash-forward again to their old selves being a group in a band together. It's horrible. They vow to stop the group even if they get grounded. They need another plan.

Back at home, Nora and Billy rearrange the furniture in the living room. They discover their mom's "Magic Money" card. They order pit balls to fill in Max's lair. To trick the delivery guy, they put on a costume in which Nora steps on top of Billy to make it look like she's tall. She lies to the delivery man that she is Barb.

At the movie, Phoebe and Max sneak into the projections room to switch the movie with another boring movie, which will make their friends leave the movie theater. They put on Yawnimals, a movie about yawning animals. This makes a lot of people bored at the theater. Gideon uses the sleepy movie as an excuse to put his arms around Cherry and Kelsey. Barb gets angry about the movie being switched. Cherry texts Phoebe a yawning face. Mission accomplished. The Thunder Twins agree to go home, unfreeze the kids and never talk to each other again.

Unfortunately, Barb arrives at the projection room to confront the manager. When Max and Phoebe realize it's their mom, they panic and start speaking in fake voices. When Barb insists that she wants to know the ending to Zombie Rain, they spoil the ending. She says she's going home, but since Phoebe and Max don't want her to find the kids frozen, they ask her to give Yawnimals a chance because it's from the makers of Cat Naps. Barb gets angry. Max and Phoebe realize the only way out is through the window. However, the window is so small that Phoebe gets stuck.

Down in Max's Lair, Nora and Billy are playing in a pit of balls. Then Billy wonders how great would it be if the whole house was filled with balls? Nora shows Billy the credit card to order more balls.

Phoebe is still stuck in the window. Barb threatens to blast the door open with the power of a thousand lightning storms. Barb pretends to remove an electric shocker from her purse. Phoebe asks Max to do something. So, Max applies butter on Phoebe's butt, making it slippery enough to pass through the window into the theater floor. He then puts butter on himself and falls through the window onto his sister. Max and Phoebe are glad to find that their friends left the theater and their dad is asleep.

To the twin's disappointment, they find that their friends still haven't gone home and are still hanging out and taking selfies together despite having the worst night ever. Max's says it's time to do the right thing: ditch these losers and find new friends. Phoebe notices a lonely girl sitting alone with an accordion and decides to go ask her if she wants to be friends. Around the same time, the manager comes in dragging Barb for breaking the projection room's door. The manager asks Barb to wait there for him to get her husband.

Cherry, Kelsey, Oyster and Gideon start wishing Phoebe and Max were there to enjoy the night with them. They agree it's funny when Phoebe and Max fight. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Max hide behind the posters next to the group. They realize that the group misses them. The twins agree that perhaps it's not the end of the world to have their friends in the same group. Cherry texts Phoebe only to hear Phoebe's phone beep right behind them. They remove the poster to find Max and Phoebe hiding. The twins lie to the group that they came from Wong's after receiving Cherry's text. The full group does a "Go group" cheer!

Hank comes in complaining to the manager that there's no way Barb could've been the one he caught. He then finds Barb and the two are kicked out of the movie theater. Phoebe and Max hide behind their friends from their parents. They then sneak out of the theater to "defrost" some things at home before meeting their friends at Wong's. Barb and Hank agree it was nice to be out on a date away from the kids. Especially Max. But it's funny when they fight.

The Thunder Twins arrive home before their parents. However, the door is stuck and they can't get it open. They keep struggling to open the door until their parents arrive. Hank asks what Max and Phoebe are up to but the twins lie that they're playing hide and seek with Billy and Nora. Hank lies to them that he and Barb had a flawless date night. Hank opens the door with his super-strength. Balls come rolling out of the door. The house is full of balls in which Nora and Billy appear from inside the balls. They are surprised and guilty when they see the rest of their family.

Phoebe and Max try to escape from the parents by running through the balls. However, all four kids realize that they will be in BIG trouble.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Nora and Billy launch one of the Max-10 rockets first seen in Report Card.
  • Max was shown to dislike Phoebe's friends in Nothing to Lose Sleepover.
  • When the Thunder Twins stop trying to to break up their friends from becoming a group in this episode, the group continues to hangout together in future episodes and in fact Cherry and Oyster start dating in Date of Emergency.
  • Billy and Nora use the trick of pretending to be one person again in On The Straight And Arrow to trick their parents into thinking that it was a Saturday.
  • Dr. Colosso's love for his costumes are a recurring theme throughout the show. In Parks & T-Rex, Max threatens to burn Dr. Colosso's costumes after figuring out that Colosso is lying about suffering from bunny fever.
  • Nora threatens Colosso's costumes in a similar way that Max threatened Nora's Bows in You Stole My Thunder, Man. Max would also threaten Colosso's costumes in Parks & T-Rex.
  • Hank and Barb have implied many times that Max is their least favorite kid.


  • The title of this episode is a parody of the movie “The Neverending Story”


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