The Thundermans Wiki

Following are the policies and guidelines for The Thundermans Wiki. All users should read the contents carefully before participating on the wiki, to be aware of what isn't allowed. If a staff finds that you are violating any of the following rules, an appropriate punishment (dependent of the staff member) will result.

General Rules

  1. Inappropriate language is strictly - We do not allow ANY use of profanity or inappropriate language as users who are young are viewing this wiki, as well as using inappropriate language can make other users feel uncomfortable or not welcome.
  2. Do not offend, bully, harass, and/or threaten users - Our wiki is all about being an open and safe place for everyone, but if you're offending, scaring, or putting down other users, it's probably not going feel safe, or welcome for them.
    • Do not use disturbing content  - Talking about disturbing topics (such as religions, gruesome stories, and other related topics) can make users feel uncomfortable, or not welcome.
  3. Stay on topic - Please stay on topic with the contents of the page that you are viewing. If you're on the Max Thunderman page, it's good to discuss the character on there (which includes of things that happened, future predictions, etc.). However, please do not talk about Disney Channel as it has nothing to do with Max Thunderman.
  4. Do not give away personal information - For security reasons, we recommend you (and prohibit you) from sharing personal information. This can lead to multiple other issues. If you (or someone you know) has posted personal information, please contact staff to get it removed immediately.
  5. Do not spam pages, comments, forums, message walls, etc. - Spamming pages, comments, forums, message walls, etc. can fill them up, and it can be hard to revert your contributions for spamming. Depending on how bad it is, you may be instantly blocked.
  6. Making unnecessary edits is prohibited - Making unnecessary edits (such as adding a comma and removing it or adding a period when there is no need for a period) will result in a warning and then a ban.
    • Do not add irrelevant categories to pages such as "Old Episodes", "Guest Star" etc. Only broad categories such as "Season 4 Episodes", "Episodes", etc. should be added.
  7. Do not vandalize pages - Our wiki is designed to be an encyclopedia for everything The Thundermans related. Being that said, we have over 100 pages filled with factual information from the show. We strictly prohibited any users from adding false information to pages, replacing the content with gibberish, removing content, etc. Depending on how bad the vandalism is, you may be instantly blocked.
  8. Do not bash - On the Phoebe and Link page, a conversation may be going, and one saying how the ship is stupid or how they're the worst couple ever can really create controversy.
  9. Do not go into the discussion if it does not concern you - It can be annoying when an admin is discussing a notice or a warning with a user, and another user comes in and starts defending, or even siding. If you do this, you will be given a warning yourself. If another admin feels the need to disagree, they may enter the conversation at that point.