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Come on Nora, let's go monkey shopping!

— Billy to Nora

This Looks Like a Job For... is the sixth episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans.


Max and Phoebe get signed up to get a job at "Wong's Pizza Palace" to get $200 each to buy a new, cool phone. Barb signs up for a cup stacking contest. Billy and Nora earn so much money at the cup stacking contest that they bought the expensive phone Max and Phoebe want.


Phoebe and Max Kissing Up To Hank.jpg

Main Plot:

Phoebe and Max are competing in the living room to see who loves Hank the most. They help cut his toenails, freeze-off his warts and even get a blanket, a pillow and a remote control for him. Hank excitedly tells Barb about how having kids is finally paying off but Barb tells him that they're probably just buttering him up for money. Both Max and Phoebe deny Barb's accusations. Hank tells them if they ever need anything they can always come to him.

Phoebe and Max Ready for Interview.jpg

However, when both twins ask for a new phone, Hank immediately shuts them down and asks them to never come to him again. Both Hank and Barb agree that the new MePhone is way too expensive and therefore if Max and Phoebe want it, they will have to work for it.

Phoebe, Max and Tyler

The following day, Max is making fun of Phoebe for dressing up like a nerd but when Phoebe reveals that she's going to Mrs. Wong's Pizza Palace for a job interview, Max quickly runs to the interview too. Phoebe follows him and they both arrive at Wong's at the same time. They find Mrs. Wong who turns out to be very mean. She also tells them that there is another kid, Tyler also interviewing.

Mrs. Wong, Phoebe and Max

Their interviews are not impressive at all but Mrs. Wong still hires Phoebe and Tyler. Right after being hired, Tyler sneezes really bad, which Mrs. Wong finds disgusting. She fires Tyler immediately and replaces him with Max. Back at home, the Thunder Twins tell their parents about getting the job but Barb is worried that they might not get along. Phoebe hopes Max will get fired. Barb's fear turns into reality when Max and Phoebe start their job at Wong's the following day. Mrs. Wong introduces them to the Wong-za 1000 pizza machine and explains how the process works. However, when she leaves the Thunder Twins mess up the pizza because they can't work together in harmony. Phoebe moves out some things so that she and her brother work from different stations. When Wong returns, she finds that they've blocked the door. Wong confronts them for not working in harmony. She also realizes that Max has been writing fake fortune cookie fortunes like "Some stuff will happen." She fires both Max and Phoebe.

Thunder Bump

After being fired, Phoebe and Max try to convince Wong to keep them because they've already been trained and it would take her long time to train new workers. Wong accepts and gets them back on condition that they have to work in harmony. Phoebe and Max are happy to get their job back. Phoebe and Max agree to work together, without using their powers. Phoebe even gets Max to bump it. After making the first successful pizza, they start singing in perfect harmony but the song ends up turning into an argument between the twins.

Phoebe takes Customer call

A customer calls Wong's ordering 150 pizzas. Phoebe says the order is too big, they should wait for Mrs. Wong but Max takes over the phone and says they will take the order. He explains to Phoebe that if they do all those pizzas, they will make all the money they need to buy their new phones in one day. Max lies to the customer that he is the manager and he even asks the customer to pay Pizza Artist Fee of $400. Max offers to have all the pizzas ready for the customer in 30 minutes. Phoebe is worried they won't be able to deliver and hence they could get fired. Max tells Phoebe that they can do it because they're Team Thundermans. He tells Phoebe to "bump it" which leaves Phoebe with no choice since it's a Thunder Twin thing.

Max and Phoebe Working Together.jpg

The Thunder Twins turn up the Wong-za pizza machine to speed up the process but the pizzas start moving too fast for them to handle. They try stopping the machine but it fails. Phoebe uses telekinesis to block pizza from flowing out of the machine. This turns out to be a temporary solution because it causes the machine to start building up pressure, ready to explode. When the twins realize that the machine is about to blow, they run outside. Mrs. Wong walks in right before the machine explodes. The machines spits out pizza all over the kitchen and covers Mrs. Wong with pizza dough.

Covered in pizza dough, Mrs. Wong calls out for Phoebe and Max and fires them for good this time.

Nora and Billy on MePhones

Max and Phoebe make a good team


Meanwhile, Billy and Nora are playing sports-stacking game outside in order to participate in a tournament and earn money. This was supposed to be a secret between Nora and Billy but Billy accidentally reveals their plan. Barb takes the cups back inside and starts stacking. Hank finds Billy and Nora's tournament card and he gives it to Barb so that she can participate in the contest. Billy and Nora follow their mom to the tournament to cheer her up but instead they start earning money from other people by betting on the winner. Barb gets scared by a little girl named Avery who was last year's champion. When Barb and Avery make it to the finals, Barb gets even more worried. Hank encourages her by reminding her that she is a superhero who has taken out many big villains and therefore he should think of Avery as a smaller version of the villains. Barb agrees to take Avery down after she calls Barb "grandma!" Nora bets against Barb in the finals. Barb loses to Avery and therefore Billy and Nora earn money from the bets. They use the money to buy new MePhones.

Max and Phoebe Take Noras's MePhones.jpg

Back at home, Phoebe and Max reflect on how they got fired twice in one day and how they make a great team... just before Billy and Nora walk in talking on their new MePhones. Max and Phoebe ask how the kids got new phones. Nora explains how they bet against their mom in the stacking contest. Since gambling is wrong, Phoebe and Max blackmail Billy and Nora to give them the new phones or they will tell their parents. So, they take away the phones for themselves. But Nora gets angry and melts the phones instantly with her laser powers, stating f she can't have them, nobody else can. Billy and Nora then go monkey shopping as Max and Phoebe desperately try to revive the phones as the episode ends.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Storm Reid as Avery
  • Jeff Marlow as Customer
  • Howard Chai as Curtis
  • Josh Douglas as Boy at competition
  • Aerin Ross as Speed Stacker



  • The scene where Max and Phoebe struggle to decorate pizzas due to the machine being too fast is similar to an episode of Drake & Josh called I Love Sushi where instead of decorating pizzas, is packaging sushi rolls.
    • Which in turn was based upon an episode of I Love Lucy called Job Switching. where instead of packaging sushi, is packaging chocolate.
  • This episode got 1.8 million views.
  • Dr. Colosso is absent in this episode, which marks the first absence of a main character.
    • This is also the first time Max's Lair is not seen.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mrs. Wong.
  • The MePhone is a parody of the iPhone.
  • The title is a parody of how superheroes usually say this looks like a job for... and then their name. (i.e. This looks like a job for Superman!)


Barb: (she and Hank go outside) Hey, guys. What are you up to?
Billy: Sport stacking. You upstack the cups and then you downstack 'em.
Hank: Is this a game or a chore?
Nora: It's just a game. We're not playing it for any reason.
Billy: I thought we were gonna win some sweet, sweet cash in the tournament.
Nora: (pulls Billy aside) Remember what I said after I explained the plan?
Billy: Uh, don't tell Mom and Dad?
Nora: Billy, meet Mom and Dad.

— Billy and Nora busted

Max: (he and Phoebe go inside; Hank and Barb go inside) You guys are looking at the two newest pizza artists at Wong's Pizza Palace.
Hank: Congratulations!
Barb: You both got a job at the same place?
Phoebe: Yep. Well, until Max gets fired.

— Max and Barb


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