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Alert! Alert! Parents approaching. Hide your pathetic attempt at an investigation.

— Thunder Monitor

Thunder Monitor is a smart home monitor used by The Thundermans mainly to alert them of approaching visitors so that they can prepare accordingly. But, it can also be used for other superhero purposes such as alerts, communication (especially with the superhero league) and video chats. It has also been shown to perform medical tasks such as diagnosis and treatment.

When not in use, the Thunder Monitor is disguised as part of the main table, with flowers and other objects placed above it. It can be activated by voice commands or by moving some of the objects in a particular way.

In Nowhere to Slide, it is shown that Max has a mini Thunder Monitor that sends an alert when Phoebe (and potentially other members of the Thunderman Family) comes into his lair.


  • Door Bell Alert - Starting from the first episode, Adventures in Supersitting, the Thunder Monitor was primarily used to alert the Thundermans of incoming non-supes to give them time to hide any superhero evidence.
  • Customizations - The Thunder Monitor can be customized to add new commands or detect new things. Max and Phoebe eventually programmed it to alert them of other things, including things like parents approaching.
  • Video Chatting - In The Weekend Guest, it was revealed that the monitor can be used for video chatting when Hank and Barb called home to check on the kids.
  • Speech Recognition - The Thunder Monitor can understand voice commands from the Thundermans. As seen in multiple episodes, such as Doppel-Gamers, the monitor can understand questions asked by voice.
  • Pregnancy Test - The Thunder Monitor can be used for pregnancy tests as seen in the special, A Hero Is Born  when it detects that Barb is pregnant.
    Thunder monitor - pink eye treatment.JPG
  • Medical Treatment - When Phoebe asks how to defeat Pink Eye in Doppel-Gamers, it initiates pink eye treatment. Phoebe wanted to know how to defeat Pink Eye, the character from the game the were playing.
  • Home Security - The monitor can also be used for security and defense. For example, in Original Prankster, Chloe has programmed it to initialize porch lasers when Mrs. Wong approaches.
  • Navigation - The Thunder Monitor can track where people are. In Report Card, when Hank asks where the newspaper bandit is, it tracks the bandit down.
  • Mood and Personality Detection - When alerting of approaching visitors, the thunder monitor can detect their mood or personalities and announce them. It has used terms like: angry nerds approaching, angry Cherry approaching, annoying neighbor approaching e.t.c
  • Home Automation - In Thundersense, the thunder monitor, activates "Training Mode" by moving all the furniture and lighting up the carpet with the Thundermans' "T" logo, ready for Thunder Training.
  • Other modes that appeared in Super Dupers when the Thunder Monitor malfunctioned after Nora lasered it.
    • Party Mode
    • Heavy Metal Mode
    • Heat Mode
    • Howler Party Mode
    • Yodel Mode
    • Wind Mode


  • The Thunder Monitor was stolen from the Thundermans' Home once in Stealing Home by Max who then sold it to Chainsaw. Chainsaw mistaking thought that it was a TV. and used it to announce specials for his new coffee shop, Game of Scones.
  • The Thunder Monitor is very expensive as revealed in Doppel-Gamers and also in Thundermans: Banished! where it said that it (along with the house) costs 3 million US dollars.
  • In "Super Dupers," Nora accidentally destroys the Thunder Monitor with her lasers causing it to malfunction. Dr. Colosso pretends to fix it but it turns out that he didn't really fix it. So, it continues malfunctioning until the parents find out. Hank fixes it after finding out what happened.