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We don't fight. We bicker. It's like arguing but cuter. And it doesn't mean I don't care about her. Phoebe and I will always be there for each other.

— Max about Phoebe

Phoebe: You again, girlfriend?
Max: Oh you got it!

— Phoebe and Max, Max's Minions

Thunder Twins is the twin/frenemy pairing of Phoebe and Max Thunderman. They are the first-born twins of Barb and Hank Thunderman and elder siblings of Nora, Billy and Chloe Thunderman.



Phoebe and Max-0.gif

Phoebe and Max have a very complex relationship. They prank and tease each other all the time; but when it matters, they always stick together. They have the same superpowers and abilities. They have the most powers among all the Thundermans family members. Most episodes explore the dynamics of their relationship. The term "Thunder Twins" has been used by Cherry and President Kickbutt but the twins try to deny the term every time.


Season 1

Adventures in Supersitting

Phoebe and Max - Sweet Moment

  • Max helps Phoebe to have her girls night with Cherry by pretending to be Phoebe and texting Cherry.
  • Phoebe says Max texted exactly what she would have written, meaning that Max knows Phoebe very well.
  • Both Max and Phoebe freeze Cherry
  • Max and Phoebe work together to save the day, despite Billy and Nora's concern that the twins can't work together.
  • The Thunder Twins admit they make a very good team.
  • It is revealed that Max beheaded Phoebe's dolls when they were five.

Phoebe vs. Max

Max and Phoebe in Bed in School.jpg

  • Phoebe and Max make fun of each other during the school picture day.
  • Max gives Phoebe a gift t-shirt that says "World's Greatest Sister"
  • Both Max and Phoebe are revealed to be great pranksters.
  • Max admits to Phoebe that he only wants to be a supervillain because Phoebe is too good at being a superhero. So, he'd rather be the best at being bad.
  • Phoebe and Max are about to die together when Max's Lair goes on a self-destruct mode.
  • Phoebe pranks Max by pretending to be Dark Mayhem and asking Max to wear a dress and a bra.
  • Max pranks Phoebe by carrying Phoebe to school while she was asleep and watching her as she sleeps and wakes up in school.
  • Both Phoebe and Max take a photo of each other during their embarrassing moments. Max takes a photo of Phoebe when she's in her bed while Phoebe takes a photo of Max while he's in a bra and a dress.
  • Phoebe saves Max's life and her life before Max's Lair self destructs.
  • At the end, Max agrees with Phoebe that pranking each other is completely behind them (albeit forced).

Dinner Party

  • Both Phoebe and Max want to date a brother and a sister, Cole and Tara Campbell.
  • They both get tongue-tied around their crushes.
  • The twins work together to save the day from Max's pranks.

Report Card

  • Phoebe and Max are both very smart at Math. Max only fails because he's lazy and hates school.
  • Max gets an answer wrong on purpose to let Phoebe win the Math Bowl because she cares more about it than him.
  • Phoebe likes Max's cotton candy.

Ditch Day

  • Max and Phoebe are the only ones who go to school on ditch day - although they do it for different reasons.
  • They both freeze their boring teacher so they can have fun together.
  • Phoebe and Max play with snowballs in the hallway alone all day.
  • The twins admit that they had fun together and Max tells Phoebe she is cool.
  • Phoebe hangs out in Max's Lair which surprises Nora and Billy.
  • They both break into school cafeteria together and later on break into the principal's office.

This Looks Like a Job For...

Phoebe and Max - Thunder Bump

  • Both Max and Phoebe compete to please Hank hoping that he will buy them new phones.
  • They both make fun of each other using accents.
  • When Phoebe applies for a job at Mrs. Wong's Pizza Palace, Max applies too. They both get the job and have to work together.
  • Phoebe and Max make "Thunder bump" a thing which they use as their version of fist bump
  • Together, the twins blackmail Billy and Nora into giving them their phones.

The Weekend Guest

  • Phoebe runs to Max when the Venus fly trap plant dies and also when it grows into her bedroom.
  • Max plots with Billy and Nora to steal Trevor from Phoebe so they can feed him.
  • The Thunder Twins work together to come up with a plan to defeat the evil plant.

You Stole My Thunder, Man

  • Max agrees to help Phoebe run for class president.
  • The twins get the most votes in the class election, which makes Phoebe Max's Vice President.
  • Phoebe admits that Max makes a good class president, after he steals and improves her ideas.
  • Phoebe feels bad for Max when Nora convinces her to hurt him.
  • Max admits to Flunky that if Phoebe feels bad, he feels bad too. So, he tries to save Phoebe from the exploding vending machine prank.
  • Both Max and Phoebe call each other "good president" which upsets the impatient Principal Bradford.
  • They both laugh at Principal Bradford when he falls for Max's prank.

Weird Science Fair

  • Phoebe and Max are revealed to be very smart at science and this is shown in multiple other episodes.
  • Both the Thunder Twins take over their younger siblings' science projects because they're both very competitive.
  • Max and Phoebe wrestle in Max's Lair, fighting over Nora and Billy's projects.
  • They both get kicked out of Billy and Nora's Science Fair for being a disgrace to the science community.

Crime After Crime

  • Phoebe keeps Max's secret when she discovers that he doesn't know how to ride a bike.
  • Phoebe feels bad when Max is accused of being the neighborhood vandal
  • Max freezes Phoebe when she sneaks up on him but when he realizes it's Phoebe, he unfreezes her.

Going Wonkers

Phoebe and Max.gif

  • Max and Phoebe can use their powers without going wonkers during the comet as long as they stay close together.
  • Cole is concerned that Phoebe wants to be close to Max all the time.
  • Phoebe decides to stay and help Max instead of going with Cole.
  • Phoebe helps Max win the dance-off.
  • Max helps Phoebe win Cole back.
  • Phoebe watches Max's dances posted online by Dr. Colosso.

Restaurant Crashers

  • The twins work together to fix the new car
  • Max and Phoebe dress up in cow costume together.


Phoebe's a Clone Now

  • Max creates a clone of Phoebe to help Phoebe with her activities.
  • Phoebe and Max work together to stop the clone Phoebe.
  • Max heads to the bake sale to warn Phoebe about her clone.

Have an Ice Birthday

  • This is the Thunder Twin's birthday.
  • At one point, they both say the same thing.
  • Both Max and Phoebe find their parents birthday traditions lame.
  • The twins agree to throw their own party together
  • Phoebe rescues Max from being beaten by the kids at the Dojo

Nothing to Lose Sleepover

  • Max steals 3D TV from Phoebe and Phoebe sabotages the TV's signal to Max's Lair so that Max can't use it either.
  • When Barb catches Phoebe using her superpowers for a sleepover game, Max advises her to put anti-superpower ankle bracelet on Phoebe so that she won't be able to use her powers.
  • Max makes a deal with Phoebe where Max disables Phoebe's ankle bracelet and Phoebe gives Max's tv signal back.
  • Max misses a once-in-a-lifetime wrestling match to help Phoebe when her powers malfunction because of the anti-power ankle bracelet.

Pretty Little Choirs

  • Max wants Phoebe to join the darkside and get revenge on Veronica for spitting on Phoebe.
  • Max prints t-shirts for Phoebe welcoming her to the darkside and gives her a handbook.
  • Phoebe gets furious at Max for betraying her trust and becoming Veronica's boyfriend instead of making her fail. But Max reminds Phoebe that there's no one to trust in the dark side.
  • Phoebe helps Max see that he's just one of many Veronica's tutor-boyfriends.
  • Max attends Phoebe's choir audition to help her get back at Veronica.

Paging Dr. Thunderman

  • Max admits to Billy that he cares a lot about Phoebe. They don't hate each other. They only bicker, which is cute. But when it matters, they will always be there for each other. Sisters are for life.
  • When Phoebe pretends to be a doctor and is forced to make a demonstration to the class, Max comes to the rescue and the twins tell everyone that they can't work without each other.

Up, Up, and Vacay

  • Phoebe and Max are the leaders of their respective teams.
  • They both cheat for their teams during the competition.

Breaking Dad

  • Max sits next to Phoebe in class to tell her his plan for an epic prank.
  • Both twins make fun of Mr. Begbeaudy calling him "Big Booty"
  • They prove to be very good at chemistry by working together to cover up for their sleeping dad during his review by Principal Bradford.

Season 2

Thunder Van

  • Max calls Phoebe's cell during dinner while they're on the same table.
  • Both Phoebe and Max make fun of their mother for being clueless about social media.
  • They both have the same instincts to sneak into their dad's Thunder Van.
  • The Thunder Twins are the first people over seen in the Thunder Van.
  • Max and Phoebe order food to eat together while in the van. They even share a toast.
  • Phoebe and Max want to be in the van alone and so they get angry at Billy and Nora for hiding in the van.
  • Max is proud of Phoebe for being irresponsible.
  • The twins work together, trying to find a way to save themselves and Billy and Nora from escaping the van.

Four Supes and a Baby

  • Both Phoebe and Max use Billy and Nora for their own personal gains.
  • There's a side by side split-screen where both Max and Phoebe are holding babies.

Max's Minions

  • Max joins Phoebe and her girlfriends during a cheer.
  • Max brags to Phoebe about how he's pranking Bradford.
  • Phoebe calls Max "girlfriend."
  • Phoebe gets the idea to use Nora and Billy as her minions after seeing Max with his minions.

Pheebs Will Rock You

  • Phoebe opens up to Max about her crush on Oyster and tries to get Max to hook them up.
  • Max doesn't want his sister dating his bandmate, because he cares about Phoebe and doesn't want her to get hurt by him.
  • Phoebe admits that Max was right about her and Oyster being incompatible.
  • Max shows Oyster pictures of Phoebe to prove that she is a good girl.
  • Max calls Phoebe cute by claiming that Phoebe and Oyster are the cutest couple.
  • Phoebe uses telekinesis to trick Oyster into rejoining Max's Band.

Haunted Thundermans

  • Max has a crush on Taylor Hathaway and yet he tells her that she reminds him of Phoebe.
  • After possessing Phoebe, the Green Ghoul isn't worried about fighting Max because it knows Max would never hurt his sister.
  • Max reveals that he bites Phoebe's ankles.
  • Phoebe and Max work together to save the day by using their Freeze Breath at the same time.

Shred It Go

  • Max helps Phoebe win concert tickets to MKTO.
  • Max lies to Phoebe about finding the concert tickets.
  • Max tries to apologize to Phoebe for hiding the concert tickets, but Phoebe brags to Max about getting a private concert from MKTO.
  • Phoebe takes a picture of Max with bird poop on his head and posts it online with the caption bird turd where it begins trending.

Blue Detective

  • When Max is turned blue, he turns Phoebe blue too so that they are both blue.
  • The blue Thunder Twins do a detective-style interrogation to pressure Billy and Nora into admitting they did it.
  • Max and Phoebe are both forbidden from being at Splatburger at the same time.

Cheer and Present Danger

  • Both Phoebe and Max struggle to be trusted by people they care about. Cherry doesn't trust Phoebe about the cheerleader sabotage and the Thundermans don't trust that Max didn't cheat in the pizza contest.
  • They both stare through the window together as they watch their dad confront the wild cats.
  • Phoebe is the only one who is not shown not believing that Max won.
  • This is the first episode where they don’t interact. Although they paid attention to each other twice.

Change of Art

  • Both Max and Phoebe use Billy to steal art.
  • Max helps Phoebe break into a museum to return the vase.
  • At the museum, Max and Phoebe pose as a king and his wife.
  • Initially, Phoebe wonders how Max is so good at art even though they're supposed to be the same because they're twins.
  • Max tells Phoebe that the break in will increase his followers on evil gram.
  • Max and Phoebe sit next to each other in art class.
  • Phoebe is jealous of Max getting all the praise for his art masterpieces.

Winter Thunderland

  • Phoebe decorates Max's Lair for Christmas and wishes him Merry Christmas eve before bed.
  • The Spirit of Christmas Past, Present and Future come to Max's dreams in form of Phoebe to convince him not to ruin Christmas.
  • In the alternate future timeline, Max is proud of Phoebe for turning evil like him.
  • Past Phoebe and Max sit on Max's bed at the same time.
  • Future Phoebe reveals to Max that they no longer do the twin Thunder bump in the future. Instead, they mind-text.
  • Phoebe is proud of Max for saving Christmas as she is the only one in the family determined to give Max Christmas spirit.

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

  • Max and Phoebe are invited to the same party.
  • They both try to sneak out to the party by dressing in breakaway clothes.
  • Phoebe sneaks into Max's bedroom to give him the idea of tweaking the BrainMelt-3000 to turn their parents into teenagers.
  • They are both grossed out by their parents kissing.

Meet the Evilmans

  • Phoebe and Max are hanging out together at Splatburger.
  • Max helps hook up Phoebe with Link.
  • Phoebe hangs out in Max's Lair as they look up who Link is.
  • Once again, Max texts exactly like Phoebe as shown in Adventures in Supersitting.

The Neverfriending Story

Max and Phoebe

  • Both Max and Phoebe work together sabotage their friends from becoming a group.
  • Phoebe hangs out in Max's Lair while babysitting Nora and Billy.
  • The twins agree to freeze their little siblings, Billy and Nora.
  • They both get mad at Dr. Colosso when he advises them that their plan to freeze the kids is terrible.
  • Phoebe and Max go to the movies together and sit next to each other.
  • Max rubs butter on Phoebe's butt to make her slippery so that she can slide through the window.
  • They both agree to ditch their friends and get new ones.
  • Their friends as well as Hank and Barb agree that it's cute when Max and Phoebe fight.

You've Got Fail

  • Max sneaks up on Phoebe while she's sleeping to steal her phone.
  • Phoebe shows off her ballet skills in front of Max.
  • Both Phoebe and Max have a ballet dance-off on stage as white swan and black swan respectively.
  • The Thunder Twins make fun of each other while competing for space to film their videos.
  • Phoebe buys Max a piece of land for Maxlandia after winning the chirper video contest.

Doubles Trouble

  • Phoebe goes to Max for help with her tennis practice.
  • The Thunder Twins agree to cheat during the tennis tournament.
  • Phoebe has kept a picture of Max as Thunder-slam for all these years which she uses to blackmail him.
  • Max turns on Phoebe, resulting in a big competition between the twins.

Who's Your Mommy

  • When nervous, both Max and Phoebe use a fake voice when their mom calls them from the attic.
  • The twins spend a lot of time tied together back to back with the Electress whip.
  • Max convinces Phoebe to dress up as Electress in order to get the whip back from a fan.
  • They both admit they are terrible kids because they barely know anything about their mom's life as Electress.
  • Phoebe and Max offend Billy and Nora because first they let the younger kids do all the work, then they suggested yard sale but bailed on it.

The Amazing Rat Race

  • Max and Phoebe agree to turn their little sibling, Billy, into a rat for their personal gains.
  • Phoebe wants Max's Band to perform at the school dance she's in charge of and Max wants to perform there too regardless of his bandmates rejections.
  • Both twins fall on the rat traps and end up with splinters all over their body.

Mall Time Crooks

Max Holding Phoebe.jpg

  • Phoebe and Max go to the mall together.
  • They both have similar instincts to text/call their friends to hang out with them.
  • Both Max and Phoebe get busted for stealing in the mall.
  • The Thunder Twins are kicked out of the mall for life.
  • It is shown that like Max, Phoebe has her moments of coming up with a super-complex ridiculous plan even when there is a simpler solution. Max has been shown to do this in multiple episodes.
  • Max decides to help Phoebe get Hank's watch back.
  • After seeing Max with the security guard Phoebe walks out of the store with a vest putting Max before herself.

It's Not What You Link

  • Phoebe wants her brother, Max to be friends with her boyfriend, Link.
  • When Max's Evil Brotherhood members mistake Phoebe for an intruder from the Light Side, he tries to defend Phoebe but Phoebe proves that she can take care of herself.
  • Phoebe calls Max "nerd" which Max has called Phoebe multiple times, meaning that the Thunder Twins think of each other as a nerd.

Cape Fear

  • Max and Phoebe are invited to the same rooftop party and sneak out together.
  • Max keeps Phoebe's secret of sneaking to the party so that she doesn't get punished and denied the cape.
  • Phoebe promises to give Max access to Hero League weapons once she gets the superhero cape. She is willing to sacrifice her moral judgement for Max.

Call of Lunch Duty

Max and Phoebe after Wrestling

  • Max is willing to compromise his secret identity as the Rebel Raptor just so that Phoebe can get a cover story.
  • Phoebe keeps Max's Rebel Raptor identity a secret even if that means getting the worst punishment in school.
  • Max helps Phoebe track and get dirt on Principal Bradford for blackmail to end Phoebe's punishment.
  • Phoebe jumps into a wrestling match to help Max win... which is usually illegal in wrestling matches.
  • Principal Bradford says he hates both Max and Phoebe.

One Hit Thunder

  • Max sneaks into Phoebe's bedroom in a giant teddy bear... to read her diary.
  • Max gives up an opportunity for his band to perform at Splatburger when he sees that Phoebe is hurting.
  • Max sings for Phoebe as an apology.
  • Max looks to Phoebe for inspiration in writing a new song.

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu

Phoebe Teamed up With Max.jpg

  • Both Phoebe and Max get kicked out of their group projects and are forced to work together.
  • Max is inspired by Phoebe's advise that it's better to try and fail than not to try at all; and therefore he creates the best project and proudly gives Phoebe credit for it
  • Max sits next to Phoebe in government class and whispers to her, manipulating her decision on which team to choose.
  • Max holds Phoebe during the presentation.
  • Phoebe is the only one who suspects Max is lying about what the Chinese characters really mean.

A Hero Is Born

  • Phoebe saves Max from evil villains, even if that means exposing their family secret to Cherry.
  • Max and Phoebe have a cute argument about what the gender of the baby will be. Phoebe wants it to be a girl and Max wants the baby to be a boy. Phoebe wins when Chloe is born but Max promises to turn her evil too.
  • They both laugh at their father being thrown down their stairs by their mom's lightning.
  • Phoebe and Max go together to beg Dr. Colosso to help deliver the baby.
  • Max and Phoebe fight King Crab together.

Season 3

Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel

Phoebe Rubs It In Max's Face.jpg

  • Max is hurt because Phoebe keeps bragging about saving him.
  • The Thunder Twins make a deal where Max would keep committing crimes while Phoebe practices stopping him.

On The Straight And Arrow

  • Cherry calls Max and Phoebe "Thunder Twins"
  • Both Max and Phoebe compete for Cherry as their friend, although Max just wants to use her for her car.
  • The Thunder Twins get Cherry in trouble for shooting Principal Bradford's toe.
  • They both sneak into detention, which only gets Principal Bradford angrier.

Why You Buggin'?

  • Phoebe asks Max to go on a date with her and Link to help prove that Quinn is evil. When Max refuses, Phoebe tricks him by blowing ice-cream fumes into Max's Lair, making him crave ice-cream.
  • Phoebe wants Max to date Quinn, hoping that will keep her away from Phoebe.
  • Max shows Phoebe how hot and handsome he is when preparing for the date.

Exit Stage Theft

  • Phoebe tells Max that has a heart and therefore couldn't have stolen Cherry's laptop
  • When Max gets beaten up by the bad girls, he wishes Phoebe was there to help him out.
  • The Thunder Twins join forces to fight the bad girls together
  • Phoebe sings a solo for Max's band during the school talent show.

Are You Afraid of the Park?

Thunder Twins - Thunder Bump
  • Both Max and Phoebe are afraid of riding Thunderman The Ride.
  • When scared, the Thunder Twins hold each other saying "Never again! Never again!"
  • Phoebe and Max team up to sabotage Billy and Nora's chances of going for the ride by making them fight each other.
  • The twins fist bump and happily sing together after ruining the family's trip to the park.
  • Max and Phoebe are not comfortable being Billy and Nora's new friends because Nora keeps hurting Phoebe while Max has to feed thoughts to Billy.
  • The Thunder Twins trick Billy and Nora into coming to the driveway so that Chloe can teleport them to the park.

Evil Never Sleeps

  • Max winks at Phoebe and admits that he has a problem.
  • Phoebe gets Max's work coat and tie and puts a camera on it.


  • Phoebe and Max are playing video games together and don't want Billy and Nora to interfere.
  • The twins ditch their young siblings, Billy and Nora so that they can go hang out together.
  • Max pretends to be Phoebe's little son to trick the guard to let the twins inside without a young kid. It doesn't work out.
  • They agree to steal the employee uniform to get inside.
  • They eventually use their powers to help Billy and Nora cheat and beat Cybron's unbeatable game.

Floral Support

  • Phoebe introduces Max to Allison and explains how the "Max and Phoebe thing" works.
  • Phoebe and Max have a sweet moment after sneaking into Bradford's office where Phoebe tells Max how grateful she is that he is willing to help.
  • Max feels so guilty for upsetting Phoebe that he walks out on Dark Mayhem.
  • Max helps Phoebe and the Green Teenz take down Principal Bradford.
  • Max begs Phoebe to slap the book out of his hands as a sign of forgiveness because he can't live with Phoebe being mad at him.

Patch Me If You Can

  • Phoebe brags to Harris that she owns Max's Lair.
  • Phoebe and Max work together to stop Harris after he's turned evil by an eyepatch.

No Country for Old Mentors

  • Max helps Phoebe ditch Hank and get Tech Rider as her superhero mentor.
  • While trying to steal the motorbike, Max unknowingly sets it in motion while Phoebe is on it.

Date Expectations

Max and Phoebe - Date Expectations.jpg

  • Phoebe sets up Max with Allison on a date and even offers to pay for it.
  • Allison calls out both Max and Phoebe for both being manipulative and selfish, willing to do anything to get what they want no matter who gets hurt.
  • Both Phoebe and Max join Allison to fight the rest of the class.
  • Phoebe puts Max in a helium balloon to get back at him but it turns out to be fun for Max.

He Got Game Night

  • It is revealed that Max and Phoebe are always on the same team during the family game night.
  • Phoebe gets jealous when Max ditches her for Allison, so she uses the Animalizer to turn Dr. Colosso human to sabotage Max's team.
  • Phoebe starts off family fight by beating Max with a pillow and signalling him to hit her back.
  • When Allison storms out, Phoebe convinces Max to go after her.
  • Hank and Barb take advantage of Phoebe and Max fighting to win the game.

Kiss Me Nate

  • Phoebe struggles to get the lead role and humiliates herself in a school play in order to help Max by making sure Allison doesn't win the lead role and kiss someone else.
  • Max teaches Phoebe how to act despite Dr. Colosso's resentments that Phoebe can't act.
  • During Phoebe's audition, Max hides in the stage to help her but when Phoebe gets angry and confronts him loudly, her argument is mistaken for an audition monologue and therefore she wins the lead role.
  • Phoebe closes Max's eyes during the long kiss scene so that he doesn't have to see his girlfriend kissing someone else.

Dog Day After-School

Phoebe and Max Armpit Fungus.jpg

  • Max and Phoebe work together to help Billy and Nora get Barb's tablet back.
  • Max (along with Billy and Nora) calls Phoebe "Mom Junior."
  • They turn Cousin Blobbin's Doggin into a human and cover it up.
  • They prove that they're both great at comeback when Max makes Phoebe say that she's expecting a call about armpit fungus, then Phoebe says it's for Max.

Chutes and Splatters

  • Both Phoebe and Max sneak in back home late for curfew.
  • Max tricks Phoebe into confronting Barb alone about the curfew rules, which gets Phoebe grounded. She gets more grounded when Max pretends that Phoebe woke him up.
  • Phoebe takes Simone out to Max's Band concert.
  • They come up with a plan to save Simone.
  • Both twins get stuck in the tubes at Splatburger.

Can't Spy Me Love

  • Phoebe is determined to save the unlucky guy mistaken for a criminal by the Hero League's Strike Team but she stops when she realizes it was Max all along.
  • Phoebe feels the need to help Max escape the league even though she's disappointed.

Beat The Parents

  • Max asks Phoebe to talk to Allison's parents on his behalf so that they will think he's good too because they're twins.
  • Phoebe fights in the wrestling ring for Max and Allison's relationship, which makes Allison wonder why Phoebe is the one fighting for them.
  • Phoebe tells Max that she cares a lot about him and Allison and would do anything to see them stay together.

Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs

  • Phoebe is jealous that Chloe likes Max more than her.
  • When Chloe teleports Max away, Phoebe gets so worried losing him that she makes an alternate ending to her story to convince Chloe that Max is good too.

Aunt Misbehavin'

  • Phoebe and Max agree not to get along for their mom's birthday gift.
  • The Thunder Twins go to Metroburg together to track down their aunt Mandy.
  • Max is hurt when Phoebe doesn't attend his band's gig because it means a lot to him that his sister is there for him.
  • Both Max and Phoebe have an argument during which they both try to freeze each other.
  • Phoebe gets Max's band to play outside their house.

Stealing Home

  • Max asks Phoebe to make his bed after turning her into a private butler as part of his blackmail.
  • Max is jealous of Phoebe for spending more time with Hank.
  • Max recounts a variety of moments that Phoebe and Hank spent together.

Back To School

Back to school - max and phoebe trapped.jpg

  • Phoebe and Max are both forced to go back to SASS to take a power-assessment test they missed.
  • The Thunder Twins are paired together for the test (which seems unfair to the little kids).
  • They destroy the robot in order to pass their first test together.
  • Both twins sacrifice their grade and work together to save their enemy.
  • They sit next to each other in the class.
  • Phoebe and Max swap their lunches before going to SASS.

Thundermans: Secret Revealed

  • When Dark Mayhem asks Max to take Phoebe's powers, Max doesn't want to do it at first.
  • Phoebe apologizes for accidentally taking away Max's powers.
  • The Thunder Twins have their first real fight during junior prom.
  • Phoebe is the one who convinces Max to choose to be a superhero
  • Max apologizes to Phoebe for every bad thing he's ever done to her.
  • They take their promo photos together.
  • Max and Phoebe are the only ones who keep their original powers.
  • They both officially become superheroes.
  • In the alternate ending, President Kickbutt calls them the "Thunder Twins" but they both try to deny it, resulting in their usual arguing.

Season 4

Happy Heroween

  • Both Phoebe and Max want to go to a halloween party together
  • Max says that he and Phoebe have a tradition of ditching the rest of the family.
  • The Thunder Twins are the only ones not scared by any of Dr. Colosso's spooky stories.

Thundermans: Banished!

  • Phoebe loves Max's moisturizer and says he's glowing.
  • Max tries to prove that he's almost as good a superhero as Phoebe.
  • Phoebe and Max's competition causes them to destroy Splatburger but they both enjoy messing with Mrs. Wong.
  • When Max gets a call from Dr. Colosso about Candi's evil plans, he only tells Phoebe instead of telling the rest of the family to help.
  • Both Phoebe and Max travel back to Hiddenville to save their city and friends, risking losing their powers which is what a real superhero would do.
  • Max commits to being a superhero just like Phoebe.
  • In this episode, Phoebe starts training Max to become a better superhero just like her.
  • Currently they are being considered for the Hero League's most elite team of superheroes, called the Legendary Z Force as a team which we all hope will be called the Thunder Twins

Smells Like Team Spirit

  • Phoebe and Max are training together to join the Z-Force.
  • Max builds a treehouse for him and Phoebe to be hanging out together as their team headquarters.
  • Phoebe makes a mannequin of Max and carries it around for training.
  • The Thunder Twins save one another using telekinesis when the treehouse falls down.

Max to the Future

  • Max and Phoebe are working to submit their special skills to the Z-Force together
  • Phoebe laughs at Max's gadget inventions which usually backfire, but is willing to let Max get into Z-Force with just Phoebe's skills.
  • Max shows off his new gadget to Phoebe while Phoebe shows off her skills to him.
  • Max is worried of how Phoebe might be disappointed if she finds out that the CrimeCaster doesn't work
  • Phoebe is proud of Max's inventions when the crimecaster works.
  • The Thunder Twins are captured together by gold-smuggling criminals.

Better Off Wed

  • Phoebe asks Billy to spy on Max to keep him in his lair so that he doesn't ruin the parents' wedding.
  • The twins search for Dr. Colosso together.
  • Max suggests Phoebe putting on a wedding dress to fake the wedding and trick Dr. Colosso.
  • Both Phoebe and Max (and their siblings) are turned into animals by Dr. Colosso.

Parks & T-Rex

  • Phoebe and Max realize that they're spending too much time together, training for Z-Force and no time for their family.
  • They both miss Chloe's preschool graduation party.

Date of Emergency

  • Phoebe feels left out since Max is dating Allison while her best friend Cherry is dating Oyster.
  • Phoebe wants to triple-date with Max and their friends. So, she fakes a relationship with Gideon.
  • Max is worried when he thinks Phoebe might be in trouble. So, he comes back to save her.
  • Allison concludes that Max cares about Phoebe.

Orange is the New Max

  • Both Max and Phoebe make a pact to not eat unhealthy foods like cupcakes as part of their [Z-Force]] training.
  • When President Kickbutt invites Max to be a model for evil kids, Phoebe thinks Max would make a good hair model instead.
  • Phoebe says she believes in Max even when Dr. Colosso insists that Max hanging out with evil kids will turn him evil again. However, she breaks when Dr. Colosso shows him a security video of Max eating cupcakes.
  • Phoebe follows Max to the Metroburg Junior Juvenile Jail to keep an eye on him so that he doesn't turn evil.
  • Phoebe gets offended when the evil kids keep calling her Max's mom instead of his twin sister.
  • Max pretends to turn on Phoebe so that the kids can trust him and he can use that as a distraction to save Phoebe.
  • Phoebe and Max fight the evil kids together.
  • Max promises Phoebe that he keeps his promises and even admits to eating the cupcakes.

Ditch Perfect

  • When Phoebe realizes that Max is going to be kicked out of his own band, she tries to make things right with the band and gets Max back in - though it turns out Max wanted to be kicked out on purpose.
  • The Thunder Twins work together to try to get Max kicked out of the band.
  • Max forces the band to let Phoebe join, claiming that if they can't let Phoebe in, then they have to let him go.

May Z-Force Be With You

  • Max is worried that Phoebe goes out of her way to help Cherry.
  • When Phoebe gets hurt, she and Max work together to train Cherry to pretend to be Phoebe for the Z-Force interview.
  • Max admits that he needs Phoebe when he gets stuck at Metroburg trying to save the tubes with Cherry.
  • Phoebe puts a lot of effort to get to Metroburg to help Max.
  • At Metroburg, Phoebe keeps recording Max talking to make ringtones out of it.

21 Dump Street

  • Phoebe stands by Max and tries to cheer him up after Allison breaks up with him.
  • When Max Freeze Breath falls short, Phoebe gets very worried for him.
  • Phoebe works hard to set up Max with Molly, as a replacement for Allison.
  • Max and Phoebe work together to get Dr. Colosso back from Principal Bradford after he's stolen by Molly for pet adoption.
  • Max is so worried of Phoebe getting busted by Bradford that it reactivates his powers to save her.
  • Phoebe helps Max get over his depression after the break up with Allison and move on.

Super Dupers

  • Max and Phoebe are both wearing gifts they got for each other. Max had got Phoebe an ugly bracelet and Phoebe had got him an ugly sweater.
  • The Thunder Twins try to save Gideon from Bradford.
  • They both actively shout insults at Bradford during gym.
  • Both get "tele-cramps" for using telekinesis too much to help Gideon.
  • They go undercover as supervillains to steal the bracelet back from Gideon.
  • They use telekinesis to levitate each other in the air, hiding from Gideon and Bradford.

Come What Mayhem

  • The Thunder Twins are interviewed by one of Metroburg's best TV personality, Anderson Super, even though he ends up using only the footage of Max's interview.
  • Phoebe is disappointed that Max didn't give her credit for always being by his side and saving his butt during the evil phase. Max later admits that he only fails to tell anyone else about it because it's embarrassing.
  • When Max tells Phoebe about his stink bomb prank during Supe Awards, the twins keep it a secret between the two of them as they figure out a way to stop it.
  • Both Max and Phoebe react the same way when President Kickbutt catches them sneaking into the basement together.
  • When Phoebe tells Max that there's something she has to do, Max thinks she wants to use the bathroom, as if she would use it in front of him.
  • Max is disappointed that Phoebe risked herself by absorbing Dark Mayhem's powers and for not believing in his gadgets.
  • Phoebe asks Max to be the lookout as she returns her powers to the orb but Max walks away because he's disappointed in his sister.

Thunder in Paradise

  • When Phoebe starts having scary nightmares, she goes to Max for help but Max is still mad at her for using Dark Mayhem's Orb.
  • In Hawaii, Max asks Phoebe to take photos of him kite surfing so that he can impress girls.
  • Max is worried when Phoebe leaves Billy in danger. So he runs after her to figure out what's wrong.
  • Max gets the rest of the family to help save Phoebe.
  • When Nora gets mad at evil Phoebe, Max defends Phoebe saying that it's not her. It's Dark Mayhem's evil powers and they need to save her.
  • Evil Phoebe tells Max that he should have stayed evil, but Max reminds her that she was the reason he turned good
  • After saving Phoebe, Max is the first one to run to her and get her up.
  • Phoebe apologizes to Max for acting as if she didn't need his help; and thanks him for saving her.
  • Max is worried for Phoebe's life when she asked to be lowered to the lava to freeze it from erupting.
  • Phoebe and Max save the world together by working hand-in-hand to freeze the volcano lava.
  • The Thunder Twins are okay again and they go back to their usual bickering.

Save the Past Dance

  • Phoebe and Max get library books together to read the history of Hiddenville.
  • Max shows off and brags about his perfect hair "swoosh" to Phoebe.
  • The twins work together to travel to the past to ruin Heinrich's perfect attendance; they later work together to fix his hate for superheroes.
  • In the past, Max uses telekinesis to help young Heinrich Hiddenville III dance with Phoebe.

Z's All That

  • Phoebe tells Max they're on "Thunder Twin" orange alert, after which it's revealed that they have developed their own Thunder Twin color alert system.
  • They work together without their usual fighting and agree on pretty much everything while choosing and training their "Lil Z"
  • They both get trapped under the giant pizza.
  • Chloe has action figures of Phoebe and Max.

Can't Hardly Date

  • Phoebe's friend, Sarah has been trying to date Max for years; and Max's friend, Gideon has been trying to date Phoebe for years. But both Phoebe and Max find Gideon and Sarah to be annoying.
  • The Thunder Twins work together to get rid of Sarah and Gideon by setting them up with one another.
  • Phoebe stands and watches Max kissing a mirror and she gets so close that Max can see Phoebe's face in the mirror while kissing it.
  • Max and Phoebe have a food fight when Phoebe goes in disguise as a chef to stop Max from ruining trying to date Sarah.
  • Mark McGrath assumes both Phoebe and Max want to date Gideon.

Revenge of the Smith

  • Phoebe and Max do a long, special Thunder Twin handshake dance to celebrate their first mural in front of their parents.
  • Max says Phoebe's grandkids will think he was handsome.
  • They both want to take a sneak peek of the mural before it's unveiled.
  • Max and Phoebe work together to try to get Smith to change her mind.
  • Smith makes the Thunder Twins go to revenge prom and dance together, in the same dress.

Nowhere to Slide

  • When the girls are making fun of how the boys can't survive in the wilderness, Phoebe specifically picks on Max.
  • When Max accidentally burns overheats his hair, Phoebe saves it using her Freeze Breath.
  • Phoebe sneaks to watch her show in Max's bedroom (and on Max's computer) instead of her own.
  • Max looks strangely at Phoebe when she sings along to the theme song of Best Chefs Forever.
  • Max refuses to surrender to the girls about surviving outdoors because he doesn't want Phoebe to tease him.

Make it Pop Pop

  • The Thunder Twins hang out together (with Pop Pop) while the rest of the kids are out with Nana.
  • Phoebe is jealous of Max being Pop Pop's favorite.
  • Both Max and Phoebe are concerned for Dr. Colosso when Pop Pop finds out that Max is hiding Colosso.
  • Phoebe is very worried for Max when Pop Pop sends him to the Detention Zone.
  • Phoebe takes a risky move to sneak into the Detention Zone just so she can save Max.

Side-Kicking and Screaming

  • Max and Phoebe spend so much time together training that they don't even realize the day is gone and it's almost dinner time.
  • Assista-Boy calls them "Thunder Twins" repeatedly and they no longer seem to mind.
  • They secretly turn Assista Boy into their sidekick without their parents authorization.
  • The twins share a sidekick for a while, before they start fighting over him.
  • When Assista Boy turns into a sad monster, Phoebe and Max help each other to stop the monster.

Cookie Mistake

  • Max keeps praising Phoebe so that she can take him to Sweet Gam Gam's Cookie Palace.
  • Max calls Phoebe "my dear"
  • Max says he has a picture of his sister Phoebe picking a wedgie.
  • Nora tells Max that he is becoming so much like Phoebe these days that it's hard to tell them apart.
  • Max feels bad for Phoebe and convinces Nora to be honest and tell Sweet Gam Gam the truth.

All the President's Thunder-Men

  • The twins come from patrolling together.
  • Both Max and Phoebe keep pressuring President Kickbutt with their frivolous requests until she can't take it anymore. She quits.
  • The twins later work together to get Kickbutt to take her job back.

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderhome

  • When Max moves out, Phoebe wants him to come back to their house.
  • Max and Phoebe move out to live together at Grandpa Giddy's house where there are no rules.
  • Phoebe shares her spicy peppers with Max after discovering the pepper's effects on her fire breath.
  • The twins accidentally set Grandpa Giddy's house on fire.

The Thundredth

  • Phoebe and Max want to have an epic movie made about their hundredth save.
  • The twins hang out together at Splatburger.
  • Together they save their family from Professor Meteor.
  • They both have the instinct to save Chloe's cupcake, which becomes their hundredth save.


  • The Thunder Twins are the only ones who notice that the day is repeating itself.
  • Max and Phoebe hang out together the whole day and even go to Splatburger together where they refuse to help Mrs. Wong.
  • When the twins try breaking the time loop by having fun, they have fun adventure and celebrate together the entire time.
  • Phoebe helps Max get over his fear of whether they'd make it to the Z-Force championships.

The Thunder Games

  • The twins qualify for Z-Force championships and work together to take out their enemies.
  • Max and Phoebe bump their butts together hoping to activate their twin powers.
  • Neither Max nor Phoebe wants to fight the other when the head of the Z-Force tells them that only one of them can make it.
  • Phoebe fakes injury on purpose to let Max win the Z-Force spot.
  • Max is willing to sacrifice his Z-Force chance to save Phoebe and the rest of the family from The Gamer.
  • Phoebe and Max touch each other, filled with emotions, causing their twin power to activate.
  • The Thunder Twins become the new co-heads of the Z-Force and rename it to T-Force after hiring the rest of the family.

Powers and Abilities


  • Telekinesis: ability to move things with their minds.
  • Heat Breath: ability to generate heat through their mouth.
  • Freeze Breath: ability to generate a cold breath that can freeze or cool down things.
  • Thundersense: ability to sense danger before it happens.

Powers Achieved Together

  • Freeze Breath > Stone Transformation: In Haunted Thundermans, Phoebe and Max turned the Green Ghoul into stone.
  • Telekinesis > Telekinetic Combustion/Explosion: When manipulating an objects together, a common effect is telekinetic combustion where the object explodes and/or breaks into multiple pieces. This was seen in Weird Science Fair.

Other Abilities

  • They are both excellent in hand-to-hand combat skills.
  • They're both very intelligent in math and sciences.



Phoebe and max eating.gif

  • Max in his evil outfit

    They are twins and therefore have the same birthday and age.
  • They both have received their Hero League superhero cape.

    Max and Phoebe in their Thunderman family supersuits

  • They have the same super-powers and abilities.
  • They both went through Evil Phases . Max was aspiring to be a supervillain until the end of Secret Revealed, choosing to become a superhero. Phoebe begun hers when she took Dark Mayhem's powers from the orb in Come What Mayhem and was unable to return them. She continued it in Thunder in Paradise when she tried to complete Mayhem's plans to take over the world. Max later removed Mayhem's powers and Phoebe returned to normal.
  • They both have assisted Dark Mayhem, Max during his evil phase and Phoebe in Thunder in Paradise.
  • They both can be quite bossy at times.
  • They are both very intelligent in math and science.
  • They are both superior in hand-to-hand combat and fighting skills.
  • They are both good at pranking.

    Phoebe in her evil outfit

  • They both like teasing each other.
  • They are both somewhat jealous of each other for different reasons. Max's jealousy of Phoebe's greatness of being a superhero is what drove him to want to be a supervillain. Even when he becomes a superhero, he is jealous that Phoebe gets all the recognition and respect and he barely gets any. Phoebe also mentioned that she was jealous of Max in Cheer and Present Danger, but her reason was not mentioned.
  • They both at have manipulated their siblings for their own personal gains.
  • They are both very competitive.
  • They are both scared of the ride Thunderman the Ride.
  • They help each other with their romantic relationships.
  • They had a crush on siblings, Cole and Tara Campbell.
  • They sit next to each other in all of their classes as far as we've seen.
  • They both hangout in the same places.
  • They both have had moments with each other's best school friend. Phoebe had a crush on Oyster in Pheebs Will Rock You, and they temporarily dated. Max did not want Oyster and Phoebe to date. Max and Cherry had best friend moments in On The Straight And Arrow, when Max used his powers to help Cherry while Phoebe was keeping them safe. However, Max only wanted to use Cherry for her car. Phoebe felt really jealous of their relationship.
  • They are allergic to cats.
  • They both hate and are hated by Principal Bradford and Mrs. Wong.
  • They both are not very close to Chloe.
  • They both hate having to babysit Billy and Nora.
  • Both had their best relationships end in a similar way. Link had to move to Hong Kong to become its new protector while Allison moved to start working with the Earth Corps.
  • It is suggested that Super President Kickbutt didn't originally trust them in Hiddenville High, so she sent Evan undercover to keep an eye on them.
  • They both love their hair


  • Phoebe is usually very friendly, while Max isn't always very friendly.
  • Phoebe is a lot more serious with everything while Max is more laid-back.
  • Phoebe Thunderman is much more serious about short-term problems, the concrete and what happens at a specific time, but Max is more serious about the future and about the possibilities that a situation could offer: he has shown himself to be a very turbulent character throughout the series.
  • Phoebe loves school, while Max hates school.
  • Phoebe hates failing but Max is okay with it.
  • Max is (was) a musical person, while Phoebe isn't.
  • Max is good at art while Phoebe is terrible at art.
  • Phoebe uses her super intelligence in school while Max uses it to build gadgets.
  • Phoebe tries to do a lot more things outside of school and being a superhero than Max.
  • Phoebe looks up to Hank and Barb a lot more than Max does.
  • Max hangs out with Billy and Nora quite a lot more than Phoebe does.
  • Max can keep secrets, Phoebe often can't.
  • Max views Dr. Colosso as his best friend while Phoebe thinks very poorly of him.
  • When Phoebe and Link were in a relationship, Link and Max hated each other and Max was very mean to him. However, when Max and Allison were in a relationship, Phoebe was very nice to Allison and they were friends. Max actually has Phoebe to thank for starting that relationship.
  • Phoebe took her breakup with Link a lot better than Max did with Allison.
    • Technically, Phoebe reacted the same way as Max when Link broke up with her in One Hit Thunder. Their final break up was mutual and they only did it because of distance, so it's expected that she would take it well.
  • Phoebe is more than willing to admit that she loves and cares for Max. However, Max has never liked to admit, especially in front of Phoebe, that he also loves and cares for her.

Relationship With Other People

  • Billy and Nora - Max and Phoebe repeatedly use Billy and Nora for their own personal gains. Max has sometimes acted like a role model to Billy and Nora, and he hangs out with them quite a bit. Phoebe doesn't really hang out with them that much, but she is quite nice to them when they do. All four kids have been shown to have some fun together.
  • Barb and Hank - The twins make fun of their parents wherever they get a chance - and they always stick together to fool their parents. They also think that they both have somewhat of a lame personality. However, Phoebe really looks up to them, and Max somewhat does as well. Both Hank and Barb clearly like Phoebe more than Max, however that is mostly because Max was wanting to be a supervillain, and they both have been warming up to Max a lot since he chose to become a superhero.
  • Chloe - Neither twin really talks to her that much. However, both try to be her favorite sibling, and they use her to teleport them to many places.
  • Dr. Colosso - They both have a lot of interactions with him. Max thinks of Dr. Colosso as his best friend, as does Colosso. Phoebe greatly dislikes him, and Colosso hates Phoebe.
  • Principal Bradford - He hates the Thunder Twins. He has said several times that he hates their family - Call of Lunch Duty, On The Straight And Arrow. They think he is lame as well, and they hate him.
  • Mrs. Wong - She cannot stand Max and Phoebe since the first time they met when she was interviewing them for a job - This Looks Like a Job For... in Crime After Crime, and Dog Day After-School. They both hate her.
  • Cherry - They're both friends with Cherry but often make fun of her for not being very smart(Max mostly). Cherry is Phoebe's best friend.
  • Allison - Allison said that both Max and Phoebe are selfish and manipulative and they don't care who gets hurt as long as they get what they want - Date Expectations. Even though she was dating Max, she constantly tried to make him a better person, and for the most part succeeded. Both Max and Phoebe like Allison. Keeping Allison around is one of the reasons Max decided to turn good. However, Phoebe thinks Allison is too passionate about what she does, as seen in Date Expectations and Secret Revealed.
  • Link - Link and Phoebe were a couple from Meet the Evilmans to Give Me A Break Up and went to prom together in Secret Revealed. Phoebe truly loved Link, as did he. However, she didn't want to spend nearly a hundred percent of her time with him. Max was very mean to Link and they hated each other, although they were temporarily friends in It's Not What You Link.
  • Oyster - They are both friends with him; he is probably Max's best friend aside from Colosso. They are often seen to be hanging out together along with Cherry.
  • Gideon - He is one of Max's best friends, and one of Phoebe's (somewhat). Both think he is kind of stupid and don't like him very much, and they both find his crush on Barb disgusting. Gideon also thinks that he is Phoebe's boyfriend, which is clearly not the case.


  • The name "Thunder Twins" was officially used by Cherry in On The Straight And Arrow.
  • "Thunder Twins" was mentioned again in the alternate ending of Thundermans: Secret Revealed by President Kickbutt, causing Max and Phoebe to argue that they were neither the "Thunder Twins" nor partners.
  • Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo have said several times in interviews that in real life they're like real twins as sometimes they think and say the same thing at the same time.
  • Although Max and Phoebe are siblings, many fans ship them together, some as siblings and some the romantic way.
  • A lot of people ship Phoebe and Max so much that even Kira tweeted asking people to stop shipping them because they're siblings and that is extremely wrong.
  • Thunder Twins is the most popular and shipped pairing of the show.
  • Phoebe and Max's relationship can be easily compared to Captain America and Iron Man's relationship in The Avengers franchise. Max resembles Iron Man because of his ability to invent cool gadgets, and he is calm and confident with a much more obvious sense of humor, while Phoebe resembles Captain America because she takes everything a lot more seriously and doesn't joke around too much. It could also be compared to Thor and Loki's relationship because Phoebe is a natural superhero, while Max for most of his life had been trying to be a super villain.
  • The only 2 episodes they didn't interact are Cheer and Present Danger and Original Prankster.
  • Since both of their birthday is March 22nd, their zodiac sign would be an Aries.