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Guys, we can't give up on her. When I was evil, Phoebe was the one who helped me become good. Now it's my turn to help her.

Max to Nora and Billy

Thunder in Paradise is a one hour special episode of The Thundermans. It is the fifteenth and sixteenth episode of Season 4 and the 86th and 87th episode overall. It first aired on June 24, 2017 to 2.28 million viewers.



The Thundermans travel to Hawaii for summer vacation, but there is trouble in paradise as Phoebe has absorbed Dark Mayhem's evil powers, and now is determined to complete his plan for world domination.[1]

Full Plot

After absorbing Dark Mayhem's powers from the orb in "Come What Mayhem", Phoebe starts having scary nightmares where she is evil and taking over the world. She tries to talk to Max about the dreams but Max blows her off because he's still mad at her. It doesn't help that Phoebe's evil powers start taking control over her, and making her do things involuntary.

With no one to confide to, Phoebe goes to Metroburg SuperJail to ask Dark Mayhem how to get rid of the powers. She founds Dark Mayhem locked up in the cell with Strongdor. Dark Mayhem blames Phoebe for throwing him in jail in "Thundermans: Secret Revealed and coming over to gloat. Phoebe instead asks for help getting rid of the powers but Dark Mayhem refuses. Instead, he asks her to embrace the powers and complete his masterplan to take over the world and getting his revenge on all superheroes. He tells her that all the information she needs to take over the world is at a cave at the bottom of the Weeping Volcano in Hawaii. Phoebe throws Dark Mayhem against the wall and tells him that she will never be evil like him. She will be more evil. Her hair develops a red streak as her eyes glow red again, turning her completely evil.

Back at home, the family is still trying to figure out the perfect place for their vacation. Phoebe asks Chloe to secretly teleport her to Hawaii but Chloe blurts it out, causing the entire family to choose Hawaii as their vacation place. On their way to Hawaii, Phoebe gets very obsessed with maps of volcanoes while at the same time acting very rude, very uncharacteristic of her.

In Hawaii, Phoebe gets really impatient with her family doing everything together. When she's forced to go learn kite-surfing with her siblings, she puts Billy in danger by telekinetically throwing his kite-surfing kite into the ocean before he's trained. Not only is the ocean full of sharks but the wind is blowing the kite far away into the ocean. Max is disappointed to see that Phoebe has run away. So, he works with Nora to save Billy. His telekinesis can't reach Billy. Nora cuts the kite string with her lasers and Max swims to save him. He's very disappointed that Phoebe left them and goes after her to figure out what she's up to.

Max finds that Phoebe rented an ATV and so he rents one and chases after her. He uses heat breath to stop Phoebe's ATV, destroying it's wheels. Unfortunately, Phoebe overpowers him with her Dark Mayhem's powers. Phoebe steals Max's ATV, forcing Max to walk back to the beach to get his family to help. He tells Nora and Billy what happened. They can't find their parents anywhere because they're busy washing a rock. Max asks Chloe to teleport home and get Dark Mayhem's orb from the weapons vault. Max, Billy and Nora go after Phoebe while Chloe is supposed to get her parents but she ignores them, claiming that she's on vacation.

In the cave at the bottom of the Weeping Volcano, Phoebe finds a head of an android / robot. The android is Destructo, Dark Mayhem's sidekick. Destructo tells Phoebe that the plan involves the use of Dark Mayhem's supply of Malvexium. Malvexium is an element that can destroy a superpowers from superheroes and supervillains if they come into contact with it. All they need is to go to Dark Mayhem's lair; mix the Malvexium with the boiling volcano lava; launch the volcano to erupt while hiding safely in a pod. The volcano would spread Malvexium all throughout the earth's atmosphere, rendering all superheroes and supervillains powerless. Phoebe would be the only one left in the world with superpowers. Now, she can rule the world.

Max, Nora and Billy arrive at the cave as Destructo is describing Dark Mayhem's masterplan to Phoebe. They hide and listen. Unfortunately, when Nora sees a spider, she freaks out loud, exposing them. Max takes the opportunity to confront Phoebe. He pulls out the orb to take away Dark Mayhem's powers from her but Phoebe overpowers them and destroys the orb with an electroplasmic blast. She walks out with Destructo and pulls down rocks, to shut down the entrance to the cave. This leaves her siblings trapped inside with no way out. Max tries moving the rocks with telekinesis but it's no use. Nora tries lasering it, but her lasers just get reflected back. Nora gets really mad at Phoebe but Max defends Phoebe saying that it's not her fault. It's Dark Mayhem's evil powers' fault.

After washing the rock only to realize that it wasn't really a sacred rock, Barb and Hank come back to catch up with Chloe. She casually mentions that her siblings went to save Phoebe because she absorbed Dark Mayhem's powers. Barb and Hank get very worried that their kids are in trouble. They ask the Hula dance instructor to keep an eye on Chloe. They follow the tracking chip in one of Billy's teeth which leads them to the cave. Hank uses his super strength to force-open the cave and rescue Nora, Billy and Max. They start telling their parents what happened as they all head towards Dark Mayhem's lair to stop Phoebe.

In Dark Mayhem's Lair, Destructo shows Phoebe where the rest of his body is and asks her to attach his head but Phoebe refuses. Destructo complains that Phoebe is acting just like Dark Mayhem and mistreating the sidekick. He then goes on to show Phoebe the Villain Changing Beam where she changes to her villain costume, which she really loves. Phoebe feels ready to take over the world. Destructo shows Phoebe the tank under the floor where the boiling volcano lava is. Phoebe lowers Malvexium to initiate the process. The countdown begins. They have 10 minutes left.

The Thundermans arrive at the door hoping for an element of surprise but Phoebe notices them before they get inside. She lets them in but quickly traps them in a force-field, making it impossible to escape or use their powers against her. The Thundermans are left powerless, just waiting for the volcano to erupt and kill them... before destroying all the other superheroes powers in the world. Max tries to reason with Phoebe but Phoebe just laughs and says he should have stayed evil. Phoebe says that she will turn Cherry evil and move to Paris together so that they can rule the world together. She calls Cherry and tells her where to wait.

Meanwhile, Max isn't ready to give up on Phoebe yet. He takes the broken pieces of the orb and fixes some of the powers. He asks Nora to concentrate her lasers on one spot in the force field to tear a hole in it. He asks Barb to use her Electrokinesis to power the broken orb. He points the orb towards Phoebe through the energy hole made by Nora. After a huge effort, the broken orb successfully absorbs Dark Mayhem's powers from Phoebe. Phoebe falls down and Max is the first person to help her get up, and she returns to normal. She apologizes for thinking that she didn't need Max. She clearly did.

Unfortunately, while the Thundermans while trying to save Phoebe, Destructo had taken the opportunity to command the computer to attach his head to his body. Now, he wants to continue with the evil plan himself. There's only two minutes. The Thundermans start fighting him but the android is too strong and skilled. Billy superspeeds and smears the peanut butter and jelly fish he was carrying on Destructo's eyes. This distracts the android for a few seconds, giving Hank the opportunity to fly out with him so they can fight on the beach. Hank and Destructo have an epic fight while the rest of the family is trying to figure out a way to stop the lava from erupting.

Feeling guilty about what she did, Phoebe asks Max to lower her in the boiling lava pit so that she can freeze it before it erupts. Max doesn't want to because it's too risky and is afraid his telekinesis won't reach to the lava. But they don't have much choice. So, Max lowers Phoebe into the pit and she manages to freeze the boiling lava at the very last second. The Thunder Twins save the world.

After saving the world, the Thundermans head back to the beach to reconnect with Chloe. They join Chloe and other natives to do the Hula dance. Phoebe calls Cherry to cancel their plans to move to Paris together. Nora comments about how Phoebe has done more evil in one day than Max did in his entire life during the evil phase.

Max and Phoebe forgive each other and go back to their usual bickering, arguing about who's better at being evil.


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  • This is a direct continuation of the events that started in the previous episode, "Come What Mayhem" when Phoebe absorbed Dark Mayhem's powers and turned evil.
  • Dark Mayhem and Strongdor are seen in Hero League's Metroburg Superjail after being defeated by the Thundermans in "Thundermans: Secret Revealed."
  • Dark Mayhem's Orb introduced in "Thundermans: Secret Revealed" is destroyed in this episode, but made partially usable by Max to take away Dark Mayhem's powers from Phoebe towards the end of the episode.
  • Phoebe was unable to remove Mayhem's powers in Come What Mayhem most likely because the orb wasn't built for someone to be able to remove powers from themselves.
  • Once again, the Thundermans can't agree on where to go for their vacation, a behavior first seen in "Up, Up, and Vacay."
  • The Thundermans comment on how throughout the series, evil Max has never done anything as evil as Phoebe did in just one day of being evil.
  • This is the second time that Phoebe is possessed by another evil force. The first time was in "Haunted Thundermans" when she got possessed by Green Ghoul. However, the Green Ghoul went into her body while Phoebe absorbed Dark Mayhem's powers herself. Also, when she was possessed by the Green Ghoul, he could switch between his own voice and Phoebe's. However, when Dark Mayhem's powers possessed her, Phoebe's regular voice was the only one used.
  • This is the one time that Max and Phoebe have been seen to hug each other. They directly go against their promise to never hug each other, as shown in Are You Afraid of the Park?


  • Filming for this special started on March 28, 2017 and was completed on April 8, 2017.
  • Jack Griffo and Kira Kosarin have teased about the special through Instagram and Twitter. They both said that they have always wanted to do an episode where Max was good and Phoebe was evil, which has been the exact opposite of most of the show.
  • Some parts of the movie were filmed in Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, Malibu, CA and Huntington Beach, CA while others were filmed at the set.
  • This is part of the movie is 44 minutes long.
  • Kira and Jack learned how to ride an ATV vehicle for this special.
  • The synopsis and premiere date were revealed in the May 2017 issue of the J-14 magazine.
  • Dark Mayhem appeared in this episode.
    • This marks his last appearance.
  • This was their second time the Thunderman Family go to a beach.
  • Phoebe's middle names was revealed to be "Monica Rachel." She had previously "lied" to Cedric that her name is Monica in "Who's Your Mommy."
  • This is the second episode without Dr. Colosso and the eleventh (twelfth if you count Haunted Thundermans) episode without Max's Lair. Dr. Colosso is mentioned though.
  • This is the first special without Cherry (without counting Haunted Thundermans), though she was mentioned by Phoebe.
  • Chloe may have her most lines up to date in this special.
  • Evil Phoebe and Destructo have a relationship that's somewhat similar to Max and Colosso.
  • Hank and Destructo fight, and Hank eventually wins.
  • This is the second episode without a theme song. The first being in A Hero Is Born.
  • It is likely that they will be taking a six month hiatus after this episode.
  • The majority of the episode takes place outside of Hiddenville.
  • This episode is mentioned and imitated by Henry Danger in Balloons of Doom.
    • Kid Danger and Captain Man taking pictures in front of a beach themed background is a reference to the episode.


How about I hit you with a coconut?

— Evil Phoebe

Phoebe:Prepare yourself, world, you're about to meet your new ruler!
Destructo: And her new best friend, Destructo!
Phoebe:We're not friends!
— Phoebe & Destructo

Phoebe: How would you like to do a favor for your favorite big sister?
Chloe: What does Nora want?:
Chloe and Evil Phoebe


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