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Huh, who would have thought a child of superheroes could become a supervillain? Oh right, that's me!


Thundermans: Banished! is the one hour special Season 4 premiere of The Thundermans which aired as the second and third episode of Season 4 and the 73rd and 74th episode overall [1]. This is the second part of the "Super Secret Saga" special, which starts in "Thundermans: Secret Revealed."


After their secret is revealed, the Thundermans' new fame and distraction leads to more damage than good, forcing the Hero League to banish the Thundermans from Hiddenville. However, when a new threat arises in Hiddenville, Max and Phoebe risk losing everything including their powers to go back and save their friends and the city.


The Thunderman Family is having breakfast. Hank calls Chloe down for breakfast. Chloe teleports to the kitchen table. Nora comments that Chloe looks super cute, but Chloe states she's a villain's worst nightmare. Barb says that Chloe can't wear her supersuit to preschool. But Billy says "Why not? Everyone knows we're superheros" Barb replies saying that she and Hank moved to Hiddenville for them to live normal lives. Nora and Billy realize that they have lots of fans. A reporter shows up inside the house. Barb pushes him out.

At Hiddenville High, Phoebe is telling her classmates about her adventures as a superhero. Max goes up to Phoebe and starts telling them his stories but they ignore him. He says he's just as good of a superhero as Phoebe. Phoebe says Max is not as good as her and he needs to train to get better. Max sees the janitor wearing a lanyard with the initials "V.L" which are the same as Villain League's VL logo. So, he attacks the janitor with Telekinesis, causing him to fall into the trash can - only to realize that the janitor's VL stands for his real name, Vladimir Lushenko. The janitor quits. Max agrees to let Phoebe train her.

Back at home, the Thunder Twins are ready to go out for a training session when a message from the "Z-Force" appears through a hologram. The voice says that Phoebe has been selected for a chance to join the last spot on the Z-Force because of defeating one of the world's biggest supervillains, Dark Mayhem. The Z-Force is an elite team of superheroes under the Hero League which accepts only the best superheroes. Due to excitement, Phoebe ditches training Max so that she can start preparing to join the Z-Force. This upsets Max as he goes out to train himself and help save people.

Billy and Nora's online popularity increases. Chloe tries to play with them but they keep telling her "tomorrow" which upsets her. They start signing merchandise for their fans including Nora's Bows. They eventually decide to host ThunderCon where they can meet all their fans at once.

During the ThunderCon, a lot of Billy and Nora fans show up. Nora's fans call themselves the "Noranators" while Billy's fans are "Billyvers." However, it doesn't take long before the fans start comparing who is better between Billy and Nora. This leads to a fan war. During the chaos, Nora and Billy call for Chloe's help but she refuses because they refused to play with her. With no other option, Nora and Billy run away and leave their fans fighting.

Meanwhile, Max shows the Thundermans all the people he's saved to prove that he's superhero material. The Thundermans are shocked when Max gets an invite to join the "Z-Force" as well. This results in an intensified competition among the Thunder Twins. Just around then, the Thunder Monitor announces a call for help from Splatburger. The twins rush there to help, but it turns out Mrs. Wong just wanted them to help clean the Splatburger tubes. Phoebe and Max start fighting over how to do it, until they mess up with the system. It starts releasing fumes. Everyone leaves the restaurant except the twins and Mrs. Wong.

Phoebe and Max can't agree on how to fix the transformer. Max wants to use his Heat Breath while Phoebe wants to use Freeze Breath. Therefore they use heat breath and freeze breath at the same time, causing the machine to start acting up, ready to explode. Phoebe tries to call for help using Max's watch but it sends a Z-Force beam saying Max has been selected as a finalist to join the Z-Force. Phoebe realizes that Max had tricked them into thinking that he was selected too. The twins' argument is cut short when they realize that the machine is about to blow up. They run outside just before it blows up, destroying the entire Splatburger restaurant. Mrs. Wong comes out, very mad at the twins.

Following Phoebe and Max's destruction of Splatburger as well as Nora and Billy's ThunderCon fan war, the Hero League gets furious at the Thundermans. President Kickbutt comes over and tells them exposing their powers has caused to more danger in Hiddenville. She's also mad that Barb and Hank were so busy showing off their powers to the neighbors that they didn't pay attention to what was happening to the antics of their children. And therefore the Thundermans will be banished to another city as a punishment for making so much harm than good to the people. Hiddenville News and residents become furious at the Thundermans. The Thundermans are upset because they don't want to move but they don't have a choice. Hank spins the Wheel of Banishment to choose their new location. However, because of his Super Strength, the wheel takes hours to stop. Meanwhile, the family starts packing to leave Hiddenville.

President Kickbutt introduces the new family to replace the Thundermans in the Hiddenville house. The new family is the Falconmans: Mr. Falconman, his wife Iron Grip and their daughter, Candi Falconman. Candi has candy powers which allows her to generate and manipulate candy. She quickly warms up to Billy and Nora by giving them a lot of candy. Nora wishes she could be her sidekick while Billy wishes he could be her boyfriend.

Max goes to his lair to get Dr. Colosso ready for departure. However, Dr. Colosso says that he's still mad that Max chose to become a superhero instead of becoming evil in Thundermans: Secret Revealed. Dr. Colosso brings out Max's BrainWasher XL gadget and offers to brainwash Max so that they can be evil together again but Max refuses and reiterates that he is determined to be a superhero. Max wants to continue being friends with Dr. Colosso despite one being good and the other one evil but Colosso refuses. Colosso even refuses to accept Max's goodbye and continues to go back to his misery for Max's betrayal of evil. Candi enters Max's Lair and is excited to have it as her new bedroom.

Back in the living room, the Wheel of Banishment finishes spinning and lands on Antarctica. The Thundermans are forced to live in the snow. President Kickbutt warns them that if any of them come back to Hiddenville, their powers would be taken away permanently.

While in Antarctica, the Thundermans miss Hiddenville. They take turns patrolling the neighborhood, despite the freezing temperatures. Chloe gets homesick and so, Nora tries to help her by recreating some of her favorite memories from Hiddenville. Nora tries recreating Splatburger and Max's Swirly Slide, with Billy as the test-subject, but it just hurts Billy.

Max sets up an internet modem for the Thundermans to use. Phoebe goes to thank him for it just before Max gets a call from Dr. Colosso via his watch. Dr. Colosso tells him that Candi has taken over some people and is planning to hypnotize the entire city of Hiddenville. Max gets worried and plans to go back to Hiddenville but Phoebe thinks that they shouldn't trust Dr. Colosso. However, Max convinces Phoebe that it's worth it because he would never forgive himself if something was really wrong. The twins convince Chloe to teleport them to their former house back in Hiddenville.

On arrival, Phoebe and Max find that Candi has thrown a huge party at the house. Max suspects that something is wrong after seeing Allison at the party because he knows Allison hates parties. He tries to talk to Allison, Cherry and Oyster but they all respond in unison:

Candi Falconman is my bestie and the sweetest person I've ever met.

This convinces Max and Phoebe that Candi has hypnotized their friends. Candi appears from behind them and uses her candy powers to generate raspberry pixie dust which causes Max and Phoebe to fall asleep immediately.

Phoebe and Max wake up together in the lair, tied up in thick cotton candy. Candy has turned Max's "sweet" lair into a lair filled with sweet candies. She is petting Dr. Colosso as she turns around on a chair to face them. She tells them of her plan to use Max's BrainWasher XL gadget to brainwash the entire Hiddenville by broadcasting a signal through the Thundermans' satellite dish on the roof. The Thunder Twins ask Dr. Colosso for help but he refuses, claiming that Candi is his "sugar mama" now, but Phoebe insists that Max is Dr. Colosso's "sugar mama." Candi also reveals that she has turned her parents into gingerbread cookies and put them in a gingerbread house.

After Candi leaves the lair to go to the roof, Dr. Colosso tells Phoebe and Max that he will help them out. He only pretended to be on Candi's side so that she doesn't turn him into a gingerbread bunny. He sets them free by eating away the cotton candy. Max and Phoebe go after Candi but she instructs her hypnotized minions in the living room to attack the twins. Phoebe and Max think fast and turn the minions against each other by telling them they can't all be Candi's best friends. One can only have one best friend. The minions start fighting each other.

The Thunder Twins take the opportunity to run after Candi on the roof where she is setting up the BrainWasher XL on the Thunderman's satellite dish. They start fighting her but it proves to be a lot more difficult than anticipated because of all the holes on the roof, thanks to Hank flying through the roof all the time. After a long fight, Candi gains the upperhand by using sticky gum to glue Max and Phoebe to the roof. This makes it impossible for them to go after her or even use telekinesis on her.

With no way to stop Candi, Phoebe wants to freeze the satellite dish but Max wants to melt it with his heat breath. The Thunder Twins start arguing again like in Splatburger. They then agree to do what they did at Splatburger by using their heat breath and freeze breath at the same time. This causes the satellite dish to malfunction. It starts rotating out of control until it eventually blows Candi Falconman away. Candi falls through the new Splatburger's roof, right after Mrs. Wong has finished repairing it. They both complain about how they hate the city.

Following Candi's defeat, her hypnotized victims regain their consciousness and are clueless of what happened to them. Phoebe and Max force everyone to leave. The twins want to go back to Antarctica before their parents or president Kickbutt find out, but it's already too late. Chloe has already told the parents that she teleported the twins back to Hiddenville. President Kickbutt becomes upset with twins for returning to the Hiddenville since she warned them. They all agree that Hiddenville is their home. Phoebe tells Kickbutt that she and Max had to save their friends and their city and they don't care even if that means losing their powers.

So, President Kickbutt gathers Hiddenville's residents and announces that she is going to take away the Thundermans powers. She uses a power-sapping device, similar to Dark Mayhem's orb. Since the Thundermans are no longer special, they can now live in Hiddenville like a normal family. The Hiddenville residents and reporters walk away because the Thundermans are no longer special in anyway.

Back in the living room, Nora says that she's going to miss zapping Billy with her Heat Vision. She tries doing it and voila! It works. Soon, all the Thundermans realize that they still have their powers. President Kickbutt reveals that she only pretended to take away their powers to keep it a secret once again and avoid all the attention, which was leading to unfortunate circumstances. She praises Max and Phoebe for risking losing their powers to save their city and friends, and that is what makes them true superheroes.

Unfortunately, Cherry was in the bathroom all this time and heard everything. She comes out and reveals that she heard everything and leaves. The Hero League and the Thundermans are okay with just having Cherry as the only one who knows the secret that they still have their powers.

The Thunder Twins are ready to never work together as a team again. But suddenly, there's another Z-Force beam. The voice announces that both Phoebe and Max are now finalists in the open slot to join the elite Z-Force... as a team. This means they have to work together many more times. Max and Phoebe stand freeze in dismay. Chloe ends the episode by sarcastically saying:"Now, this is awkward."


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  • This is a continuation of the events in Thundermans: Secret Revealed, as part of the special, "Super Secret Saga."
    • The Thundermans are being banished because they've been unable to work well since their powers were exposed in "Thundermans: Secret Revealed."
    • Max is now a superhero since he switched sides.
  • Max comically admits that being evil was just a phase, something that his parents and siblings had been telling him since Adventures in Supersitting as well as in Date Expectations.
  • This is the first time we see the Thundermans house roof
    • The roof confirms the holes caused by Thunder Man every time he flies through the ceiling.
    • It also confirms that the Thundermans use a satellite dish as first mentioned in the season 1 episode, Nothing to Lose Sleepover.
  • This episodes introduces the Z-Force which becomes the main storyline of the season.
  • The Thunderman's superpowers are now a secret once again because Kickbutt tricked Hiddenville residents by pretending to take their powers in front of people and on the news. However, Cherry knows the truth as she admitted that she heard everything while in the bathroom.
  • Phoebe starts showing off for being better than Max in this episode and this becomes a recurring theme throughout multiple episodes in the season such as Max to the Future, Smells Like Team Spirit etc.
  • Max and Dr. Colosso's relationship weakens in this episode as Dr. Colosso is still unhappy that Max chose to become good. This is revisited in multiple other episodes in season 4 including Smells Like Team Spirit.


  • Previous title for this episode was "Fame, Fame, Go Away" but was later renamed to "Thundermans: Banished", matching the title format for "Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
  • This was set to be the hour-long season premiere.[2]
  • Jack posted a video featuring the script on his Snapchat story.
  • There will be lots of action in this episode.
  • This was the third episode filmed in season 4.
  • This episode picked up after the events of Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
    • Note: Happy Heroween aired out of order between "Thundermans: Secret Revealed" and "Thundermans: Banished" because of Halloween timing.
    • The events in this episode take place one week after Thundermans: Secret Revealed.
    • On Sunday 11th Dec 2016, Nickelodeon aired this episode along with "Thundermans: Secret Revealed" as a 2 hour special titled, Super Secret Saga. Since then, Nickelodeon as continued to air the 2 episodes combined back to back as "Super Secret Saga."
  • This episode reveals that following the events Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Hank, Barb, Billy, Nora, and Chloe have all had their original powers switched back to them.
  • This episode got 2.37 million viewers.
  • Candi Falconman has a similar personality to Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad who is sweet but also has a dark side.
  • JoJo Siwa made a special guest appearance in this episode as a fan of Nora. 


Phoebe and Max: Whew!
Phoebe: Good thing everyone made it out.
Max: You're welcome, Mrs. Wong.
Max: Wait, where's Mrs. Wong?
Mrs. Wong (coughing, sputtering)
Phoebe Mrs. Wong, are you okay?
Mrs. Wong Oh...come closer...closer...
Mrs. Wong (shouting) I hate you losers! (snaring)

— After Phoebe and Max destroyed Splatburger