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Thundersense is the thirteenth episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans.


Phoebe thinks that she's only a hero with her Thundersense, when she saves a fellow student with it, while injured others around her unintentionally. Hank attempts to reassure Phoebe that she's a hero with or without it. Meanwhile, Max gives in to trading for a trampoline, in exchange for silence from Billy and Nora upon getting his Thundersense. But things go haywire when Billy is left dangling from the roof.


The Thundermans are gathering in the dining room and Billy asks what is in the dinner. Barb replies Spaghetti and Meatballs and Hank is about to ask Barb a question. Before he could ask, Barb says she made Hank a giant meatball. Meanwhile, Max and Phoebe are bickering about Phoebe being older by 20 seconds. Billy slips while carrying Hank's meatball in a plate. To everyone's surprise, Phoebe catches it before it hits anyone - even though she wasn't looking. Barb asks her if she felt a tinkling sensation. Billy, Nora and Max call her out for being a witch but Hank explains that Phoebe is developing her Thundersense power, which lets her sense dangers before they happen. Billy throws the giant meatball at Max to see if he has thundersense too but it turns out that he still doesn't have the power.

The following day at school, Max makes fun of Phoebe for not sensing that her shirt is inside out but Phoebe fires back by saying that she only senses danger not inside-out shirts or brothers who forgot to brush their teeth. While still mocking each other, Phoebe senses a lunch lady's cart falling down the stairs. She jumps quickly and saves a girl from being knocked down by the cart. Cherry leads the rest of the school to cheer for her, calling her a hero.

Later that night Max is in his lair, explaining to Colosso how he is using his lack of Thundersense to guilt his mother into buying him stuff. His ultimate goal is to continue using that excuse until he buys a 2000 Terabyte Super Computer with Satellite Connectivity. Colosso is playing golf in the lair but when when is about to hit Max, Max senses and catches it. He has Thundersense too. But he doesn't want to tell anyone about it because then the parents would stop buying him stuff. When Barb enters the lair, he "cries" for not having Thundersense, to convince her to buy him a computer.

During the Thunder Training, Hank gets Nora and Billy to hit Max with cannon balls to help him kickstart his Thundersense. He lets the balls fall intentionally. After Hank leave for a few minutes, Max forgets and uses his Thundersense in front of the kids. They follow him to the lair and confront him about it. He tries to deny it but Nora blackmails him for it until he agrees to convince Barb to buy him a trampoline (so that he can give it to Billy and Nora in exchange for keeping his secret.)

Phoebe gets too carried away with being a "hero" and even tries to get out of Thunder Training. Hank tells her she needs more practice because the Thundersense can be deceiving especially when she is not focused. At school, everyone gathers around Phoebe praising her and asking her to tell her superhero story about how she saved the girl. While telling her story, Phoebe senses someone is in danger. She sees cheerleaders doing a pyramid and assumes that they're the ones in danger. She manages to mess up the cheerleader practice and cause other people to fall or get hurt because of the confusion. She wonders why she sensed someone was in danger. Then all of a sudden, Cherry gets hit by a frisbee. She apologizes to Cherry. Cherry whispers to Phoebe that she is okay and they're still besties but she shouts that she hates her because everyone else in the school now hates Phoebe.

Phoebe is heartbroken because everyone hates her now. She locks herself up in the room. Hank tries to cheer Phoebe up but she says she's done saving people. She hands over her super hero suit.

With Nora and Billy threatening to hurt Max's new super-computer if he doesn't get the trampoline for them, he cries to Barb, begging her to buy him a trampoline. Barb gives in.

To boost Phoebe's confidence, Hank and Barb ask Billy to stage a fake crocodile bite. Phoebe would then freeze the crocodile, save Billy and regain her confidence again. Phoebe falls for it - after they lie to her that there's Channing Tatum movie marathon on to get her out of her room. But right after "saving" Billy, Billy admits accidentally reveals that he was acting. This makes her very mad that they staged a pity safe. At least she still has a Channing Tatum movie marathon on - until she realizes it was a lie too.

Max hands over the trampoline to Nora and Billy and they give back his computer. Billy is the first one to go on the trampoline. He bounces on it super-fast using his super-speed. A few seconds later, he jumps too high and get stuck on the roof. He calls on Nora to look for help. Nora calls Phoebe but Phoebe refuses to help because she thinks Billy is acting again. Nora goes to look for her dad to save Billy. While in the kitchen, her thundersense keeps going on but she ignores it because it's not reliable. Billy continues screaming until he falls off the roof.

Just before Billy hits the ground, Phoebe uses her telekinesis to stop the fall. She apologizes to Billy for not believing he was really in trouble. The rest of the family arrive and thank Phoebe for saving Billy. Barb wonders why Billy and Nora were using Max's trampoline in the first place. When the roof gutter Billy was holding falls down, Max senses and stops it. He then reveals that he has got his Thundersense.

Phoebe agrees to continue superhero training with Hank.

The next day, Barb is checking the fridge and sees that Hank has kept the giant meatball which fell on the ground. She tells Hank to throw it away. Hank goes outside to throw it, but gets emotional. He is about to eat it, but Barb shouts again and Hank throws it far away.

At school, Phoebe is talking with Cherry and suddenly her Thundersense goes on again and she tells Cherry to duck. Cherry thinks she is talking about the animal and keeps looking for the Duck until suddenly the giant meatball, which Hank threw, hits Cherry. Phoebe asks Cherry if she's okay and Cherry replies yes and asks if the Duck is okay.


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  • Thundersense power has never been seen or mentioned in any other episode. This is very unusual for the Thundermans since all major developments get referenced later.
  • Phoebe and Cherry eventually join the cheerleading team in Cheer and Present Danger
  • When Phoebe tells Cherry to "duck" in this episode, Cherry thinks it's a real duck. When she tells her siblings to "duck" in Better Off Wed, it gives Dr. Colosso an idea - to turn Phoebe into a duck.



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