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I own the solo spot, newb, and I'll stop at nothing to keep it.

— Veronica to Phoebe

Veronica is a character on the Thundermans. She is a student and mean girl at Hiddenville High who tried to sabotage Phoebe's audition for the school choir. Veronica is portrayed by Gilland Jones.


In Pretty Little Choirs, Veronica is a senior at Hiddenville High and has been given the solo spot in the school choir for the last couple of years. However, Phoebe's audition trials makes her insecure about losing her spot. So, she hits Phoebe with spit balls causing her to choke.

Veronica reveals to Phoebe and Cherry that she is the one who sabotaged her audition. She even threatens Phoebe, telling her that she owns the solo spot and will stop at nothing to get it. She hits Phoebe with another spit ball on the forehead. Phoebe tries to be nice to her by giving her a smoothie but Veronica pours it on Phoebe's back. Max asks Phoebe to get revenge on Veronica. He finds out that Veronica has been failing math and will be kicked out of the choir if she failed the following test. So, the Thunder Twins come up with a plan for Max to become Veronica's fake tutor and mislead her in order to fail the test.

Unfortunately, Veronica makes Max her boyfriend and so Max helps her pass the test, betraying Phoebe's trust. Evan gets angry that Max has replaced him as Veronica's Wednesday tutor boyfriend. He reveals to Phoebe that he is just one of the many tutor boyfriends that Veronica has. She has a tutor boyfriend for every day of the week. Phoebe uses this to convince Max to turn against Veronica.

During the real audition, Veronica tries to attack Phoebe with spitballs again but Max uses Telekinesis to deflect the spitballs back to Veronica. She throws a pie at Phoebe but Max sends it right back to Veronica, covering her entire face.


Veronica is very snobby and self-centered. She feels very highly of herself than her peers around school. Veronica hates Phoebe's guts and Phoebe doesn't like her at all. She thinks she's a better singer than Phoebe even though she isn't.

Episode Appearance

Season 1


  • Veronica usually sings the last word of every sentence.
  • Gilland Jones guest starred on the iCarly episode "I Was a Pageant Girl" as LeAnne Carter.
  • She sabotaged Phoebe by spitting out a spitball when she was singing in choir.
  • She's a senior student.
  • When Phoebe gave her a smoothie, she said "butt-kiss" instead of a smoothie.
  • She thinks Phoebe is a good singer.
  • She has a similar personality to Madison.
  • She wanted the solo spot in choir to herself.
  • She comes in a long line of professional choir singers. (Grandma, Mom)
  • Max thought Veronica and him are a thing.
  • Her Monday tutor is Lionel
  • Her Tuesday tutor is Tom
  • Her Wednesday tutor was Max
  • Her Thursday tutor was Evan
  • Her Friday tutor is Jake