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Vila la evil!

— Villains' Slogan

Villain League is an evil organization of supervillains in the Thundermans.


The Villain League runs Villain University, which Max wanted to attend for a long time.

In A Hero Is Born, the Villain League invites Dr. Colosso to the Villain League headquarters in order to award him with Villain of the Decade award. Max uses the Animalizer to turn Dr. Colosso human on condition that he lets him go to the Villain League with him. Max and Dr. Colosso arrive outside the old Broccoli Factory in Metroburg where Dr. Colosso confirms as the current headquarters of the Villain League. Max is surprised to find out that the password to get into the headquarters is simply "password." On arrival, Max is impressed to see a wall with portraits of all the great villains.

Dr. Colosso is surprised that there are only three villains who showed up for the ceremony - King Crab, Lady Web and Scalestro. King Crab reveals that they lied to Dr. Colosso to lure him into the Villain League headquarters in order to kick him out of the league. They complain that Dr. Colosso hasn't done anything evil in years. They demand that he gives back the Villain League badge and cape. Dr. Colosso quickly thinks of a perfect plan to save himself: he betrays Max by telling them that he was undercover trying to kidnap Thunder Man's son. Lady Web confirms that Max has superhero DNA and so, the Villain League happily invites Dr. Colosso in while hanging Max to fall into hermit crabs.

Max uses his baby monitor watch to call for help, revealing to Phoebe the location of the Villain League headquarters. Phoebe comes over to rescue Max and Colosso from the villains. King Crab calls for help from Hall of Villains, just as Phoebe and Max escape. Hank calls the Hero League and tells them the location of the Villain League headquarters. This forces them to move to a new place.

In Thundermans: Secret Revealed, the supervillains are now operating from a fast food restaurant called "Happy Fun Burger" with Dark Mayhem as the boss as they hope to move to a better hideout. His associate villains include Fairy Pinch-ess, Strongdor and Son of Scalestro. They send Lady Web to steal the diamond from Hiddenville Museum in order to afford the new place but Lady Web is stopped by ThunderGirl. This gets Dark Mayhem angry at Phoebe. He sends Max coordinates to the Villain League headquarters and explains the sad situation in why they had to hide by running a fast-food restaurant. He tells Max the villains can be great again if Max helps stop his sister from taking away her powers. This would also prove that Max is qualified to join the Villain League.

After finding out the Thundermans home address, Dark Mayhem leads his associates to Hiddenville with a new plan to take down the Thundermans and take over Hiddenville as the new Villain Headquarters and his evil empire. After Phoebe helps Max see the truth, Max stands up against Dark Mayhem and refuses to join the Villain League. The Thundermans take down Dark Mayhem and his associates from the Villain League.

In Thundermans: Banished!, Max sees the janitor wearing a necklace with "VL" initials and mistakes it for Villain League's VL symbol/logo. He later realizes that the initials stood for Vladimir Lushenko, the janitor's name. The janitor later quits his job following the confrontation.



  • With Dark Mayhem out of the picture, the new boss of Villain League is currently unknown
  • The Villain League probably had to move again to another location if Max revealed the location of the Happy Fun Burger place.
  • All the known Villain League headquarters are food related.
  • While working at Happy Fun Burger restaurant, Dark Mayhem used to blow up a lot of customers. For example, asking for an extra pickle could get you blown up.