Please... there's no way kids with a mom as cool as Electress would know absolutely nothing about her!

Who's Your Mommy? is the sixteenth episode of Season 2 of The Thundermans and the 36th episode overall. It premiered on March 2, 2015 to 2.37 million viewers.



When a heat wave approaches the Thunderman's house, the kids ask for a swimming pool but are forced to hold a yard sale in order to be able to pay for it. Max accidentally sells Barb's Electress box to a boy obsessed with Electress and he and Phoebe must get the whip back before it explodes. Nora struggles to sell her bows.

Full Plot

Thunder Kids Heat Wave

It's very hot in The Thundermans' Home because of a heatwave. Max and Phoebe are lying on the couch while asking Nora and Billy to get the hose and turn on the water so that they can set up a private water park. Hank and Barb bust the kids and confront them about having a water slide in the house. Phoebe argues that they wouldn't need a water slide if they had a swimming pool. Hank replies that they can have a pool but Barb shuts them down. She then agrees to let them have a pool if they contribute money to buy one.

Billy and Nora Yard Sale

The Thundermans decide to hold a yard sale, per Max's suggestion. Billy and Nora are excited about the sale while Max and Phoebe bring out their old junk for sale. Billy wants to sell his action figures. Hank is surprised to see Nora's Bows in a box. Nora says that she wants to sell them because it's been so hot lately, one of her bows melted in her hair and got stuck there. Max and Phoebe make fun of the box of their mom's old Electress stuff. They laugh at how they barely know anything about what she used to do as a superhero.

Phoebe Checks Out Electress Comics

Phoebe starts looking at the contents in the Electress box. Barb comes over and asks her to return the box upstairs as she can't sell it. Phoebe reacts as if the items are so lame, prompting Barb to explain that the box contains her Electress Whip. Hank calls Barb aside and asks her why didn't she mention that the whip could be very dangerous, if fallen into the wrong hands. However, Barb explains that she wouldn't risk leaking that information to her supervillain-wannabe son. She reminds Phoebe to take the box upstairs but Phoebe gets distracted when her "Cute Boy" app notifies her of a cute boy outside. She runs out leaving the box unattended.

At the yard sale, Nora struggles to sell her bows. So she decides not to sell any at all. Whenever someone tries to buy a bow, Nora pulls it back and tells them that she doesn't want their "dirty bow money". Hank tells her that he knows the bows mean a lot to her but she should be willing to let them go. Nora asks to sell Dr. Colosso instead. Hank advices Nora to look for bows that she no longer wears and sell them instead. Nora goes upstairs and turns all of her bows into a dress to prove that she wears all of them.

Max Carries Electress Box

Max finds a little boy named Cedric who wants to buy comics. He runs inside and grabs Barb's Electress box and sells it to Cedric, unknowing that Barb didn't want it to be sold. Phoebe comes back into the house after the "cute" boy tried to get her to pull his finger. She finds the Electress box gone. Oops! Barb notices that the box is missing but Phoebe tells her Max probably took it. Phoebe runs to Max who admits that he sold the box. Phoebe asks Max to run after the boy to get the box back. She then indirectly lies to Barb that Max returned the box upstairs.

Max and Phoebe Busted By Barb

Max follows Cedric and refunds him for the Electress box. He rings the bell at Cedric's house. Cedric turns out to be a big fan of Electress and already knows that he bought the real Electress whip. So, he refuses to give Max the whip back. He tells Max that he will only give the whip to Electress herself. Max tries to take it by force but Cedric rings an alarm on him. Max runs back to Phoebe to explain what happened. So, the Thunder Twins plan to get the whip back without letting their mom and dad find out. Barb gets concerned that she can't find the box. So, she brings out an old machine to help her track her whip in a jiffy. That means "really fast" for old people. Luckily, her old machine takes forever to perform updates which gives Max and Phoebe more time to get the box back.

Phoebe as Electress

If Cedric wants Electress, the Thunder Twins will give him Electress. Max asks Phoebe to pretend to be Electress to trick Cedric into giving them the whip.

Max Introduces Electress Phoebe to Cedric
Phoebe, Max and Cedric

Max knocks at Cedric's door to introduce "Electress" to Cedric. Phoebe is dressed up as Electress and uses electric gloves to make Electress-like sparks to make it more convincing. Cedric invites them inside his room. Max and Phoebe are surprised to see all the Electress posters and newspaper extracts on Cedric's wall. Cedric starts by asking them questions about Electress. They don't know that Blackbolt was a "she" and not a "he", neither do they know about Electress' favorite battle or her sidekick. They just assumed that their mom was their dad's sidekick. Phoebe panics and does an Electress "spark attack" but it backfires and zaps Max. Cedric concludes that this is not the real Electress. Cedric throws the whip at Max and Phoebe, trapping them.

Billy and Nora's Bow Dress

Back at home, Billy is frustrated that Phoebe and Max bailed on the yard sale despite it being their idea in the first place. He starts making bad impressions of the twins. He then tells Hank that he is mad because he sold his favorite toy, Sergeant Flargeant. They decide to go back into the house because there's nothing else to sell. Then they notice Nora selling her bows. Billy wonders why Nora is selling her bows and Nora replies that she's doing it because Billy gave up his favorite toy. So, she can't be the only one who won't give up something. Hank is proud of Billy and Nora.

Phoebe and Max Tied by Electress Whip

At Cedric's house, Phoebe and Max are still tied together with Electress' whip. It gets hot and starts sparking, meaning that it's about to explode. Cedric comes back in to taunt them. They beg him to release them before the whip explodes but Cedric wonders why he should believe them. Phoebe agrees to start over. She introduces herself as Monica and introduces Max as Ross. And for all he knows, they could be Electress' children. Cedric argues that there is no way Electress' kids would know nothing about her. Phoebe and Max admit that they are horrible kids since they know nothing about their mom. They felt ashamed that their mom is an amazing superhero and some random kid knows more about her than they do.

Barb as Electress

All of a sudden, there are huge electric sparks. Barb makes an epic super-charged entrance into the room as Electress. She frees Phoebe and Max and thanks Cedric for being a heroic Electrolyte. Cedric asks if those posers are her kids and she denies it. There is no way her kids would be so reckless and compromise their safety and identity just for a couple of bucks. She then takes Phoebe and Max and zaps away with them. Cedric is left with a hole in his carpet.

Barb Tells Electress Superhero Stories

The following day, the Thundermans are seated in a tiny balloon pool. Hank tells the kids that they got what they earned. Phoebe complains about working so hard just for that. This makes Billy mad because Phoebe and Max did nothing. He tries to attack her but Hank stops him. Barb says they're proud of Billy and Nora. Nora wonders why they're proud of her when she only sold one bow... to Dr. Colosso.

Max comes in carrying an Electress comic book and they all start asking their mom more about her life as Electress. Phoebe and Max apologize for not knowing much about her and knowing more about their dad as he brags about his "Thunder Man" life all the time. She tells them that her kids are her biggest accomplishments. Then she grounds Max and Phoebe for 6 months.


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  • This is the first appearance of Max, Phoebe and the rest of the Thunderman Family in swimsuits.
  • Thomas Barbusca guest starred in the Sam & Cat episode, #PeezyB, as Billy.
  • Max and Phoebe are tied up and Phoebe says their names are Monica and Ross. This is a reference to the TV show Friends.
    • It's later revealed in Thunder in Paradise that Phoebe's middle names are "Monica Rachel". Rachel is also another main character on Friends.
  • This episode aired out of order, causing it to look like Phoebe is looking for cute boys while still dating Link. This episode was produced before Link was introduced in the show. Its production code is #213 while Link arrived in Meet the Evilmans (prod. code #216).
  • Besides the Thunderman Family raising money for a pool, the beginning of this episode is similar to the beginning of the iCarly episode, iBeat the Heat.
  • Two possible reasons as to why Phoebe and Max got grounded: Max for selling the Electress box with the whip in it, and Phoebe for impersonating the actual Electress.


Phoebe:Quick, go to your old people translator app and find out what 'jiffy' means!
Max:Oh no, it means fast, Phoebe, really fast.
— Phoebe and Max

Cedric:Amazing! How did you find me, my super-charged goddess?
Electress: No need to make this weird, citizen!
— Barb and Cedric


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