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Link and I belong together... and the only thing in our way is you.

Quinn to Phoebe

Why You Buggin'? is the third episode in Season 3 of The Thundermans.


After discovering that Link's best friend is a secret supervillain, Phoebe enlists Max's help to end her! Chloe gets to move into her own bedroom!

Main Plot

Phoebe is excited to meet Link's friend, Quinn. So she starts practicing sports references and humor to talk sports with him. There's only one problem, Link's friend is a girl.

Quinn makes it clear to Phoebe that she wants to date Link and she will do anything to break them up. Phoebe tries telling Link about it but Link just wants them to get along. Link tells them that Quinn is the daughter of the Bug Villains who Thunder Man took down years ago. Quinn and Link grew up together; and even though her parents were evil, she's good just like him. Phoebe tries to like Quinn but she keeps being mean to her.

When Quinn invites herself to Phoebe and Link's date, Phoebe asks Max to come along to help prove that Quinn is evil. But Max refuses because he's too busy playing video games with Dr. Colosso. Phoebe tricks him into coming by blowing Rocky Road ice-cream fumes into Max's lair, which makes Max crave Rocky Road ice-cream. When Max joins them, he realizes Quinn is a bad girl which makes him attracted to her. This works out for the Thunder Twins because if Max dates Quinn then Quinn won't be interested in Link anymore. However, Quinn is not interested in Max at all. She just wants Link.

The date turns out to be a mess because of Phoebe and Quinn constantly "fighting" so Phoebe finally stands up for herself and tells Link the truth. Quinn is trying to break them up and is still a villain, but Link refuses to believe her. Phoebe knows that Quinn can reveal her true bug self by being exposed to a mango because they can't resist mangoes. So she grabs mangoes from the next table and offers them to Quinn. Max applies mangoes on himself so that Quinn won't resist him. Quinn grabs the mangoes, turns into a huge bug and starts to attack Max. However, Phoebe puts a big bottle of hot sauce in her mouth, which beats her. Link apologizes for not listening to Phoebe. Phoebe arrests Quinn and sends her to the Hero League for memory wiping.


Now that Chloe is older, it's time for her to move to her own bedroom. However, the Thundermans house only has 5 bedrooms. So, Barb and Hank move Chloe into Billy's room and Billy and Nora share a bedroom. This gives Nora and Billy the chance to have their dream bedroom because they like being roommates.

Chloe gets scared of sleeping alone in Billy's room because she believes there's a monster inside. Nora assures her that there's no such a thing as monsters, which helps her go back to sleep. Later at night, Billy wakes up after hearing some scary sounds. He gets scared and tries to wake Nora up but Nora refuses to wake up. So, he tricks her by saying, "Look, free bows" after which Nora wakes up immediately. Nora threatens him never to joke about bows again. He then explains that he heard a monster but Nora refuses to believe him at first. Then Nora hears the sound. They both get scared and run to sleep on the couch in the living room.

The parents catch Nora and Billy sleeping on the couch the following day and ask what's going on. The kids try to convince them that Chloe's monster is real but they don't believe them either. So, they agree to catch the monster on their own. They later realize that it was Chloe's doll making those sounds. She had been teleporting into their bedroom. So Chloe moves back in with Barb and Hank. Hank complains that Chloe is moving back in so he requests everyone to sleep in Barb and Hank's room.

That night, Billy, Nora, and Chloe all sleep in their parents' bedroom. Hank was very mad because he was kidding.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

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  • Link makes his first appearance in Season 3 in this episode.
  • This is the first time Nora and Billy's bedroom is shown.
  • This episode gained 1.59 million viewers.
  • Quinn is revealed to be a supervillain and have bug powers, just like her parents.
  • This is one of the few episodes where the producing code matches.


  • While Hank and Barb are talking to Nora and Billy about sleeping downstairs, the door in the background keeps switching between nearly closed and slightly open.


Max: Look, Phoebe, I'd love to help you, but... [laughing] I'm just kidding. I'd hate to help you.
Phoebe: So, you'd rather glue cards to your head than help your sister? Thanks a lot.
Colosso: Finally! Now, back to the game.
Phoebe: He's a horse and you're a pineapple.
Max: Oh, come on! -
Colosso: Hater!

Phoebe: I have the best boyfriend.
Quinn: Yeah, and to think the cab driver thought Link and I were a couple.
Phoebe: [laughing] Well, you were sittin' on his lap.
Quinn: I was just giving you room to fix your makeup. But you're fine. The lighting in here is very forgiving.
BOTH: [fake laugh]
Phoebe and Quinn


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