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Winnie Lee is a recurring character on the The Thundermans. She is a popular student at Hiddenville High. Winnie is portrayed by Reign Edwards.


Season 2

Parents Just Don't Thunderstand

Winnie throws a party while her parents are away and invites both Phoebe and Max along with other students. Phoebe tells her parents that Winnie is very popular and she can't let this opportunity go because if your miss a Winnie Lee party, you become a nobody. Max and Dr. Colosso devise a plan to trick Barb and Hank into thinking that he's Winnie Lee's dad and he will be at home to chaperone... but Dr. Colosso gets busted. When Barb and Hank throw a bigger party, Winnie Lee cancels her party and moves it to the The Thundermans' Home where she quickly bonds with Barb. At first Phoebe is happy to see Winnie having a good time at the party but then Barb shows Winnie and Madison Phoebe's embarrassing diary entries. Before leaving, Winnie tells Phoebe they can hangout sometimes.

Call of Lunch Duty

Winnie finds Phoebe scraping gum from the staircase on Hiddenville High school hallway. Phoebe accidentally throws gum onto Winnie and she finds it disgusting and gross and refuses to give her gum to Phoebe. Later on, after Phoebe's successful article on the Rebel Raptor, Winnie Lee tells Phoebe they can hangout together during lunch. But then Phoebe gets punished into doing lunch duty (for not revealing the Rebel Raptor), denying Phoebe the chance to hang out with Winnie Lee.

The Girl with the Dragon Snafu

During a class project in Mrs. Austin's class, Winnie Lee invites Phoebe to be in her popular group. Phoebe is in dilema because she doesn't want to betray Sarah's group. Max manipulates Phoebe by reminding her that Winnie Lee is the most popular girl in school that Phoebe has been dying to hangout with all year. Phoebe joins Winnie's group but soon realizes that Winnie and her friends Sabrina and Emma don't want to work at all. They just want to go to the mall all the time and present a bad project since they would be comfortable with a low grade. When Phoebe finally contronts Winnie and her group for not putting any effort on the project, Winnie kicks Phoebe out of the group. Winnie's team ends up presenting about shopping and get a C.


Winnie Lee is a typical popular girl who likes to maintain her popularity status. She throws the most popular parties and a lot of girls, including Phoebe want to hangout with her in order to become popular. Winnie likes shopping a lot and prefers not to work hard in class.


Phoebe Thunderman

Phoebe has been trying to hang out with Winnie Lee for a long time, but when she finally got the chance in The Girl with the Dragon Snafu, she realizes that Winnie doesn't want to take education seriously, so she confronts them and gets kicked out of the group. So it's a hint that they are not friends anymore.


Since both Madison and Winnie Lee are popular, they seem to be friends as seen in Parents Just Don't Thunderstand.

Sabrina and Emma

Sabrina and Emma were Winnie Lee's minions in The Girl with the Dragon Snafu. They all like shopping and go by everything Winnie suggests.

Episode Apearances

Season 2