— Wolfgang

Wolfgang is a foreign exchange student from Germany at Hiddenville High. He's Max's friend and also a member of Max's Band along with Oyster and Gideon.

He doesn't speak English, although he seems to understand some things. He usually replies to most things with his iconic "Wolfgang!" expression. "Wolfgang!" can mean different things depending on how he says it. Only a few people understand what he's saying.


Season 1

Max briefly told Wolfgang over the phone to hold on the rhino in Pretty Little Choirs. Max also told him that to re-pay his credit card

Season 2

Wolfgang was introduced by Max in One Hit Thunder as the new drummer to replace Angus in Max's Band. Max tells the band that he is a foreign exchange student who speaks only German.

Season 3

In On The Straight And Arrow, it's revealed that he had promised Max's band a car, which is still in Germany. In the same episode, Principal Bradford reveals that Wolfgang is the reason he voted against the student exchange program.

In Original Prankster, he's almost expelled and deported out of the United States when Bradford suspects him for pranking him. Since Max is the one who pranked Bradford, he plots to help him out of it.

In Chutes and Splatters, it's revealed that Simone Kickbutt can understand Wolfgang. He says "Wolfgang!" and she's able to understand what he means and replies correctly.

Season 4

In Thundermans: Banished!, Wolfgang is one of Candi Falconman's victims when Candi hypnotized Max and Phoebe's friends to force them to be her friend.

After the band is disbanded in Ditch Perfect, most of the band members join a club called the Marine Teens. In Looperheroes, the Green Teens argue with the Marine Teens on who should use the cafeteria.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Pretty Little Choirs

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4



Max stabzen mein backzen?

Candi Falconman is my Wolfgang und Wolfgang.


  • Since Wolfgang is an exchange student, Gideon is Wolfgang's host family.
  • The way Wolfgang says "Wolfgang!" in different intonations to mean different things is similar to Groot from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • since Wolfgang's birthday is May 13,his zodiac sign would be a Taurus.
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