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Wong's Pizza Palace is a pizza restaurant in Hiddenville, owned by Mrs. Wong. By Season 3, Mrs. Wong has bought Splatburger as well, in her plan to take over all the restaurants in Hiddenville.


  • Phoebe, Max and Tyler are looking for a job to work at. In This Looks Like a Job For..., Phoebe and Max get the job but Mrs. Wong fires them right after. Phoebe and Max convince her to give a second chance and she agrees.
    • When they get a delivery to make 150 pizzas, they agree to make enough money for the MePhone. It goes too fast and the pizzas are coming way too fast. The twins make a big mess forcing Mrs. Wong to re-fire them.
  • In Have an Ice Birthday, the twins were hosting their birthday at Wong's Pizza Palace. Mrs. Wong had a delivery for Sweep the Leg - a karate dojo - and the delivery person took the frozen Mrs. Wong and the pizza.
  • In order for Mrs. Wong to get more money by people, she makes a game called "Guess How Many Pepperoni", a game based on estimating how many pepperonis are in the jar. In Cheer and Present Danger, the amount was 3167 and Max got the exact amount.
    • Due to Mrs. Wong suspicion of cheating, she delivers pizzas with fish heads on them and tries to make Max say that he is a cheater.
  • In A Hero Is Born, Phoebe and Cherry have a double date with Joey and Neil. Since Phoebe had to bail on Cherry, she leaves and starts loud-talking with her date with Joey.

Key Features

  • Wongza-4000 Pizza Machine: The Wongza-4000 is a machine capable of making pizza doughs. When the workers put ingredients on the pizza while it's moving, it goes into the oven which is also part of the Wongza-4000 Pizza Machine. After it gets put into a pizza box ready to get delivered.

Episode Appearances


  • Mrs. Wong seems very mean to her employees as well as customers, especially Max and Phoebe Thunderman.
  • Most of the ingredients used to make the pizzas are expired.
  • In Call of Lunch Duty, Mrs. Wong made her pizza restaurant alien-themed for a day.