For Maxlandia!!!

— Max

You've Got Fail is the fourteenth episode in Season 2 of The Thundermans.


Max tries to win an epic-fail video contest by submitting a video of Phoebe as she practices ballet. Meanwhile, Billy, Nora, and Hank, have poison ivy and need to deal with it without telling Barb.


Max is using Billy and Nora to record Epic Fail videos for a Chirper contest in which the first video to get one million re-chirps wins $10,000. He tells them to act out a scene where Nora "accidentally" hits Billy on his "special" area. But, their acting doesn't seem natural enough. Phoebe arrives from a ballet rehearsal and starts teasing Max. Max fires back calling her ballet, "buttcraker." Phoebe tells them she will make her debut dance and become The Swan.

Max wants Phoebe to leave so that he can finish working on the epic fail video. He wants to win the money to buy an Island and start a small dictatorship called "Maxlandia!" When Nora realizes that she and Billy have nothing to gain from the video, she hits both Max and Billy on their groins. Phoebe and Nora watch their brothers in pain and laugh away.

Later in the house, Max blames Billy and Nora for the poor performance of his videos. They find Phoebe in the living room dressed in a ballet tutu, making a video to invite people to buy tickets to the ballet performance. Max tries to kick Phoebe out of the room but she tells him to beat it. So, he asks Nora and Billy to ignore Phoebe and continue making the video in the house. Billy lets his skateboard loose. It rolls all the way to Phoebe where she steps and trips on it. She falls down in a very epic way! She even makes the TV fall on top of her.

As Phoebe struggles to get up, Nora tells Max that's the kind of epic fail videos he should be making. Max likes Nora's idea and fires her so that she doesn't take any credit. Max pretends to care about Phoebe's fall but instead wants to take the phone that Phoebe was using so that he can post Phoebe's fall video online. Phoebe reacts quickly and telekinetically gets her phone back before Max gets a hold of it. She makes bad ballet puns and then leaves to post the good parts of the video. Max vows to get the phone. For Maxlandia!

Barb tells Hank that she hired a gardener to remove the poison-ivy bush in the backyard. She also asks Billy and Nora to stay inside so that they don't get the poison-ivy and miss Phoebe's ballet. Hank is offended that Barb doesn't trust him to take care of the kids. After Barb caves in, Billy throws a frisbee into the bushes with poison-ivy. Nora tries to remember Barb saying something about it but none of them were paying attention. So, they ask their dad for permission to get it and he agrees. Billy goes in and comes back with poison-ivy leaves in his shirt. He does an "up-top" with Nora and they continue playing with the frisbees.

Nora beats up Billy with a pillow for giving her poison-ivy. They both start scratching. Their dad comes over and asks them not to tell Barb that it happened during his watch. He promises to get a cure. Nora hugs her dad and rubs herself on him to spread the poison-ivy to him. That way, he will want the cure as much as they need it.

Max walks in on Phoebe sleeping on the couch. He uses telekinesis to pull the phone away from Phoebe's hand but her grip is too strong. Max then gets closer to Phoebe and slowly swaps the phone with a pastry. He uses the phone to post Phoebe's epic fail video. He then rubs the phone on his armpit and puts it back in Phoebe's hands. He takes the pastry and tries to get a clean getaway.

At school, everyone is watching Phoebe's epic fail video online. Gideon congratulates Phoebe on the video. Phoebe thinks he's talking about the good video that she posted. So, Phoebe feels proud that she sent out the message. Oh boy. Max and Gideon make a lot of "falling" and "smashing" and "break a leg" puns but Phoebe doesn't get it. Max congratulates Phoebe on having fans even before becoming The Swan. Phoebe does a quick performance for her fans where they all record her, hoping she would fall. They're disappointed but she promises a full show on Saturday.

She then goes to the school's ballet room for rehearsal and finds Madame Gigi who tells her the ballet is all sold out, thanks to her video. Phoebe gets excited about the performance but Madame Gigi tells her that she will stay home and Matilda will become the swan instead. She shows Phoebe "The Epic Faillerina" video that Max posted where Phoebe falls and breaks things. She quickly figures out how it happened. Max!!!

Phoebe confronts Max for posting "The Epic Faillerina" video. Max believes it was good for her because she is now a Chirper sensation and she sold the tickets to the performance. Too bad she won't be performing. Gideon comes over trying to get Phoebe to take a picture with a friend of his, bragging about knowing Phoebe. Phoebe promises to get Max back right after getting her lead back. Unfortunately, she trips and falls in front of everyone. Then knocks another girl's books down. So much for proving she's not "The Epic Faillerina".

Down in Max's Lair, Max brags to Dr. Colosso about his video almost reaching one million re-chirps. Colosso has even made a flag for Maxlandia although Max doesn't want him to be part of it. Max then goes to check on the video. It's deleted! Phoebe sneaks behind him and reveals that she deleted the video. She had come to Max's Lair to rub some of his things on her armpits. (Apparently it's a Thunder Twin thing.) Instead, she found Max's computer opened and logged in (thanks to Dr. Colosso). So, she went and deleted the video. She then hacked Max's email and sent an email to Madame Gigi as Max confessing he faked the video. This convinced Madame Gigi to give Phoebe the lead back.

At the ballet performance, Phoebe and the rest of her ballet class are performing on stage. Barb, Hank, Billy and Nora are all excited to see Phoebe's performance but Max is disappointed. Max gives Gideon his phone to record everything that happens. He then moves closer to the stage and starts using telekinesis to mess with Phoebe by moving things on stage. Phoebe figures out what Max is up to so she dances away from him in order to anticipate his every move. She manages to overcome everything Max throws at her. She uses telekinesis to make it look like Max stole a woman's purse. The woman beats up Max forcing him to leave. Phoebe concludes the great performance successfully. Madame Gigi is pleased and prepares her to become The Black Swan for the final performance.

Max sneaks in on Phoebe in the changing room and locks her up in the janitor's closet. He tells Phoebe that she is too good at ballet and since he can't make her fail, he will become the Black Swan and "fail" on behalf of Phoebe. He puts on the Black Swan outfit and walks to the stage.

During the performance, the Black Swan causes all the other girls to trip and fall. Barb suspects that Max is the Black Swan. Gideon continues recording the video, calling him, "Girlfriend." Barb notices leeches on Hank, making him confess that they got the Amazon plant after he and the kids got poison ivy.

Back in the closet, Phoebe keeps screaming for someone to let her out. Finally the janitor comes over. He opens the door for her but she knocks him down with the door and rushes to the stage where Max, the Black Swan is trying to embarrass himself as much as possible. When Max notices Phoebe, Max tries to run away but Phoebe keeps blocking him. The Thunder Twins fight-dance together for a while before Phoebe telekinetically removes Max's mask revealing to everyone that he was the Black Swan. The ballet girls all turn against Max, embarrassing him even more.

Later at home, Phoebe brags to Max about winning the Chirper Epic Fail Video contest. Gideon gave her Max's video to post because he thinks they're dating. Phoebe tells Max that she used the money she won to pay for Hank, Nora and Billy's leech removal. Then she used the remaining amount to buy Max a piece of land. A small piece of land. Max thanks his sister and says it's a start for Maxlandia.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Stars

  • Evelyn Edwards as Madame Gigi



  • The title is a pun/parody on the old phrase "You've Got Mail".
  • Kira Kosarin revealed this episode during the 2015 episodes promo
  • Chirper is a parody of Twitter.
  • Kira also revealed that Jack Griffo would be wearing a Tutu


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