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And now for the final ingredient - revenge! Sweet revenge!


You Stole My Thunder, Man is the eighth episode in Season 1 of The Thundermans.


Phoebe gets revenge on Max after winning the school election. Billy and Hank collect rocks and try to hide them while Barb doesn't want the rocks in the house. Max is the new president, and has an assistant named Flunky.


Phoebe is excited about her upcoming election to become the class president and asks her family to support her. She shows them her "Don't be dweebs. Vote for Pheebs" t-shirts and even gives Nora a bow. As expected, Max doesn't want to support her but Phoebe convinces him by saying that once she becomes class president, Max will barely see her in the house. She then gives Max questions to ask him during the student-question session after her speech.

Phoebe makes a very long speech and then calls on Max to ask her questions. Max stops in the middle of the questions and says that no one cares about those things. He then rants about the things that students care about. When the votes are out, it turns out the kids voted for Max even though he wasn't running for the post. Phoebe becomes Max's vice-president since she was the second most popular candidate. When they go back home, the family has prepared a "Congratulations! Phoebe" sign but then quickly tear it down when they realize that it was Max who won. Phoebe says she is fine but shows that she is jealous of Max getting to live the dream she had since kindergarten.

Phoebe goes to Max's office and finds that Max has hired Cherry as his secretary and has also hired Flunky as his personal assistant. Phoebe says she knew Max would take the presidency as a joke. So, she gives him her "three-pronged approach" ideas to better the school. The ideas include rolling backpacks, healthy snacks in the vending machine, hugs from school mascot. Max kicks her out but Phoebe tells him that it's his loss because Principal Bradford will want to hear his ideas. Max says it's too early because according to Cherry, the ideas are not due until Friday. Unfortunately, Bradford arrives and asks him for the ideas right away. Max fires Cherry for getting the date and time wrong.

The following day, Phoebe asks Max how his meeting with the Principal went. Max shows her the new school mascot spirit he's introduced; students using downloaded books instead of the heavy backpacks. Phoebe realizes that Max stole her ideas. Principal Bradford even reveals that Max's ideas are called "three-pronged approach" just like Phoebe's. Max invites Phoebe to the huge ceremony to replace the vending machines with smoothie machines.

Back at home, Phoebe confronts Max about stealing her ideas but Max says that Phoebe is just the vice president, which also means that her ideas are his ideas. Nora listens to the conversation and comes to Phoebe, asking her why she is letting Max do that to her. Phoebe says there's nothing she can do. But Nora tells her that she could become president if something were to happen to Max. Nora shows Phoebe a page from Max's Evil Teen magazine that would help Phoebe become number 1 while Max goes number 2. Phoebe is reluctant at first to accept Nora's devious plans but when Max sends Flunky to make Phoebe wash Max's sweaty pants, Phoebe quickly goes for Nora's evil plan.

Phoebe calls Max to join her for pizza night. She puts on Nora's special Russian plant and then starts gloating about her final ingredient: revenge. While saying that she realizes that she's turning evil like Max. It's not worthy it. She plans to throw the pizza away but Flunky comes in and demands that he must taste the food first before Max eats it... in case it's poisonous. Phoebe tries to stop Flunky from eating the pizza but he doesn't take the hint. His tummy starts aching really bad. He runs towards the bathroom but accidentally knocks Max down his the slide to the lair. Max falls on top of rocks that Billy and Hank had been hiding down in his lair. He gets really badly injured and Phoebe feels guilty for indirectly causing the injury. Dr. Colosso reports Hank and Billy to Barb.

Hank and Billy had been secretly collecting rocks and hiding them in Max's Lair after Barb forbade them from collecting more rocks. Hank was trying to bond with Billy. He tried fishing and other manly hobbies but Billy wasn't into any of them. Then they got into rocks and they were both happy about it until Barb told them to stop because they could hurt someone. After Max is hurt, Barb confronts them and Hank blames the rocks idea on Billy. But Billy hasn't come up with the idea in ten years!

Max lies in the living room in full-body cast after his injury. Phoebe tells Max that she's sorry but Max says it's okay since it's not her fault. He then asks Phoebe to take over as the president and unveil the new smoothie machine at school. Phoebe feels guilty as she accepts it. Max tries to use his telekinesis to get the remote control but hits himself in the nose. Nora makes fun of him saying that it would have been funnier if he didn't look like a snowman. Max tells her that he blames Flunky.

Nora accidentally says the "Russian plant" hit Flunky quick. Max asks about the Russian plant. Nora panics and hits him hard with a book, making his injury even worse. Max realizes that Nora knows something. He asks her to spill it but Nora says she will never tell him. He threatens Nora that he knows where she keeps her bows. Not my babies! Since Nora values her bows than anything else, she gives up the secret to Max.

During the smoothie machine unveiling ceremony, Max instructs Flunky to set a prank on the smoothie machine so that when Phoebe turns it on, it will be anything but smoothie. Principal Bradford says that the improvements come at a cost and so he fires the art teacher. Bradford then calls on the new President Thunderman (Phoebe) to pour the first drink from the machine. Phoebe unwraps the machine only to find pictures of Max all over the machine. Bradford starts getting impatient because he wants to go see a movie. Phoebe says that she doesn't deserve to be the one doing it because the machine was Max's idea. She says it's her fault that Max can't be there. Max tells Flunky that if Phoebe feels bad, then he's going to feel bad too about pranking her. He asks Flunky to push him to stop Phoebe from embarrassing herself. Phoebe and Max apologize to each other.

Principal Bradford gets impatient with the Thunder Twins apologizes, so he decides to open the machine himself. He taps on the machine, only to be blown away by exploding smoothie. Phoebe bends over to Max and asks if that was meant for her. Max asks her not to ruin the moment. They both laugh at Bradford.


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  • Principal Bradford continues his hatred for the Thunder Twins in future episodes and becomes a frequent target of Max's pranks.
  • Bradford eventually admits being unprofessional in Breaking Dad.
  • Max would act similarly in Doubles Trouble, when he tries to win the country club membership for himself despite promising to help Phoebe win it.
  • Evil Teen Magazine is first seen in this episode. Later, in Date of Emergency, it is revealed that Max has been on the cover of Evil Teen eleven times.



I don't wanna play with Nora, she scares me.

— Hank

Max: Gooooooaallllllll - 
Phoebe: Max
Max: Hold on, I'm not done. Ooooooaalllllll! What's up.

— Max

Is this lady bothering you? Cause I wish she bothered me.

— Flunky

Oh, I'm starv - Whoa! Aaaaaaaaaah!

— Max

Vote for Phoebe, get some freebies

— Billy

Do you even know us!

— Hank and Billy

I think she feels bad for you. It's kind of sweet. Does she have a boyfriend?

— Flunky

Max: I know where you keep you're bows 
Nora: No, not my babies

— Max and Nora

Phoebe waaaaaaaiiiiiitttttttt (crashes into table)

— Max

Billy hasn't had an idea in 10 years and he is 10!

— Nora


— Phoebe


— Flunky


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