Max: Lie and deny is the Max Thunderman way.
Phoebe: Yeah, well, not getting lasered in the face is the Phoebe Thunderman way.

Max and Phoebe Thunderman

Z's All That is the eighteenth episode of Season 4 of The Thundermans and the 89th episode overall. It first aired on January 6, 2018 to 1.15 million viewers.



Phoebe and Max act as superhero mentors to one of their siblings, but quickly regret selecting Nora after seeing Billy's surprisingly impressive skill set.[1] Cousin Blobbin sets up an event at Splatburger to show of ThunderWear.

Main Plot

In the living room, Max is running catchphrase ideas through Hank, Barb and Chloe so that he can choose the opposite of what they like. When he fails to settle on a good catchphrase, Chloe claims that there's only one catchphrase in the family, "baby!" but Max tells her that saying "Baby!" at the end of each sentence doesn't count as a catchphrase.

A frustrated Phoebe enters the room, announcing a Thunder Twin "orange" alert emergency. She shows Max the current Z-Force list where the Thunder Twins are ranked last (number 10) because they didn't complete the "Li'l Z" bonus assignment. The Li'l Z Mentor Program is a program that requires Z-Force hopefuls to submit a video of themselves training a young superhero, taking their superpowers to the next level. The twins had missed the assignment because the announcement came in when only Dr. Colosso was in the house and he deliberately refused to tell them.

Hank asks them to take either Nora or Billy because their powers have advanced since he started training them in 21 Dump Street. The twins quickly settle on Nora as their Li'l Z because she's smarter and a fast learner. They break the good news to Nora while she's raking leaves on the yard with Billy. Nora is super excited that they have selected her as their Li'l Z and can't wait to advance her powers so that she can protect her own city someday. In fact she shows off her "laser loops" trick where she shoots an array of laser loops/disks.

Phoebe and Max wonder how Billy will take it but Nora tells them that Billy is used to being disappointed and they can just give him a cracker and he will be fine. In fact, she pretends that she was only pretending to rake while Billy was doing all the work. Nora goes into the house as the twins approach Billy to tell him that they've selected Nora. Billy tells them to hold on as he gets rid of the leaves. He then rotates his left arm at Super Speed causing the wind around him to form a mini tornado which he uses to blow the leaves away. This trick is called "arm-nadoes." Max and Phoebe ask him to try the power with both arms and he easily blasts them away. The twins are so impressed by the power that they decide to choose Billy as their Li'l Z.

Now they just have to break the bad news to Nora. They find Nora in the living room. She tells them how excited she is about being their Li'l Z and shows them that she's added a "Z" extension to her bow. Phoebe gets emotional and pushes Max to deliver the bad news. Max tells Nora that they don't want her as their Li'l Z. She starts crying so hard that she drops a laser tear, which burns a hole on the floor. Max feels so sorry for her that he decides to lie to Nora that they don't "want" her because they "NEED" her. He gives her a fake assignment to walk the perimeter of Hiddenville. Nora leaves, excited about her first Li'l Z assignment.

Phoebe confronts Max for lying to Nora but Max blames her for forcing him to deliver the news. He takes pride in his lying but Phoebe is worried that Nora could turn against them and laser them in the face. They agree that by the time Nora is done walking around Hiddenville, they will probably have joined Z-Force and will have an entire team of superheroes to protect them against Nora. So, the twins go outside and start training Billy.

A few hours later, Nora arrives back home, covered in dirt and skunk smell. While walking around Hiddenville, she had taken the wrong turn and entered the Skunk Park. She finds Dr. Colosso who makes fun of her for smelling like skunk. While still talking to Colosso, Nora notices Max and Phoebe training Billy outside. The twins show Billy how to make bigger arm-nadoes if he spreads his fingers out. They decide to take him to the junkyard to avoid destroying anything around their house. After seeing that, Nora is happy that they made Billy a Li'l Z too but Dr. Colosso reveals that they chose Billy and ditched her. Nora gets very angry and decides to go after them to show them how powerful she is. Dr. Colosso tells her that she doesn't stand a chance if she just goes unprepared. He offers to help her right after he finishes the dishes. He throws the dishes onto the floor.

After taking a shower, Nora goes to Max's Lair to see what Colosso has to offer. Dr. Colosso continues to make fun of Nora because she still smells like a skunk but Nora threatens laser him. He gives Nora a pair of visors / sunglasses that he had developed to boost his vision so that he can cheat at the Villain League poker games but they were too powerful. The visors would boost Nora's Heat Vision just like the boosted Colosso's vision. Nora puts them on for a test drive. She produces a laser blast so powerful that it causes a lot of destruction in Max's Lair. Dr. Colosso tries to warn her that the visors are too powerful and hard to control and could get someone to get hurt, but Nora is already gone to confront her siblings.

At the junkyard, Phoebe and Max notice a sign that says "Guard Cat" but they ignore it, claiming that it makes no sense. Billy wants to rest a little because they've been pushing him so hard but they give him no break. The twins set up the tablet to record the Li'l Z training session with Billy. They show Billy how to make a vertical tornado by spinning around really fast at super-speed. Suddenly, there's a skunk smell. It's Nora. And she's angry. Max figures out that she took the wrong turn into the Skunk Park.

Angry Nora confronts Max and Phoebe for replacing her as their Li'l Z and lying to her. She puts on Dr. Colosso's visors as Max even after Max warning her that they're wonky. She starts shooting lasers to show them how powerful she is but the visors get out of control causing her to shoot randomly and destroy things. She tries to remove them but she can't. She accidentally hits a giant pizza sign, causing it to fall on Phoebe and Max. Nora finally manages to remove Colosso's visors. She apologizes for causing them to be trapped under the giant pizza. To make the situation worse, a guard tiger approaches them. It turns out the "guard cat" sign was warning them about a tiger. They all freak out.

Phoebe and Max ask their Li'l Z to save them? But which one? They guide Nora on how to focus her eyes to boost her laser vision the same way the visors did. She tries it and it works. She uses it to save Phoebe and Max by melting the giant pizza. Billy then uses his arm-nadoes to push the tiger away from them.

The twins apologize for what they did to Nora and for pushing Billy too hard. They agree that instead of choosing between Billy and Nora, they will just train both kids as their Li'l Z's.

Sub Plot

Hank and Barb are trying to get Chloe to pick up her toys when Cousin Blobbin arrives on an invisible skateboard. Blobbin tells them about his new business idea for his company, BlobCo and asks Hank for permission to use "Thunder Man" to promote the product. Hank agrees.

Later, when Blobbin introduces the product, it turns out that the product is ThunderWear. These are a pair of underwears with Thunder Man face on them. Hank is disgusted and wants out. He and Barb determine that it's not a good idea to break a Thunder promise in front of Chloe because that would be a bad example. So, he agrees. Cousin Blobbin sets up a major event at Splatburger to introduce ThunderWear to the market and asks Hank to come and promote because it's part of the promise. Hank can't take it anymore. He decides not to go.

The parents confront Chloe for breaking her promise to pick up the toys from the living room. Chloe tells them that she broke the promise because her dad broke his promise to Cousin Blobbin. Barb and Hank realize that it was bad parenting to break a promise in front of Chloe. So, Hank takes courage and goes to Splatburger to help Cousin Blobbin in promoting ThunderWear.

Unfortunately, despite all the promotion, no one buys the ThunderWear. Except for Chloe. Either way, Barb and Hank are still proud of teaching Chloe the importance of keeping a promise.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Nora and Billy started their superhero training in 21 Dump Street and by this episode, they've learned new cool tricks for their powers.
  • The "Li'l Z" program is one of the many assignments that the Thunder Twins have been getting from Z-Force, as part of their recruitment process this season.
  • The Thunder Twins help take Billy and Nora's superpowers to the new level.
  • Hiddenville is a City of 1000 parks as seen in Four Supes and a Baby and other episodes. Apparently one of the parks is a "Skunk Park" as revealed in this episode.
  • Chloe has been using "baby" at the end of many sentences for most episodes. In this episode, she officially says it's her catchphrase.
  • The Gamer, Galexia and most of the other Z-Force hopefuls listed in the Z-Force tablet in this episode are finally seen in The Thunder Games.


  • This is the first episode to premiere in 2018.
  • The episode title is a reference to the teen romantic comedy film She's All That and possibly the TV show All That.
  • Kira posted the script for this episode on her Instagram story.
  • Blobbin returns in this episode, making it the first time he appeared in two consecutive episodes.
  • It is shown that Hank has his own line of products, including ThunderMan After Save (face lotion) and ThunderManicotti (pasta), which he advertised on TV.


  • While outside, when Phoebe, Max, and Billy are talking, Billy puts a bucket over his face and without anyone moving, a random basketball is seen which Billy shoots on.


Dr. Colosso:So, I got you a visor to help you up your laser game.
Nora:Are you talking about these weird sunglasses?
Dr. Colosso:Those were supposed to help me cheat by seeing everyone’s cards at the Villain League poker tournament.
Nora:And they didn’t work?
Dr. Colosso:They worked too well. My eyesight was so boosted, that when someone lit a candle, I thought the sun exploded.
— Dr. Colosso and Nora


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